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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Food Delivery Application Like Zomato?
Discover the financial breakdown of developing a food delivery app akin to Zomato. Our blog explores the key factors influencing costs, including features, technology stack, and design.
Dipti Singhal

Dipti Singhal

Apr 12, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Food Delivery Application Like Zomato?

Despite Covid-19, the food delivery sector has passed a $30 billion net worth. As more individuals use their mobiles to order food, people scrolling through online food delivery apps have become a commonplace. As a result, food delivery companies are always running after their target market and gaining an understanding of their needs, as well as shortcomings of their rivals.

Social networking and smartphones may soon have a home at restaurant tables. Creation of restaurant apps revolves with coordinating elements like cost and prospective. Customers are never particularly worried with the technology upon which the app is based; they simply desire a quick and seamless experience. The same is true for apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats, and Grubhub that deliver foods. In India, the price range for a basic restaurant discovery/food delivery app is between $8000 to $20,000. According to analysis, based on the size of the project, the cost of developing apps like Eat24 can reach $20,000. Hire food delivery app development companies to take the proper strategy to those outcomes in Restaurant!


Best Food Delivery App Features


  • A payment method like PayPal, Google Pay, cash cards, net banking, and cash on delivery are all available when using an app like Grubhub.
  • They are accessible every hour, every day of the week.
  • Food reordering is simple. Delivery of food might be scheduled for a later time.
  • Applying discount coupons and codes is simple, and earning cashback makes it possible to place additional orders.
  • It offers the right filters, making it simple to find goods on the delivery menu. Utilizing effective filters makes it easier to investigate well-liked food delivery selections from establishments around.
  • These enable food ordering in advance.
  • In essence, using the online payment system is a terrific approach to start a new source of income. Based on how much money is to be paid, a variety of payment methods are available. Credit/debit card payments, as well as automated telephone payment services



One can order food from restaurants near me in various places that offer a variety of cuisines thanks to apps such as Grubhub. One can also  look up at certain foods and explore mouthwatering food photographs before placing using this feature. Online payments are primarily secured by apps like Zomato, Ubereats, and Swiggy.

The price is closely associated with the website's size. To create the best food delivery app, a number of additional features, such as the platform choice and software / hardware demands, should be taken into account. Restaurant app development should be carried out by highly experienced developers who've been familiar with all phases of the software development lifecycle.

In order to acquire the food and pay off the bills faster, the concept of a local restaurant and the online food app is strongly related.Customers are more likely to be inclined towards the concept and adopt the most recent technology in the restaurant app creation process as more restaurants are frequently making the use of apps.

A few of the innovations that really are paving the way and creating space for tech-savvy eaters include mobile ordering, iphone order kiosks, Fb ordering, digital menu options and phones, e-waiter, online coupons while you wait.

By incorporating tech that satisfies users, app developers have been releasing the newest restaurant finder applications in the pursuit of elegant solutions that operate.

Apps with Similar Business Models to Zomato, UberEATS, Swiggy and Grubhub



Numerous on-demand firms in the food delivery sector have emerged as a result of the business models such as Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, and Grubhub. In essence, each of these applications fulfills two functions. They are designed for both food delivery and finding restaurants. With its online food ordering app, many restaurants are accessible. It is based on the conventional food delivery paradigm. It keeps up its own logistics operations, which includes delivery partners. UberEATS and similar apps began as stand-alone programmes that offered a diverse form of Uber trips.

A restaurant locator and food delivery software should have a variety of features, including personalized restaurant recommendations, specialized delivery information, sophisticated search filtering, and the possibility to monitor orders in the app. The essential elements can be found in an app like UberEATS.

Real-time order placement is made possible for clients. Users can order from a wide range of eateries and menus, and there is a large fleet of distribution partners who bring food more quickly than anticipated.

Like all other food delivery services, UberEATS operates by pairing up customers who have particular needs for an item, a set delivery time, a precise position, and the accessibility of delivery partners who join up to become a component of the delivery system and restaurant owners who want to affiliate with the food delivery app network. The traditional businesses are being forced to establish a presence online on online food delivery services like UberEATS due to the concurrent shift in consumer behavior towards these services.

How do Eat24 (Grubhub) Apps Generate Revenue?

By using these 3 methods:

Collecting a delivery charge from clients

The majority of food delivery apps use a base price + fees pricing structure. Restaurants occasionally limit their menus when both lunch and dinner are at their busiest.


Sharing income from restaurants

Orders completed by delivery partners like UberEATS generate continuous revenue.


Advertising the money received from restaurant partners (the marketing charge)

When a user views the listed establishments, restaurant operators are billed a marketing charge. With more restaurants opening, it's critical for eateries to boost their app visibility.

How Does the Food Delivery Industry Work?


Three steps makes up the restaurant system:

  • Food is ordered by the user from a restaurant
  • Food is passed to delivery partner by restaurant
  • Food is delivered to user by the delivery partner


Factors That Affect App Prices Like Eat24 (Grubhub)

The app may take longer to develop than a standard one if your design is intricate or bespoke. Typically, these 5 elements influence how much an app like Eat24 costs:



  • Project specifications
  • UI complexity
  • Project concept
  • UI Designing 
  • Testing Application


How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like UberEATS?


An app like UberEATS can be created for between $4500 and $12000.

The following are some of the most fundamental costs that should be considered while creating an app for food delivery for both iOS and Android:


Development Costs

If the expense of hiring a developer is taken into account, it typically varies from xx to xx per hour or xx per month. [This price may change depending on the developer's expertise and specialization]


Collecting fees

This step entails spending a significant amount of money on social events, seminars, and assessments while also gathering requirements, such as the staff that will be responsible for implementing employment plans.


Development and Design

The overall sum the company will invest on its test engineers/developers is the price of app configuration and creation. Basically, this will cover the price of the many licenses needed to engage extra staff in order to forecast the project development.


Examining and Publishing

Before deploying, the app must be tested. If the app does not function properly after deploying, significant fees will have to be incurred. Before being released, this app must undergo bug repairs. The app distribution fee is a one-time fee.

Features for a Food Delivery App

  • Customer
  • Sign up
  • Order Placement
  • Details of Restaurant
  • Restaurant Filter Option by Cuisines
  • Present Offers
  • Menu Navigation
  • Address Book
  • Coupons and Rewards



  • Log-In for Admin
  • Managing Restaurant 
  • Managing App
  • Managing Order
  • Managing Payment
  • Technical Payment



  • Sign-In
  • Support
  • Tracking Orders
  • Payment Options
  • Checkout



Arriving at a Conclusion

It may be less complicated to make an order online using kiosks rather than stand in line. The price of a restaurant locator and food delivery app is subject to a variety of variables, such as immediate alerts after making the order and adequate lead time. These apps can cost anywhere between xx and xx, much like a food delivery app like FoodPanda. The following table breaks down the price of a typical food delivery app:


  • License:
  • App hosting: 
  • Developer:  (With average skills)
  • Your total development expense will therefore be $25,000.
  • An iOS native food delivery app might cost on average $10,000, and an Android native app might cost $15,000.


Having trouble determining whether making an investment in a restaurant app is wise or not? It's likely that you're missing out on 20% or more of sales if your restaurant locator and food delivery services don't have their own mobile apps. One way to handle this issue is with a consumer-friendly mobile app, but this isn't a complete solution. The inclusion of GPS, loyalty programmes, rewards, and coupons, in addition to push alerts (if managed effectively), how effectively the app manages user comfort, the effectiveness of managing orders, and numerous other aspects make a restaurant locator app comprehensive.


If you're an entrepreneur looking to invest in creating a restaurant locator app all these features must be included. If you're a restaurant owner seeking to boost your sales, discover new consumers, and retain them, your restaurant locator app could be both customer & business-facing. A food delivery app could be managed completely using both consumer and business-facing apps.

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