Nidhi Company Software

Nidhi Company Web based online Software inclue feature Share Management, SB Account, RD, FD, Loan Management, Accounting Management & API integration as per Coutomer Requirement.

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About Nidhi Software

IMG Global Infotech holds the powerful Nidhi company software that handles various directions of workflows. Nidhi banking software makes online administration easier, including member and work registration, financial & legal control, complete loan management, and more. The Nidhi company software is mandatory to cover various Nidhi management and administration processes. Our Nidhi company schemes are developed to simplify your daily transactions, administrative, and financial management tasks.

What is Nidhi Software?

If you are looking for sustainable, customized, and innovative Nidhi software solutions, IMG Global Infotech has the best software development company that will support the business and processes and the various operating systems, browsers, and devices, and multiple locations. The benefits of Nidhi Company include a complete and latest feature Nidhi software solutions for any banking or fund companies.

Why do you need Nidhi software?

Nidhi Company is one of the NDFC that focuses on banking activities. It means the members of Nidhi Company data should be maintained securely, and therefore the best option is undoubtedly the Nidhi software that can manage the data of members. The Nidhi company system is designed to be complicated, and accordingly, just the software cannot handle the Nidhi Company. IMG Global Infotech on Nidhi Company is the most preferred Nidhi software in the market, and using it is very simple.

Why do you need Nidhi software?

IMG Global Infotech Nidhi software highlights

We have the best cloud-based Nidhi software in India. Some of the highlighting features of our Nidhi software include:

Auto Employee Module

  • Incentive and salary calculation

  • No paper/Manual Works

Full Deposits Module

  • Online banking facility

  • RD, FD, and online savings form.

  • Detects auto TDS from client

  • Auto calculators and interest rates

Advanced Facilities

  • Highly secured Nidhi banking level software

  • Updating of online passbook

  • Auto form printing and share allotment

Loan Modules

  • Loan procedures, forms, and other relevant loan modules.

  • Auto loan calculator and online banking

All-Day Working Requirements

  • Passbook creation/bank statement

  • Automatic loan forms/deposits

  • Editing members, creating new members, and more.

  • Opening of loans/deposits

Nidhi Compliance Module

  • Best reporting and mobile applications

  • Nidhi noncompliance notifications

  • Automatic reminder systems on the due date.

  • Automatic NDH 3 preparation

What are the Nidhi training modules available in IMG Global Infotech?

Our experts help you to train the following modules efficiently.

What are the Nidhi training modules
  • Nidhi Company – An overview
  • Loans under Nidhi Company
  • Nidhi compliances
  • Nidhi company loans
  • Encumbered deposits
  • How to join members
  • Nidhi Company restrictions
  • How to register a Nidhi Company
  • Nidhi interest rates
  • Nidhi micro finances
  • Nidhi Company RBI approval process

Why choose IMG Global Infotech Nidhi Software?

  • Auto Membership process
  • NDH- 3 and Nidhi compiled software
  • Top-notch and best quality Nidhi software in India.
  • It is developed especially for Nidhi Companies.
  • Affordable and simple pricing
  • All interest calculators, interest rates, and Nidhi forms available.
  • The best Nidhi software that adheres to the Nidhi company rules.
  • Auto notification in case of any corrections to be made.
  • The trusted and most preferred brand
  • Offer 24/7 GST support
  • Best training facilities
  • User-friendly and interactive design
  • Simple user interface
  • Secure and robust
  • Mobile and web-based
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Why choose IMG Global Infotech Nidhi Software?

Our Services

IMG Global Infotech follows the Government act!

There are plenty of companies that offer Nidhi software, but we are different as we purely follow
the government rules and policies. We provide the best Nidhi software
that acts as per the Nidhi company rules act.

Term deposits

Term deposits

Recurring deposit, MIS (Monthly Income Scheme), daily/pigmy deposit, and fixed deposit account.

Share Management

Share Management

Dividend calculation, share certificate print and withdraw/add share.

Membership Management

Membership Management

Customer registration/online member, customer management/member, customer panel/online member.

Advanced and loans

Advanced and loans

Personal loan, secured loan, vehicle loan, and loan on deposits, business loan, unsecured loan, gold loan, and group loan.



Comprehensive collection report, pending installment reports, 100+ kinds of MIS reports, branch collection report, daily collection report, late fees report, etc.



Ledger/sub-ledger, journal voucher entry, cash book, bank book, trial balance, general ledger, balance sheet, contra voucher entry, daybook, payment, and receipt AC, loss and profit account.

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