How To Build A Fantasy Sports App Like BalleBaazi And Dream11?

As Messi and Ronaldo are on the field playing the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, no football fan can stay away. After all, it's football season! Fans are competing to be the smartest thinker, and this energy is what nurtures fantasy sports app development like Dream11 & BalleBaazi. Dream11 has been leading India's fantasy sports market for quite a time. And this is because they're aware of the love of cricket and football fans. 


More and more entrepreneurs are teaming up with fantasy sports app developers in India to develop fantasy gaming apps like Dream11. The Indian fantasy mobile market is booming like ever, so it's high time to launch your own fantasy sports mobile app.

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Growing Fantasy Sports Market in India

Fantasy sports is one of the world's fastest-growing businesses. The popularity of this segment is so much that it is predicted to be valued at $48.6 Billion by 2027. The region-wise growth varies greatly. India is considered the most prospective market for fantasy business, with revenue growth increasing by 3x every five years.

India has the biggest fantasy sports market compared to other nations, with a user base of over 13 crore users. This market is expected to grow further, with an exponential CAGR of 32% in the projected period. Cricket is the most dominating sport on the fantasy sports platform. Fantasy sports are also increasing India's sports viewership. 

Types Of Fantasy Games: - Cricket, Football, Kabaddi



  • Fantasy Cricket


Cricket is one of the favorite sports fans who love playing on fantasy gaming apps in India. They join by creating their virtual cricket team of 11 real cricketers for all the leagues that are played globally. Be it World Cup, T20, or IPL, fans play fantasy cricket tournaments on the fantasy gaming app like Dream11.


  • Fantasy Football


Football Fantasy format lets fans participate in the fast-paced sport by creating their virtual team of 11 players to win some real cash. The fantasy gaming app includes all popular football tournaments played around the world. Football fans are putting their money into their football knowledge to generate good income. 


  • Fantasy Kabaddi


Kabaddi is the traditional sport of India that has been ruling our hearts for decades. Fans play Fantasy Kabaddi by participating in virtual contests of ongoing leagues. A virtual team of 7 real Kabbadi players can be created, out of which 5 are from one team. Besides the popular Kabaddi leagues like Pro Kabaddi, fantasy gaming apps like Dream11 feature all domestic tournaments for the fans.




Things to remember before starting your app


Are you thinking about how to make an app like Dream11? Before you start your own fantasy sports app, you must ensure that your app's design stands out. It is one of the crucial elements that help distinguish your fantasy sports platform from other app categories. 

Here are the guidelines you can follow:

  • Easy User Onboarding 


The first designing aspect of a fantasy sports app development is easy user onboarding. Players often complain that designers and developers haven't put much effort into this phase of the app's onboarding experience. So, it's best to review the best practices before creating user onboarding for fantasy sports apps and use the recommendations for your platform.


  • Information Set


Most fantasy sports mobile apps put information on the important side. This enables the player to access an infinite number of options, including the ability to form leagues, join one, follow scores in real-time, manage their team, quickly access the dashboard, make payments, and much more.


It's highly crucial to focus on the wireframe as the information set builds the concrete foundation of a fantasy gaming app. The design must showcase the different data sets and when the user can access them.


  • Minimum Use of Text 


An excessive amount of text causes the user to become distracted from the games while their adrenaline is pumping out. So, if you want your fantasy gaming app to be successful, the requirement is that there should be minimal text. Try to build the screen with as little clutter as possible so that users experience unrestricted interaction during games and matches.


  • Consider Tech-Stack

After conforming to the fantasy app developer to use minimum use of text. You can even take the assistance of a fantasy developer you have hired. Commonly used Tech Stack to develop fantasy sports platforms are:

  • Java

  • React Native
  • Kotlin
  • VueJS
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • Google
  • Objective C
  • Swift



  • Follow Trends


To beat your competitors, you need to follow market trends. Think smarter and grow faster. Now and then, technology trends are changing, and integrating with these tech trends will help you to have exponential growth. Keep track of all trends related to the sports industry so that you may continue growing.


Some of the most popular technology trends are:

  • AI/ML algorithm
  • Blockchain
  • AR/VR


  • Different Revenue Model


A business is open to providing services along with generating huge revenue by choosing different revenue models. Here're a few examples for your reference:

  • Advertisement models
  • Premium or freemium services
  • Contest fee
  • Like for fantasy app developers
  • Affiliate marketing


Core Features Of A Mobile App Like BalleBaazi And Dream11?




The features of mobile applications like Dream11 make them special and top-trending fantasy games. These features are designed by keeping the audience's taste in mind and providing them with the best user experience. Some of the core features of mobile applications like Dream11 and BalleBaazi are: 

For Users:

  • Registration/Login
  • Profile setting
  • View player statistics
  • My winnings/ Rewards
  • Create and Join tournaments
  • Select tours
  • Create team page


For Admin:


  • Admin Login
  • Manage points and results
  • Transaction management
  • Fantasy points control
  • Notification control
  • Players and leagues management
  • View/Manage the list of users and transaction history


Add-on features:


  • Live group chat
  • Social media sharing
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Leaderboard (Based on Income)
  • Live commentary feed 

Additional functionalities to ensure:


  • Simplicity

One common thing that people don't understand is that the user interface of applications should be simple and effective. If users find your application complex, they will go for other applications which are simple. 


  • Speed

No one has time to waste on loading an application in today's fast-paced world. Your Application's loading speed is also an important feature that your developers should focus on.


  • Good Image Resolution

The screen resolution of your should be high as it makes your users feel good and interact with the Application. You have to ensure that what your users see on screen is sufficiently detailed.


  • Flexibility

Basically, there are three main mobile operating systems- Android, iOS, and Windows. Your Application should be available on all these operating systems to make the best out of it. So, while hiring a company, ensure that it offers cross-platform fantasy sports application development on Android and iOS


  • Security

Internet security is one of the common concerns among modern businesses. Applications storing personal and sensitive information like credit and debit card details should have strong security layers. 


  • Search Options

It may sound like a general term, but most of the applications miss this common feature. The ability to search either the Application or the internet is important, and while it is not going to work so much for game-based applications.


  • Bright And Bold Colour Schemes

Common features like eye-grabbing color schemes make your Application attractive and pull more customers. Make sure to pay attention to complementary colors from the color wheel, and you will end up creating a good-looking application interface.



Cost To Develop A Fantasy Mobile Application Like BalleBaazi and Dream11

The fantasy sports app development cost can vary depending on multiple factors and functionalities you wish to offer. Crucially, these four below-mentioned factors determine the cost needed to develop a fantasy gaming app from a top mobile app development company in Jaipur


  • Type of Application Platform
  • The complexity of the Application
  • Design
  • Progressive app with rich API integration


To know the exact idea of the fantasy app development cost in India, you have to connect with the professionals. But roughly if we talk about it, You can build your fantasy gaming app like Dream11 from $6,000 (5 Lakh INR) to $20,000 (16 Lakh INR) for web and mobile app (android), where as  if you are planning to build web, android and iOS APP then can reach upto $30,000 (25 Lakh INR) . The figures are tentative and can vary based on your customised requirement for Fantasy sports app. 


Final Words

The user experience of BalleBazzi & Dream11 has taken inspiration from startups while building their fantasy sports mobile app. The developers of fantasy sports mobile applications should consider all the likes and dislikes of a user. A great combination of users' likes and dislikes in the interface of the Application can attract a large audience.


To start your fantasy sports business of football, cricket, kabaddi, etc., you can take the help of this article and choose a reliable partner. Looking for assistance? Build a fantasy sports app from IMG Global Infotech. IMG Global Infotech is a top mobile app development company in India with experienced developers who have notable experience in the mobile app development field and deliver the best-performing app to grow your sports fantasy business.


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