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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In UK 2024?
The mobile app development cost in the UK, India, and other countries includes solutions to these problems that businesses face. When selecting an affordable mobile app development company for your business, consider the services and perks your team offers.
Dipti Singhal

Dipti Singhal

Apr 05, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In UK 2024?

With time, our smartphones have turned into the Yellow Pages, where you skim through websites to look for your desired services. With things being available over the smartphone, mobile app development for your business is no more a leisure, but the need of the hour.

Many businesses face issues like reaching the right audience, building robust marketing strategies, engaging the audience, offering the right user experience, and designing intuitive interfaces. The mobile app development cost in the UK, India, and other countries includes solutions to these problems that businesses face. When selecting an affordable mobile app development company for your business, consider the services and perks your team offers. 

Evaluating Mobile App Development Cost in UK

Mobile app development companies in the UK, US, and India excel in delivering solutions tailored to clients’ businesses and end-users' needs. Many businesses choose to partner with mobile app development companies in the UK to get their applications developed, thanks to its strategic geographical location and the learning infrastructure. The mobile app development cost in the UK is around £23,780 to £198,180 ($30,000 to $250,000) varying over a range of factors like the app complexity, your business vertical, etc. 

Let’s further see how different factors impact the cost of mobile app development in UK

Factors Determining the Cost of Mobile App Development in UK


Anything and everything that is needed to turn your business idea into a working reality affects the cost of app development. From picking the platforms to choosing the features to integrate interactive graphics to developing a robust backend, you name it. It plays a significant role in determining your application's cost. Let’s dig into the details of how each factor defines your app cost. 

1. Business Vertical 


Your business vertical defines what would be the requirements of your application, how it would function, what are the needs of your business app, etc. If you want a gaming app the features and functions would be different, if you want a social media application, the requirements would be much different.

If you are in the hospitality business there is a probability you may need a booking platform or maybe an indoor navigation application. 


Your business vertical is a peek into what is coming over and what application must be created. 

2. Application Type

Define the application type you want for your business. Discuss with your business team and define the type of application you want to develop. It could be a gaming app, social media app, chat app, etc.

To reach your audience with the right set of features and functions, you must be pretty sure what application you want. Hire dedicated mobile app developers who can create a profit-making solution for your business. 

3. App Platform 

You must choose to enter the market on a platform that helps you attract users and reach the right people. If you are partnering with the top mobile app development company in UK for a professional application, maybe before you decide to create it for both operations systems, you can get the iOS version developed and see the response. 

Since most professionals these days use Apple, you’d reach the right audience and get better responses to upscale your existing solution. 

4. UI/UX Strategy


The best mobile app development companies offer UI/UX development services to their clients along with app development. Be sure what type of graphics and animations you want to integrate into your application. 


You may need your design team to create a logo, color theme, interesting graphics, and other elements for your mobile application. Constant iterations based on the feedback may add to man hours and you’d have to take care of the solutions you are taking to the market. 


The complexity of the visual aids for your app would add to the mobile app development cost. 


5. GDPR Compliance 


When partnering with mobile app development companies in UK, India, the US, etc. make sure they abide by all the local and international data protocols. App development regulations around the globe encompass various legal and compliance needs. GDPR by the EU is a dominant compliance to ensure the applications developed and shared safeguard user data and privacy. 


GDPR expects the developers to integrate privacy and safety features in the applications they develop and offer transparency in the data processing practices. Along with this, under the Data Protection Impact Assessment, it becomes the mobile app development company’s responsibility to mitigate privacy risks in the solutions delivered. 

6. Technological Advancements 


Integrating innovative solutions to your application would need expertise. With advanced technology, you can enjoy scalability, effective productivity, and automated operations, and get a competitive edge over solutions in the market. Your app development agency must have the capability to offer you a meticulously crafted solution that is interesting and engaging.


With Artificial Intelligence architecture understanding and development, the developers would need some extra time for an advanced solution. You can get AR and VR integrated with your solution for an immersive experience for your users. When you hire mobile app developers, discuss with them your business scope and check with them the technologies you can integrate into your application. 


7. Complexity of the Features 


The features you want to include in your application determine the cost of mobile app development in UK significantly. Having a simple application would not be that expensive and come within the average budget, as they need no additional architecture or development environment. 


For complex features, the developers may have to go the extra mile, implement some extended architecture, and collaborate with other teams for the final deployment. 


Before you collaborate with a mobile app development agency in UK, check into your requirements, list down all the significant features, and then discuss the budget. 


8. Testing and Quality Assurance 


The next in line is the testing and quality assurance services. Most app development services do cover this under their initial quote but if your mobile app development company in UK doesn’t ask them to include this too. 


The application you get must be tested for quality and function before you take it to the market. For a reliable, fully functional, profitable solution, you’d need to connect with the quality assurance and software testing team for the best results. 


Hiring testing services would add to the cost of mobile app development but it would ensure you enter the market with a top-notch solution that generates great revenue. 


9. Developer Expertise and Location 


The expertise of the developers and where they are based can impact the cost of developing a mobile application easily. If you hire mobile app developers with more experience the cost of development would be high. You can either connect the developers with average experience, they may take time to create the application but the cost would be nominal, or you may hire experience at a higher cost. 


The better solution is to hire a team of developers that has the experience of senior developers and the enthusiasm of young developers. This would help you manage the budget of the mobile app development and also, bring a mix of various opinions to your solution. 

10. Team Structure and Team Members 


The structure of your team and the members in them would surely determine the cost of making an app in the UK. Since most mobile app development companies charge according to man-hour the number of team members would play a significant role in determining the cost of development. 


An ideal mobile app development team would include: 


  • Project Manager: To look after your app development process and connect with you for any technological assistance or support. 
  • Business Analyst: The point of contact to share the recommended changes and check if the application developed aligns with the document shared. 
  • Backend Developers: To create the algorithm, logic, and code for your application. They’d work on the technological development part with all the functions and features. 
  • Frontend Developers: The team of developers creates the look and feel of the application that would make it easier for your users to interact with the application. 
  • UI/UX Designers: The design team creates the visuals and the wireframe of the application. They’d be the artists creating your digital identity. 
  • Quality Analysts and Testers: To ensure the mobile application deployed functions well, the QA team checks all the features and their significant operations. 


Other than these some mobile app development companies assign an HR to the project to map talent and pick the right resources to work on the mobile app development tasks. 


Woah…A Lot of Significant Factors These Are!


There are a few more expenses that you should be aware of when partnering with the top mobile app development firm for your application. 



Hidden Charges for Mobile App Development 

Most mobile app development firms claim to have a transparent pricing policy, but sometimes, there could be situations when the final cost may exceed the defined cost. There could be a probability that during the initial computations, the cost of integrating AI with your app is calculated at different times required and the practical implementation takes longer. The same could happen with design and the front end. 


Thus, no mobile app development company would charge you for anything that isn’t mentioned in the contract, be sure that you specify and offer a little bracket to get the solutions that would stand ahead of your competition. 


Now,  that we have discussed the cost of mobile app development in UK, you might be wondering if there are ways to budget your app development. 


We have you covered here. Here are a few ways to optimize your app development costs. 


Optimizing App Development Costs 



The cost to develop a mobile app includes various factors like ideation, consultations, development, etc. Each factor adds a significant amount to the development cost. With the right strategy and proper planning, you can manage to save some extra bucks in your app development. Here are a few ways that we suggest: 

1. Outsource Your Development Project 

Hiring an in-house team to develop your application would cost much more than simply outsourcing. The mobile app development agency, you’d outsource your work to would have the right team and experience to create your solution.


You do not have to handpick every developer and service provider to build an in-house team. 

2. Trust Open Source Technologies 

Open source and low code technologies these days are taking charge over the traditional development technologies. When you partner with a mobile app development company, you can ask them to train your team to manage the basic functions. 

With open-source technologies, you can surely bring down the cost of mobile app development in UK, as it would not need any licensing, community support, extended customizations, etc. 

Open-source technologies offer interoperable solutions that make it easier for developers to create solutions for various platforms at once. Thus scaling your solution with new features and functions wouldn’t be a tedious job anymore. 

3. Create an MVP First 

Creating an MVP is a smart way to optimize your mobile app development cost in UK. With an MVP, you have time for updates, and iterations, creating interesting solutions, implementing feedback and suggestions, and changing things according to the data collected. 

The MVP gives mobile app developers enough time and space to make the changes without utilizing any extra resources or work hours. 

These are some of the most significant and obvious ways to save on the cost of mobile app development in UK. 


The Key Takeaway!

The cost of mobile app development in UK is around $25k to $350k. If you partner with the right mobile app development company to create a solution for you, you may get the services at a competitive price. 


You can connect with our experts for the quotes and services we offer, and hire our developers for a compelling and profit-making mobile application that is designed and developed to reflect your business idea in the digital world. 

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