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Now the time has arrived when the T20 world cup and IPL is just around the corner and the boom period of fantasy cricket applications. As millions of viewers are connected with them and the popularity of fantasy cricket has been rising all over the world. This is an example that success is directly related to audience attachment. Cricket is the most popular game and its fandom has been visited all over the world. If you get an opportunity to step into this idea of building a fantasy cricket application to generate next-level business. You can build a fantasy cricket app for the T20 world cup 2023 helping you in getting the right type of audience attention. 


ICC T20 world cup is scheduled and is coming around so the market insight for fantasy cricket applications could be highly useful for your business. The Global market demand for fantasy Cricket applications is growing and there is no sign of slowing down in the upcoming future. This popularity is affected by the increasing number of Smartphones and the availability of internet connection to the youth who are affected by cricket and connected with it.


Fantasy Indian Market Trend-


The fantasy cricket app market in India has grown without any doubt and it's still growing. Its growth is affected by the covid pandemic which has increased the use of smartphones among youth. Based on the report created by the KPMG sector, the market for fantasy cricket apps is about to generate revenue approx 25000 crores in the upcoming years. The ratio of users tends to increase and India is about to become the second largest country that is generating revenue in online gaming.


The penetration of Smartphones is another factor that is affecting the growth of the fantasy cricket applications in India soon India will surpass the US and UK and will achieve the lead in the online gaming sector after china. 


Why is 2023 the right time to launch a fantasy cricket app?

Multiple National and international cricket events are about to be scheduled and this year would be the right time to launch a fantasy cricket app for your next business. Numerous fans are waiting for these events and they will be connected with the launch of your fantasy cricket app in the meantime then they can connect with your app and you will get a large amount of audience for your application. 


T20 World Cup 2023


The T20 World Cup is organized by ICC and they are all set to launch the T20 world cup in 2023 with the big boom and with more cricket enthusiasm. The fans are waiting for the T20 world cup and this will connect them with your application so that they can benefit from the real-life performance of players. The upcoming T20 World Cup shows that there is a high potential in the fantasy cricket market to generate revenue with larger amounts. 




The Indian Premier League as suggested by the name is always organized in India and it has a very huge fandom among the audience. Players from different countries like Australia, America and other countries join this League and come to India to play IPL. There is a huge growth in the following IPL and as per the statistics, it has been evident that the revenue generation for Dream 11 and other fantasy cricket apps would be much greater than ever in upcoming years. 


 World Cup 2023


One of the most well-known and celebrated cricket events is the world cup which occurs once every four years. The world cup is all set to launch in 2023 and the fandom for this world cup cannot be calculated in numbers. It is an event where all the teams of cricket over the world compete for a single trophy and everyone in the world is too excited to watch this event. If you generate a fantasy cricket app it will connect the world with their favorite team's real-life players' performance and they can earn something through it. 


Building a fantasy cricket app that will connect your audience with real-life players' performances can cost up to 25,000 dollars depending upon the platform you choose to launch and the types of features you wish to enrol. 


Final Words-


The above-listed reasons are their motive to launch a fantasy cricket app in this upcoming year as it will help in generating higher revenue for your business and it could be your next big move. T20 world cup 2023 is the main cricket event that can attract the right amount of audience for your fantasy cricket app. 


Do you need a fantasy sports app for your business?

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