10 Most Popular Programming Languages For Mobile App Development In 2024

Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development:-


  • Laravel 
  • Nodejs
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Flutter
  • React Native


There is no question on how much the mobile app development industry is booming. The growth is highly visible in the recent market research data. Making it a right time to step your foot in. However, there are multiple programming languages available in the market for mobile app development in 2024 that give suitable results. But there are some popular languages whose success rate in the market has been on top. 


Not all programming languages are the same, each and every programming language has their different roles and advantages. At first you need to understand your target audience and which mobile type matches with them. Then you can finalise one language as per your requirements. 



Mobile App Types

Before opting the best app coding language for your mobile app to develop the best code for apps, understand types of mobile applications that exist in the market. There’s a choice.


Native apps

The Native app is an app created for the opted OS on the device that can be accessed from the app launch icon. These applications are known as native as they are created for cross platform using native programming language. For Android OS, this android coding language is Kotlin, Angular Js, while ios native language is Objective-C or Swift Mobile web apps.


Mobile web apps may not be mobile apps. These are visible as websites that look and seem a lot like native apps. All the web application is, by nature, a website that is shaped into an app for desktops.  And, you can use it in your smartphone but it should have a browser on the device, know its address, and have an Internet connection (thanks to it, information in this type of application is updated).


Hybrid apps

They are the connection of native apps and web apps.  The native apps are highly loaded with different types of features and functionality. When anyone uses it, they feel like app performance but it has to be used in the browser. 


Hybrid apps are a mix of web and native apps, which means they are cross-platform and can have access to the different functionality of a smartphone. These apps are usually found exclusively on the markets like Google Play and the App Store.

As like web applications, they also use a platform that is HTML5. They are processed using the browser that is built into the application itself.


Front-End vs Back-End Programming Languages: What’s the Difference? 


Front-end languages are mainly used to build UI interfaces that any user of the app is able to see directly on his mobile screen. It includes the structure, design, styles, images, buttons, colours of the apps (client side components). These languages completely take care of the user interface and performance of the app, that your customers use in their business to generate leads. 


Similarly, Back-end programming languages are used to build the server-side of your app. This part is used to construct the business logic of the app and it cannot be directly accessed by the users. Authentication process, API routing, and Library creation are few examples of the operations that can be done using the back-end programming languages.

Choosing the Best Programming Language for App Development

It is a highly complex process to choose the best programming language, as every language has its own benefits and sometimes roadblocks. 


Nowadays, there are various application languages available making it difficult to finalise. The choice of a particular language is mainly affected by your business goals and the corresponding capabilities of the operating system that you opt for as your app launching platform. The type of application you are expecting to create, and its functional requirements make choosing mobile programming a tough process. 


Understanding and opting app languages for creating mobile applications is not only essential for developers but also for those who wish to better understand the project processes and to know which language to pick best for their projects. So, let’s go through with the main and programming languages for iOS and Android development here.


List of most popular programming languages for iOS and Android mobile development:-


Backend Technologies:-


  • Laravel - Laravel is an open source and UI framework used for creating web applications seamlessly. It lays the foundation of your project and allows you to put focus on small development parts without any concerns. 
  • Nodejs- This is a synchronous event driven as it was mainly developed to build scalable applications. It runs using a single process as it does not need to create a new thread for making every request.  This is helpful in delivering seamless API creations and making a way out to create web applications. 



Frontend Technologies:-


  • AngularJS- This is a discontinued open source javascript framework to create single page applications. It is a tool set highly compatible with the process for application development. Using this framework will result in creation of a highly functional app. 
  • ReactJS- It is a library creating highly interactive UI web applications. It helps in creating design for every system of your app. It will effectively update and render the components into data so that an excellent web app design can be built. 
  • Bootstrap- It is a html, CSS and JS library that focuses on simplifying and creating informative web pages. The main purpose of this is to change the colour and layout of the project. 

Mobile App Technologies:-


  • Android-  It is a linux and operating language  used in building applications for android platforms such as smartphones, computer. You can create exceptional apps using android language. 
  • Kotlin- It is used for creating cross platform applications as it is a static type and general purpose programming language. It is developed to interoperate with Java fully so that a seamless app can be delivered. 
  • Swift- It comes in C family language as it is the same as C work in various forms. This makes writing the code part easier while providing the coder control that is required. This builds apps for the iOS platform and it is launched by Apple itself. 
  • Flutter- This language is used to build cross platform apps and due to this, flutter is becoming a very popular language as you can create native apps using a single codebase. 
  • React Native- It is an open source Ui framework which was initially developed by meta platform. It is used to create cross platform applications and it has the ability to deliver relentless app delivery. 


Final Words

Some programming languages are easy to code but some have their own complex nature. You can consult with a mobile app development company to get proper guidance. The type of app you are expecting to build for your business will affect the choice of your programming language. While there is no specific criteria to use, you will get alot of assistance by understanding project requirements. 



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