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Real Estate App Development Company
Real Estate App Development Company
Are you looking for the best real estate app development company near you? Look no further! IMG Infotech is a reputable real estate development services provider. With an in-depth industrial knowledge and technical expertise, we can draft a perfect business application for you. Feel free to connect with us!
Unlock Your Real Estate Potential With Our App Solutions

Unlock Your Real Estate Potential With Our App Solutions

IMG Global Infotech is a leading real estate app development company committed to providing cutting-edge technology to support your real estate goals. We have a team of developers who are aware of how the real estate sector is always changing and how crucial technology is to its success. So, if you want to take your real estate business forward, get in touch with our real estate app developers. Our cutting-edge app solutions can maximize the potential of your real estate business.

We provide specialized solutions that simplify property administration, improve user experiences, and streamline your operations. If you are interested in building a real estate app, then you must know we have a track record of developing cutting-edge applications. Without a doubt, choose Infotech to use our skills in app development to make your real estate dreams a reality. Our goal is for you to succeed..

App Like Magicbricks
Do you know that Magicbricks' revenue of March 31, 2022, is in the range of INR 100 cr to 500 cr? So, if you want to build an app like Magicbricks and develop a strong brand presence in the real estate industry, connect with us now!
App Like 99acres
Looking to create a real estate app like 99acres? We've got you covered. We specialize in creating feature-rich, intuitive apps that are on par with 99 Acres' capabilities. With the help of our experience, improve your real estate listing and search platform.
App Like
Revenue for increased from AUD 54 million to AUD 79 million. For, this means a 46% increase in revenue. Do you want to create an app like We are here. Discuss your real estate app development requirements with us!
Do You Want To Build An Real Estate App?

Share your requirements with our developers if you want to build an app like Magicbricks.

Why Should Businesses Opt for Real Estate App Development Today?

Real Estate App Development Services

Mobile & Web Real Estate Development
Our expertise is developing creative, user-focused mobile and web real estate solutions. Our experience guarantees feature-rich, smooth platforms that give real estate companies access to state-of-the-art technology for improved client interactions and operational effectiveness.
Real Estate Consultation
Take advantage of our consultation services to get professional real estate advice. We provide customized guidance to effectively manage the intricacies of the market, whether you're buying, selling, or investing. You can rely on us for smooth transactions, market trends, and tailored insights.
Custom Real Estate App Development
With our cutting-edge Real Estate Management App Development services, we transform the real estate industry. Simplify real estate transactions, improve customer service, and streamline processes. Our customized solutions provide cutting-edge features that boost your company's productivity and success.
Real Estate Management App Development
With our cutting-edge Real Estate Management App Development services, we transform the real estate industry. Simplify real estate transactions, improve customer service, and streamline processes. Our customized solutions provide cutting-edge features that boost your company's productivity and success.
Hire Real Estate App Developers
Utilize the expertise of our team of app developers to grow your real estate business. Our specialty is developing cutting-edge, intuitive real estate applications customized to meet your demands. Employ our skilled experts to realize your vision and maintain your advantage in the ever-evolving real estate technology sector.
Real Estate App Maintenance
With our committed maintenance services, you can be sure that your real estate app is operating at its best. We provide bug patches, regular upgrades, and technical support to ensure the seamless operation of your program. Put your trust in us to improve the user experience and quickly resolve problems.

Real Estate App Development Solutions

Property Search Apps Search Apps

Navigate a variety of real estate listings with ease thanks to intuitive interfaces. With comprehensive property information at your fingertips and sophisticated search criteria at your disposal, discover your ideal residence or rental property.
Real Estate App Development Solutions

Mortgage Calculator Apps

Quickly and easily compute interest rates, affordability, and mortgage payments. Gain financial intelligence to help you make well-informed decisions regarding home financing. Make sense of the complex world of mortgage planning by using these user-friendly apps.
Mortgage Calculator Apps

Real Estate Agent Apps

Use specialized real estate agent apps to improve your real estate transactions. Simplify correspondence, get property information, and strengthen client connections. Boost your real estate career with effective tools designed just for agents.
Real Estate Agent Apps

Property Management Apps

Easily streamline tasks related to property management. For landlords and property managers, these tools maximize efficiency in everything from rent collection to maintenance tracking.. Maintain a sense of control, knowledge, and organization over your real estate holdings.
Property Management Apps

Real Estate Investment Apps

Invest in real estate with ease and ease of navigation. Make wise investment selections by researching potential properties, analyzing market trends, and assessing them. These apps offer the resources and knowledge needed for a fruitful investing journey.
Real Estate Investment Apps

Design and Home Improvement Apps

Use cutting-edge design and home renovation applications to completely revamp your living area. Examine concepts, see changes, and get professional guidance. Improve the beauty of your house using products made for DIYers and interior designers.
Design and Home Improvement Apps
Are You Interested In Building An Real Estate App?

Ready to revolutionize your real estate presence? Explore our expertise in crafting tailored apps. Let's build your dream real estate app together!

Our Real Estate App Development Process


This first stage entails doing extensive research and developing a plan. To specify objectives, target market, and required functionalities, we work directly with customers. A comprehensive project roadmap detailing the resources, technological stack, and timetables is created.


Our goal in the design phase is to create an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive user interface. To improve the app's user experience and visual appeal, wireframes, and prototypes are made while taking client input into account. Our top priority is to improve engagement through a user-centric strategy.


The development stage brings the app to life with our talented developers leveraging the newest technology. We use industry best practices to guarantee feature integration that is smooth, scalable, and secure. For transparency, regular client updates and feedback loops are kept current.


Strict quality assurance procedures are implemented to find and fix any errors or problems. Our testing phase includes functional, performance, and security testing to provide a solid and dependable real estate app. Testing for user acceptability is done to ensure it meets customer expectations.


The app is released onto the planned platforms after testing is successful. We take great care in our deployment procedure to reduce downtime and guarantee a seamless transition. To ensure a successful launch, we closely collaborate with clients to handle any post-deployment issues.

Maintenance & Updates

We're still going; continuous upgrades and maintenance are crucial to our strategy. Updates regularly take care of security improvements, new device or platform compatibility, and changing user needs. User happiness and long-term sustainability are our top priorities.


Benefits To Get Through Real Estate Mobile Apps

One of the best benefits of real estate apps is convenience. They provide convenience by allowing users to search for properties from anywhere at any time. It is crucial to know that users can browse listings, view property details, and even take virtual tours, eliminating the need for in-person visits to multiple locations.
Quick Access to Information
It is vital to know that real estate apps offer a wealth of information at your fingertips, including property descriptions, pricing, location details, and high-quality images. It is crucial to know that users can also access historical sales data and neighborhood information, enabling informed decision-making.
Efficient Communication
Another excellent benefit of real estate apps is that they streamline communication between buyers, sellers, and agents. It is essential to know that users can easily message or call agents, schedule property showings, and receive instant updates on listings or offers. It fosters better engagement and responsiveness in the real estate process.
Customized Alerts
It is crucial to know that users can set up personalized alerts for specific property criteria. Many people don't know, but it provides a custom feature that notifies them when new listings that match their preferences become available, saving time and ensuring they take advantage of opportunities.
Financial Tools
One of the outstanding advantages of real estate apps is that they offer built-in mortgage calculators, affordability estimators, and investment analysis tools. Many people don't know, but it's an excellent tool that initially empowers users to assess their financial capabilities and make well-informed decisions when purchasing a property.
Paperless Transactions
Mobile apps often integrate with electronic signature platforms and document management systems, facilitating paperless transactions. This reduces paperwork, speeds up the buying and selling process, and helps the environment by reducing paper waste.

Why Choose IMG Global Infotech To Build Your App for Real Estate Business?

Are you looking for some reasons to make sure we are the “ONE” you are looking for? Making the right decision when selecting a technology partner is crucial when creating a mobile app for your real estate company. IMG Global Infotech is the best option for a number of compelling reasons. IMG Global Infotech is the best choice for realizing your concept for a real estate app with our demonstrated success in app development and our in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector. Here are some reasons why you should choose us.
Why Choose IMG Global Infotech To Build Your App for Real Estate Business?
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Looking to increase efficiency and streamline your real estate business? Hire our cutting-edge Real Estate App right away and stop searching! Real estate agents can easily manage listings, arrange viewings, interact with customers, and close deals thanks to our feature-rich, user-friendly application. You may quickly reach educated judgments with the aid of user-friendly search and analytics tools. Keep everything organized, save time, and succeed in real estate to the fullest. Connect with the best real estate professionals who have scalable talent and years of experience in building a real estate application that will boost your business. Start using this revolutionary tool right away to advance your real estate pursuits. Don't miss out!

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