Top Rated Healthcare App Development Company

Top Rated Healthcare App Development Company
Being a dependable custom healthcare software development company, IMG Global Infotech, we offer advanced healthcare mobile app services to hospitals, clinics and other organisations to ease their work. Our solution streamlines the process and reduces the effort.
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Cost Effective mHealth app development
In today's digital world, top-notch app development services have become essential to people's lives, and businesses are looking for ways to reach their customers through mobile apps. If you want to increase your business revenue, it's important to adapt to this trend. Hiring a remote app developer from a mobile app development agency can be a great way to accomplish this. At IMG Global Infotech, we offer flexible hiring options, allowing you to hire a mobile developer for the duration of your project, whether it's for days, weeks, or months. You can choose to hire our developers on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis to meet your project needs.
We specialize in developing cutting-edge digital solutions that connect patients in a safe and convenient manner. Our medical app developers have extensive experience in healthcare web application development and healthcare mobile application development, allowing us to integrate new digital solutions into your healthcare strategy seamlessly. We bring unique capabilities to the table, leveraging our rich healthcare domain knowledge:
  • Strong mobile UX expertise,
  • Expertise in regulatory standards and compliance
  • Meets all data security and privacy requirements.
Why Do You Need a Healthcare App For Your Business
A healthcare app can offer numerous benefits to your business, including
Increased Patient Engagement
A healthcare app allows you to engage with your patients more effectively, by offering features like appointment scheduling, medication reminders, and personalized health tips.
Improved Patient Outcomes
With a healthcare app, patients can access their health information and track their progress, leading to improved outcomes and better health management.
Streamlined Processes
A healthcare app can help streamline processes like appointment scheduling, prescription management, and billing, reducing administrative burden and improving efficiency.
Increased Revenue
By offering additional services like telemedicine consultations and online medication management, healthcare apps can increase your revenue and expand your customer base.
Competitive Advantage
In today's digital age, having a healthcare app can give you a competitive advantage over other healthcare providers by offering a more modern and convenient way of accessing healthcare services.
Enhanced Brand Image
By offering a healthcare app, you can enhance your brand image and reputation by demonstrating your commitment to patient care and innovation in healthcare.
Features Include in Our Healthcare Mobile App
Online payment
Online payment
As a premier medical app development provider, we deliver top-notch payment gateway integration services. Users of the medical app can pay for doctor appointments using a variety of payment gateways.
Insights & Analytics
Insights & Analytics
To track the patient's health, we make sure to include this feature in our mobile healthcare software development services. It is useful to anticipate health difficulties based on the data that has been collected and to treat and diagnose diseases as soon as possible.
Online Chat
Online Chat
As a top healthcare app development firm, we include this function in healthcare applications to keep doctors and patients informed about forthcoming appointments or other pertinent medical information.
Online Appointment
Online Appointment
Patients can search for the doctor and make an appointment online in the most practical manner. In order for the doctor to be ready before the patient arrives, it also collects any additional information about the patient.
Automatic Method
Automatic Method
To help health professionals better monitor patients and deliver services like better patient management, increased efficiency, quicker billing, and recovery of patient data, our mHealth app developers integrated this feature.
Integrating SMS and email
Integrating SMS and email
Patients can answer via text that is automatically forwarded to a specific email address thanks to the integration of SMS and email. It is also helpful to let patients know about immunisations, appointments, and other things via these SMS and email services.
Evolving Healthcare App Solutions
Our app solution has a user-friendly interface and things that keep you on edge to schedule your appointment in no time.
Find a doctor
Find a doctor
Book appointment
Book appointment
Audio/video chat services
Audio/video chat services
Medical history
Medical history
In App payments
In-App payments
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Why Is IMG Global Infotech The Best Company For Healthcare App Development?
The team of healthcare mobile app developers at IMG Global Infotech is equipped to offer reliable app solutions that precisely & successfully address the challenges facing your business. You can collaborate with us to work with online Android & iOS developers to build scalable and secure enterprise applications.
  • 8+ Years in Business 8+ Years in Business
  • Experienced and Talented CodersExperienced and Talented Coders
  • Cost Effective Solutions Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Clear Communication Clear Communication
  • Transparency Guaranteed Transparency Guaranteed
  • 100+ In House Developers 100+ In-House Developers
  • Flexible Engagement Models Flexible Engagement Models
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reporting Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reporting
  • On Time Efficiency On-Time Efficiency
  • Data Driven Algorithms Data-Driven Algorithms
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Frequently Asked Questions
Medical apps are software integrated on a mobile device used by the app users to regulate medical devices. While, healthcare apps offer health-related services to the patients.
Some of the top-notch use cases of healthcare app development are electronic health records, diagnostic systems, e-prescribing, medical billing, and more!
Some of the primary features leveraged by healthcare app development company are profile, appointment management, patient’s medical records, prescription, etc.
One of the best healthcare apps developed by IMG Global Infotech- a leading healthcare app development company is TheaCare to cater to the women’s healthcare needs.
Any terrific healthcare app development company would emphasize clients’ preferences and add their two cents to nourish the idea. Moreover, app development cost varies depending on numerous factors, and the total cost of app development may lie between 30k-160k USD.
An efficient healthcare app development company can help app owners build an app that offers a frictionless experience to their customers. A few other advantages are:
  • Boosts health monitoring
  • Cost-effective
  • Real-time communication
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Custom design
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