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Nidhi Company Software

Nidhi Software is a Complete Loan & Financial Management Nidhi Software offered by IMG global Infotech. This software is everything your business would need to manage all the accounts and amounts of your clients with utmost accuracy and security. Nidhi Software from IMG global Infotech has made trust among the clients with its reliable management of all kind of deposits and transactions.

Our highly flexible and customisable solution helps any business or profession to focus on marketing and customer management related activities and at the same time loosening the man hours required to finish the job. Nidhi Software is known for reducing costs, increase profits and efficiency and save time. The software is highly customisable with integration of SMS and E-Mail notifications.

Set of Modules in Nidhi Company Software

Modules in Nidhi Company Software

Loan Management

This feature helps your business to keep a track of all the loans advanced to the parties. From reminding the collection of interest to storing every minute detail, Nidhi Software has worked exceptionally in the field.

Modules in Nidhi Company Software

Mobile Application

The biggest advantage Nidhi Software has over other competitors in the market is Mobile App. Through the app the selected administrators can manage all the functions of the software without any physical access to the desktop computer.

Modules in Nidhi Company Software

Saving Account

Keeping and maintaining of saving account records is one of the speciality of Nidhi Software from IMG Global Infotech. It keep a secured record of all the saving account holders and manage withdrawals, receipts, charges and interest.

Modules in Nidhi Company Software


IMG Global Infotech has kept every aspect in mind while designing Nidhi Software. The feature of managing accounting efficiently makes Nidhi Software a favourite among the masses of banking and mutual fund companies.

Modules in Nidhi Company Software

Shareholder Management

Managing share distribution and allotment for any company is a hectic task. Nidhi Software makes it easier to manage the data regarding shareholders and receipt of application, allotment and calls money.

Modules in Nidhi Company Software

DSA Management

For any business or profession dealing in advancing loans and mutual fund, DSA Management is an important task. Nidhi Software has an automated query for managing DSA in business.

Benefits of Choosing Nidhi Company Software from IMG Global Infotech

Any business which chooses to get the Nidhi Company Software from IMG Global Infotech would get the best in class services and a bug free flexible software. Some of the important benefits of the same are as follows.

  • Automated Reports
  • Automated Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Trial Balance Preparation
  • Real Time Calculation
  • Secure and Efficient
  • Easy to manage and flexible as per the requirement of the customer
  • Get the Mobile Application to manage the software

Advantages Of Nidhi Company Software


By understanding the importance of cost factor for a company, we develop software that easily cut down maintenances cost.

24X7 Support

We are totally committed in serving our best to customers and with this aim, we provide 24X7 hours service to our clients.

Easy to use

We develop software that is easy to access and efficiently manage various services without any kind of assistance.

We have a history in building the best relationships with our customer with best in class software and after sale services. Sit with us at a Cup of Coffee and discuss your project with us.
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