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Why Startups And Small Businesses Must Have Their Mobile Apps?

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By IMG Global Infotech
Feb 08, 2021
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As a startup or a small business owner if you thought that mobile apps were merely for big names of the market like- Flipkart, Ola Cabs, Freecharge, Oyo Rooms etc then surely you need to think again. You may even think that I have a good website with great responsive feature, and it also works perfectly on each device giving my customers a delightful experience. So why invest in a mobile app?



Well, it is known to every business that offering a flawless users experience not only increases their customer base but also give their organization an outlook. Responsive website design is also a part of this same marketing strategy. In the same way if you develop a mobile app for your company it will take your user experience to the next level and you’ll get to know, what exactly your user want from you. Especially for startups, small and medium size businesses, the precise blend of content, mobile devices, functionality and navigation through apps can boost customer engagement and bring their business to the limelight.


Today’s startup businesses already know that to bring their business to the forefront they have to take full advantage of mobile applications. However a responsive and mobile friendly website is not enough to make their business stand out of the competition because they are mainly designed for presentation purpose on the other hand mobile apps are designed to increase customer’s engagement.



Apps these days are no longer considered merely a “branding exercise” but they are becoming a part of our lifestyle. Just sum up your daily activities, then you’ll find that we are continuously shifting towards mobile app technology. From morning exercise, mobile recharge, online audio, buying fashion, chit-chat apps to booking tickets, taxi or hotel we are using apps regularly which indeed is a sign that we are moving ahead with the trend.


A well-designed, intuitive app can give your customers a strong reason to keep coming to your business. Flexibility and ease is what every customer is looking for and once they get it from your business, they will choose you always over others. On the whole it’s a great way to increase your customers and improving your ROI.



Now a day’s nearly every business is investing in mobile application development. Why? Obviously because it gives significant advantage over traditional websites. Let’s audit some more points about why you should build a mobile app for your company.


  1. 1- People all over the world are increasingly going mobile.
  2. 2- Strengthen brand visibility, as now your business is literally on their fingertips.
  3. 3- Provide direct marketing channel by offering early bird offers, coupons, new product information, upcoming event notification etc.
  4. 4- Simplify online experience and provide easy-to-access information.
  5. 5- Mobile apps work faster than websites.
  6. 6- Enhance relationship with customers.
  7. 7- Mobile apps are great source of handsome income.
  8. 8- Acts as an online marketing tool for your business where your customers are partners in your mission.


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