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Event Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Cost & Features
While planning an event can be a delightful experience, it can also be stressful. A planner's responsibilities extend beyond organizing an event.
Lokesh Kumar

Lokesh Kumar

May 12, 2024

Event Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Cost & Features

While planning an event can be a delightful experience, it can also be stressful. A planner's responsibilities extend beyond organizing an event. An event ticket booking app is an important thing an organizer needs to consider. Ultimately, the number of people who attend determines how successful an event is.

Due to a lack of knowledge about event ticket booking apps and how they operate, many organizations need to become more accepting of this customer service tool. Are you also having such questions in mind? If yes, then this blog is for you. It will help you discover the cost and features of event ticket booking mobile app development. So, without much ado, let’s get started.

What is An Event Ticket Booking App?

An event ticket booking mobile app is a solution to the tedious system of making bookings both standing in queues at the ticket counter or through the net. With the help of an on-demand event ticket booking app, you can, without delay, make an account and save the dates of the events. They can look at the dates and seats at a display, membership, or event. 

The event booking mobile app offers customers a seamless way of creating bookings and takes the users through the hassle-free booking process. The reservations can be made remotely via the app, giving a lift to the enterprise of these applications.

Event ticket booking mobile application apps also introduce the locations of your hobby in a city if you are new to a place. It allows people to meet like-minded people at locations that draw their interest. Information includes event information, timings, venue, price tag fee, etc. It is displayed in the app established within the gadgets of the users.



Step-by-Step Process for Event Ticket Booking App Development

Are you planning to develop an event ticket booking application? Don’t know where to begin with? Here is the process the event ticket booking app development company professionals suggested.

#Step 1 - Define Your Business Goals

You need first to realize what you want to develop and why, as it will help you set the basis for your application. Establish the basics: Broaden a compelling concept; perceive and examine your audience; examine their demands and similar to those of the audience to make sure the proper path of event ticket booking mobile app development is followed.

Before you begin growing your business, familiarise yourself with your essential rivals because the marketplace for event management apps is crowded as an alternative. It is the stepping stone to event ticket booking, so be careful.

#Step 2 – Think About What to Develop

Which one do you prefer: a mobile app or a website? Or possibly both? A website is more sensible while shopping for tickets. A mobile app would be higher while your customers attend the event. The functionality of an event ticket booking app to perform offline is another aspect in its favour. Most occasion details, including maps, timetables, speaker data, etc., can be stored regionally for offline use.

For event ticketing, you can use local or go-platform answers on mobile app development. Both options are feasible, but local apps offer quicker and higher personal enjoyment.

#Step 3 – Event Ticket Booking App Design

Create project wireframes as quickly as you’ve recognized the crew to create your event booking app. The application’s goal should be specific, and each characteristic and interest needs to be straightforward and intuitive. 

The time it takes to construct a prototype is decided by how well you consider what you desire. Analyze your main competitors and gather notes from them.

#Step 4 – Frontend And Backend Development

What a person sees and interacts with is called the front end. The utility’s lower backend is a component the person cannot see.

Today, most apps are uploaded to Android and iOS systems, and two strategies exist for creating those apps. The first approach entails creating separate apps for a platform using the appming languages and development environments. 

In the second technique, a single software that works on each system (Android and iOS), such packages are called “Hybrid” apps. Although they seem to operate like native ones, they are web applications included in a native layer.

#Step 5 – App Testing And QA

Application checking out is a requirement which could help everyone save money if carried out early inside the mobile app development manner. Also, the QA group should determine a software’s overall performance, usability, compatibility, protection, and UI.

The QA team examines the utility’s functionality and waft to discover flaws. The application is back to the developers for correction if any bugs are determined.

#Step 6 – Event Ticket Booking App Launch

Now, the app is prepared to move; however, you must still look at a few guidelines that the app stores wish to approve and look at mobile apps. After fixing the bugs, your event ticket booking app will launch on the desired platform.

#Step 7 – App Support & Maintenance

Once an app is out on the market, the improvement manner does not cease by constantly improving the functionality of your software through updates and trojan horse fixes.

Typically, upkeep includes the subsequent duties:


  • Troubleshooting 
  • Integration of new features
  • Latest OS model updates
  • Code optimization


Must-have Features of Event Ticket Booking App Development

A well-developed application can never bring the user's attention if it lacks the right features and functionalities. So, to help you develop an attention-grabbing event ticket booking app, the professionals from the top mobile app development company in UK have mentioned the best features. 


1. Customize Event Web Page

An event ticketing software will allow you to make a customized or branded occasion page with your logo, image, or collages. This will help your ability clients understand what your event is all about.

2. Registration System

Event registration is one of the foremost aspects of an event and permits you to acquire records about your attendees. So, your ticketing platform ought to have a continuing registration machine.

3. Multiple Ticket Sorts

Different price tag options are essential, and various ticket kinds, including a single ticket, organization price tag, and limitless ticket classes, can be created because they assist in creating numerous positives for your enterprise.

4. Promotional Equipment

Event ticketing software has cutting-edge occasion advertising and marketing tools to help you attract new customers. Be it by way of electronic mail marketing or social media marketing, you can keep your attendees within the recognized before, in the course of and after your occasion.

5. Easy Check-in

A seamless check-in process makes all the distinctions on an occasion. So, look for a ticketing gadget with tools for a smooth check-in system.

6. Scanning App

The clean-to-use ticket scanning app is one feature you must search for in an event ticketing system as it helps you scan tickets through barcode and gives faster price ticket validation.

7. Secure and Multiple Gateways

This is a mandatory function, indeed. Never sign up with any ticketing platform that doesn't have comfy payment methods. Because a comfortable payment gateway can simplify and add a new level of protection that every client looks for.

8. Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and monitoring data are very beneficial for organizers. Without any data, no one can control an occasion blindly. With intelligent reporting, you can learn more about your customers and study where they're coming from or what they are searching for most.

9. Easy Management

Whether virtual or in-person or for women, each occasion is without difficulty controlled by an internet occasion ticketing platform. Ensure your occasion ticketing platform has the right equipment for easy control.

10. Friendly Support

As an organizer, you always want a pleasant and skilled crew equipped to provide sufficient support whilst managing your event.



Choosing the Best Event Ticket Booking Mobile Application  - How to Do It?

How can one ensure the chosen software has all the functions they need while selecting a platform? It is simple to create a checklist of the vital elements of the ticketing booking app. Common attributes of a perfect event ticket booking mobile app are – 

Experience of the Users

Verify that the chosen platform is easy to use and straightforward. It is wise to execute a check run and study the workflow technique. One of the most critical considerations is pace, which is essential if the app takes a long time to operate.


This extra characteristic enables the mobile app to get the right of entry to the dashboard through the use of a scanning app. It is essential to affirm how easy it'd be for contributors to use their mobile gadgets to complete a transaction.

Support for Promotions

Does the ticketing software offer e-mail marketing services? Does it permit price ticket promoters to release social media campaigns to promote tickets? An event may be promoted with the assistance of a trustworthy platform.

Data and Insights

Some ticketing software has integrated analytical skills that supply analytical know-how about the event and attendees' sports on demand, enabling quick and informed decision-making.

Ticketing Device Value

The primary fear the organizers raised is the cost of the ticketing gadget. While some rates are consistent with price tickets, others impose an annual or month-to-month fee; some structures provide loose carriers for activities which are free of cost. 


Tech Stack to Include During Event Ticket Booking App Development

Do you know what tech stacks to include when you develop an event ticket booking app? If not, then this will help you.


Hosting Amazon EC2
Content Delivery Network Cloudflare/Amazon CloudFront
Push Notifications Twilio,, Firebase
SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification Nexmo, Twilio
Payments PayPal, Stripe, EWallets, Netbanking
Database MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress
Email Mail Chimp Integration
Cloud Environment AWS, Google, Azure
Real-time Analytics Hadoop, Spark,  Apache, Cisco, IBM
Map Navigation Google Map
UI ReactJS, BootStrapJS
Caching Hazelcast
Code Repository Git
Load Balancer Nginx
Messaging Queues AWS Simple Queue System


How Much Does Event Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Cost?


An event ticket booking app's development cost can vary greatly depending on several factors. It includes the app features, complexity, and platform. An essential app with all the necessary features could cost between $10,000 and $25,000. 


On the other hand, a more sophisticated app with extra features may cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 or more. Moreover, the whole cost to develop an event ticket booking app should consider regular updates and maintenance. Working closely with developers is crucial to defining the needs of your app and setting feature priorities that take your target market and budget into account.


Summing Up!!!


Event planning is no longer complex. All because of the firms who provide event booking apps and may assist you in starting a commercial enterprise. Start a business and invest in event ticket booking mobile app development. It is a cost-effective way to make the user self-sufficient in online bookings rather than making calls or relying on others. The event ticket booking app industry is ever-booming, and many of the latest names are getting into the league of competition. These apps have emerged as an enormous appeal for customers over the years.


With a team of dedicated developers, designers, and testers, you could take your enterprise to the next level. IMG Global Infotech, a leading event ticket booking app development company, can help you create the best mobile applications at a reasonable cost. Feel free to connect with us at any hour of the day.


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