GPS Tracking Software Development

GPS Tracking Software Development
IMG Global Infotech develops custom GPS fleet tracking solutions that allows you to track and monitor any kind of work force ease. GPS tracking system can be a crucial component for the success of your transportation and fleet management. It is a life saver for transportation companies and e-commerce sellers to track their shipments on the go.
GPS Tracking Software Development IMG Global Infotech Layer
GPS Tracking System For Businesses IMG Global Infotech Layer
GPS Tracking System For Businesses
GPS Tracking System For Businesses In the last few years it business processes have become far more complex. That’s why it is better to use a custom Software solution that will help you meet all your tracking requirements and regulation by optimising and safeguarding all your business processes. IMG Global Infotech old expertise in providing custom GPS tracking mode used to automate and optimise all your logistic processes.
Monitor Everything
IMG Global Infotech has great expertise in developing professional GPS tracking software and solutions for management in transportation, logistics, field sales and touring industries. We carefully analyse your business needs and develop software that are ready to provide following features.
Asset monitoring
Vehicle monitoring
Visual calendars
Activity and behaviour monitoring
GPS navigation
Delivery status tracking
Driver management
GPS navigation
Applications and software for tracking
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Enhanced Security IMG Global Infotech Layer
Enhanced Security
The custom-made GPS tracking software enables you to keep control and track of your assets on the move. This feature allows you to improve your customer service proportionally. The lost by theft and other misuse can easily be tracked by the GPS monitoring system provided by IMG global Infotech.