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Telemedicine App Development: Its Features, Cost, Types And Trends
Explore telemedicine app development by IMG Global Infotech. Discover features, costs, types (real-time, store-and-forward, remote monitoring), and trends like AI integration and wearable tech compatibility.
Dipti Singhal

Dipti Singhal

Jun 17, 2024

Telemedicine App Development: Its Features, Cost, Types And Trends

A telemedicine software enterprise has seen a spike in demand for remote healthcare among both doctors and patients. Statistical evidence also backs up these results. In 2022, the worldwide telemedicine industry was worth $60.8 billion, and experts predict that figure will rise to $225 billion by 2030.        

Due to this, there will be a crucial need for telemedicine app development. It makes services safer and better since individuals are getting sick and older. As a telemedicine app development company, IMG Global Infotech remains at the heart of healthcare change. 

Our goal in writing this blog is to impart our knowledge by going over the many kinds of custom apps, their advantages, the features that are crucial, and designing one from scratch. You will also be aware of a telemedicine app's approximate cost.   

Let's start! 


What is a Telemedicine App?


Telemedicine app solutions allow users to not go to a clinic or hospital in person. They get medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or medications from apps. After the physician authorizes the request, you can text or have video calls with the physicians. After that, get the medicines and the diagnostic. The medications are then delivered to your door by the pharmacy after receiving your prescription.   


Market Statistics & Growth of Telemedicine App 



Source: Statista  

  • It was predicted that between 2024 and 2028, the global revenue in the digital health market's "Online Doctor Consultations" category would rise steadily by 9.5 billion US dollars.
  • With a projected value of $101.2 billion in 2023, the worldwide telehealth industry is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.3% from 2024 to 2030.
  • Over 116 million people used online doctor consultations globally in 2024, up from over 57 million in 2019.
  • In the United States, minor ailments and basic problems like prescription refills were the most frequent uses of telemedicine.  


Types Of Telemedicine Apps 

There are a lot of subsets within telehealth, but for the most part, there are four broad types used in modern medicine. Based on your needs in order to obtain a complete picture of your patients' health, you and your patients can benefit from each area in a unique way.   

Live Video-Conferencing 

Simply said, live video conferencing lets doctors and patients have an actual time, mutual video chat. Clinicians and providers in the area make heavy use of this form of telemedicine.  

Store-and-Forward Video 

When a doctor uses asynchronous video, it is an electronic means of delivering a patient's recorded medical history that is not updated in real time. This kind of telemedicine is frequently utilized in rural areas when healthcare practitioners need to consult with a medicine delivery app development expert who is in a different place. It also serves to give healthcare to areas where it is scarce.  

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) 

When a patient or a resident is located in one place, health data may be visually sent to a doctor. They review and monitor through remote patient monitoring. It is frequently used for seniors or in senior living settings. RPM is particularly useful in senior care facilities to monitor residents' vital signs and prevent falls.    

Mobile Health (mHealth) 

The term "mobile health" covers the usage of handheld devices built for these devices to support ongoing medical treatment. There are now a lot of health apps that can keep track of everything. From a diabetic's blood sugar level to water, they drink every day.    


How To Build a Telemedicine App? – Crucial Steps 


We are going to explain how to create a telemedicine app. Be aware that this is not the whole step. You will only be directed in the proper ways by this process. 


Setting the Requirements

Research the market, look at what your competitors are doing, create objectives and audiences for your project, then jot down all the features you'd like to have in the end result. Making a document with the work's scope mentioned is also beneficial. 


Get the Project Estimate

Before you reach a telemedicine app development company in India, you should make a list of the features you must hold. If you are unclear about the worth of a specific feature, we are here to assist. Reach out to us and share your interest in telemedicine app development. After that, we'll give you an estimate using what we observe. Another thing to think about is ideation. In response to the following questions:



  • Which future product concept do you have in mind?
  • What will you get for your app?
  • What characteristics ought to be included in a telemedicine product to make it stand out in a crowded market?


Start Telemedicine App Development 

It's time to get the telemedicine app development process begun. In most cases, the first steps involve creating wireframes and mock-ups. To make sure your idea is realized, our developers will guide you step-by-step through the whole development cycle. In order to develop an effective end result, we write code, test it, correct bugs, and make any necessary modifications. 


Test Your Telemedicine App 

After the project demo is finished, test the app to ensure that all features are operating as needed. To give users the best possible experience, we test the telemedicine app development solution on a variety of devices. 


Finally Launch your App  

After it launches, people will start to provide comments on the app. Take into account their suggestions when you develop and update your app. You can expand the features and speed up the operation of the Telemedicine app after your app has launched.  


Key Features of Telemedicine App Development

Before you can select the right technology to make a telemedicine app, you need to make a list of all the features that app needs.  


User Panel 

First and foremost is the sign-in function. Patients can sign in via third-party services like Facebook Sign-In and Google Sign-In, or they can use their email addresses. Use email or SMS for two-step authentication, still as personal accounts need to be secured.  

Video Conferencing

Doctors can remotely check on patients thanks to the advantages of video conferences, which benefit both parties. Doctors are given greater options and the disease contraction method is eliminated with video consultation.  

Text Messaging

Users can save money by using the text messaging feature, which removes the need for in-person consultations. By sending the required information to the doctors via messaging, they can communicate with them. 


Patients can use the in-app calendar to schedule and manage their medical visits. While they wait for the doctor's approval, users who need to reschedule the appointment can do it right there on the calendar. Users will thus be able to view the chosen dates and get alerts from Google Calendar. 

Payment Gateways

As it enables users to pay using several channels, payment gateway integration is one of the most important aspects of telemedicine app development in India. The improvements simplify the transaction process for all users, whether they are using UPI or debit or credit payments. Engage mobile app developers to create an exceptional payment system. 

Rating System

Patients can use reviews, grades, and ranking systems to discover trustworthy physicians. Patients can rate the doctor and provide a brief message after their visit. Grades may also be given to customers. If the patient schedules an appointment but does not show up, the doctor may assign a score. 

Doctor Panel 

Doctor’s Profile

In this part, doctors have to write down their specialties, medical schooling, experience, and other details. 

Calendar Management

It helps doctors plan their schedules so that they can keep meetings. If a patient needs to change the meeting time, they need to call the doctor and wait for an answer.  

Viewing Electronic Health Records

Nurses and doctors have to be ready to view the EHRs of the people they treat. It helps users to check their medical history is full, correct, and up to date.  


Patients and doctors must talk to one another for telehealth apps to work. With telemedicine app development, users can text their doctors to ask about their health and treatment plans.   


Technology Trends in Telemedicine App Development 

A few examples of current trends in telemedicine app development include these.  

Integration of VR/AR/MR Technology

VR, and AR are affecting ways that healthcare is provided as telemedicine app development. Users may enjoy real events that make it feel like it's outside with these technologies. This means that both patients and doctors can find and treat illnesses in new ways.   

Machine Learning

Robotics and machine learning have changed the way apps are made, according to any good mobile app developing business. It is a big part of telemedicine app development these days. It teaches the app to use data to come to useful conclusions.   

Artificial Intelligence 

With the help of AI, telemedicine apps are currently offering deeper skills like pattern and image recognition. It helps in diagnosis, machine learning for voice recognition and chatbot interaction, and predictive analytics to create a unique treatment plan for every patient.     

Internet of Things (IoT) 

Telemedicine apps get data on patients in real time via worn gear and other IoT devices.  Statistics like the sum of exercise, medications, and other medical data are vital signs. Doctors and nurses may keep an eye on patients from away by making IoT apps for telemedicine.  

Big Data Analytics  

These days, big data analytics is an essential aspect of building telemedicine apps. This allows nurses and doctors to make better choices. Digital sources that store a lot of health data have made it possible for doctors to find trends. Also, insights that they could not get before.        



Some Benefits of Telemedicine App Development in 2024 

Before you shell out dollars to develop telemedicine apps, there are some facts you must be wary of. In the following ways, the development of telemedicine apps can help patients and medical businesses.   

Doctors’ Time Management


With their full plans, doctors may not be able to handle all of their patients. The medicine app development can help solve the problem by letting the office staff handle the doctors' work. The app will have schedules, and push notifications will make sure that doctors don't miss their meetings.

Cost Reduction

Saving money is another significant advantage of video telemedicine apps. Since medical help can be given from afar, you don't have to go to the hospital in person, you can save money on rent and other costs. This means that patients can talk to their doctors from home if they want to. 

Efficient Medical Care 

There may be lines and waiting rooms where you have to wait for hours when you go to the doctor. Since many people are busy, they don't go to the doctor. This could be dangerous for their health or even their lives. You can talk to a doctor over video from home or during your lunch break. 

Progressive EHR 

Telemedicine apps can be used to keep track of electronic medical information. The medical staff doesn't have to look for paper records to get the info they need.  

What Is the Cost of Telemedicine App Development? 

A unique telemedicine app development solution may be between $10,000 to $30,000.  


App Complexity  Cost Estimation 
Simple Telemedicine App Development $10000-$14000
Medium Telemedicine App Development $15000-$24000
Complex Telemedicine App Development  $30000+ 

Everything from planning and wireframing to app development, and launch is a part of telemedicine app development. Additionally, the costs to develop a telemedicine app rely on what features you wish to include. 

If you make an app that is easy to use, it will cost the least. Also, if we make a more complex app, on the other hand, the price will vary based on the features. So it's best to talk to telemedicine app development companies that can give you an easy breakdown of the costs. 



For digital health care, telemedicine is the next big thing. Why? Because both consumers and doctors are increasingly turning to online medical resources for everything from preventative care to complex medical procedures.  

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