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Want To Develop A Fantasy Cricket App For ICC Cricket World Cup 2024?
Global cricket fans are on the edge of their seats as the highly anticipated ICC Cricket World Cup 2024 draws near. Weeks of heart-pounding battles, brilliant shows, and epic competition abound at this ultimate event.
Lokesh Kumar

Lokesh Kumar

May 22, 2024

Want To Develop A Fantasy Cricket App For ICC Cricket World Cup 2024?

Global cricket fans are on the edge of their seats as the highly anticipated ICC Cricket World Cup 2024 draws near. Weeks of heart-pounding battles, brilliant shows, and epic competition abound at this ultimate event. What if you could provide cricket fans with an opportunity to do more than just watch? Yes you can invest in fantasy cricket app development for T20 World Cup

The excitement of competing against other fans while planning strategies and assessing player performances while the World Cup drama unfolds is hard to fathom. That is the potential to develop a fantasy cricket app, and the forthcoming World Cup is a perfect time to release yours.

There are a lot of fantasy cricket apps out there, and this piece will show you how to get started. Take a look at the World Cup as a starting point for your app. We'll talk about what will make it special and show you how to develop a fantasy cricket app.

What Is a Fantasy Cricket App? 

Fantasy cricket sports apps are online activities where players can recreate any sport's game or season. In this app, participants create a virtual team from real players in a professional cricket match that is now in progress. 

The real players' performances in actual games determine how these virtual teams compete with one another. Like real sports, Fantasy cricket app development allows the player to take on the roles of field manager and general manager. It allows them to add and remove players.


Why Must You Invest In Fantasy Cricket App Development? 

Source: Statista 


  • By FY2024, 180 million Indians used fantasy sports. 
  • In 2022, the US fantasy sports services industry reached 9.48 billion dollars, up from 8.44 billion the year before.  
  • In 2022, it was discovered that fantasy football was the most popular fantasy sport in the USA, with an estimated 29.2 million participants. 

Let’s get more clear idea by looking at the below reasons: 


Explosive Growth in User Base


Due to cricket's immense appeal in India and beyond, fantasy cricket apps are seeing a sharp rise in user numbers. Businesses can tap into this sector to satisfy users' insatiable thirst by investing in the fantasy cricket app development. 

Monetization Opportunities


The fantasy cricket apps provide a number of ways to make money like sponsored content. The potential for generating income increases with the number of users. App monetization techniques done well can develop a fantasy cricket app out of it. 


Brand Visibility and Recognition


The white label fantasy cricket development is a one-of-a-kind chance to get your brand known and seen. Businesses may improve their brand image and draw in a loyal user base. They can develop an app that is both user-friendly and feature-rich. This will increase market share and foster brand loyalty. 


Technological Advancements


Fantasy cricket apps' drives are growing along with technology. Access to state-of-the-art features, fast upgrades, and a flawless user experience are guaranteed when you invest in development. Keeping up with technology advances helps the app become a market leader by drawing in users and maintaining its dominant position. 

Features Of Fantasy Cricket App Development For ICC World Cup 

Not only do these features significantly improve the user experience, but they are also crucial in attracting users to develop a fantasy cricket app. Make sure to incorporate these fantasy cricket app development features for ICC world cup for optimal revenue generation.    

User Panel


1. Home Screen

The person finds the home screen after logging in. The users can narrow their search by the event, match, match time, and match lifting that interests them. Users will be taken to the chosen section after choosing the choice they want. It makes sure that the user experience is effective, simple, and quick. 


2. Contest

It lets the user see what events are currently running, how much they cost to enter, how many teams there are. Users can also get full information about both the contests that are still going on and the ones that are over. 


3. Join the Contest/Payment

Users can pay the required entry fee and then join both current and proposed tournaments. When you develop a fantasy cricket app, allow users to play in the games and put together their own teams to compete.


4. Dashboard

The user dashboard allows for seamless editing of the user's profile details. It shows account information, the number of reward points earned through matches, the amount won, the total amount earned through invites, and the user's rank.  


5. Extra Features

According to the evidence, adding new features to fantasy cricket apps without any problems makes them more unique, amazing, and fun. It's also good for business to hire fantasy sports app developers to add these features in your app. 

Admin Panel


1. Live Score

One of the best features for users is that the live score of the current match can be streamed live. Users can also watch videos of the last games, as well as game clips and expert analysis. The most important thing is the latest fix to develop a fantasy cricket app.    


2. Live Score Integration

It just changes the data so that it can be used through an API to develop fantasy cricket apps. This is very helpful for people who are making dream cricket mobile applications.


3. CRM Integration

It helps service providers supply push messages, emails, ticket management, and other useful features. After integrating the mail reminder feature, the user receives email reminders about forthcoming matches.


4. Chatbot Integration

Adding chatbots is a great way to automate tasks and make things run more smoothly. Any top-notch Fantasy cricket app development company in India that can build chatbots and integrate APIs will be able to do this.


5. Push Notification

Users will get push notifications telling them when it's time to create their teams and other important information. When you develop a fantasy cricket app, make them use the app and keep them informed of important things. 


6. Real-time reports and Analytics

It keeps all the information about live matches up to date and saves metrics in real time. This also shows how well a team and each person did in a certain game or series.


7. Location Tracking

The unique thing about it is that it offers a rich user experience by combining cutting-edge technologies. As time goes on, GPS location tracking slowly turns into an attractive feature for the fantasy cricket app in the current market.   


fantasy cta button

How To Develop A Fantasy Cricket App For ICC World Cup?


Are you planning to put resources into creating a fantasy cricket app? That is fantastic, but there is a specific procedure that must be followed. The following steps are involved in developing a fantasy cricket app for ICC world cup:  

Research and Plan the Targeted Audience 


Make sure you've done extensive research before beginning development or giving the app off to fantasy cricket app development companies. Knowing your target audience, and how your competitors have staked out their positions are all crucial. To better understand your app's aim, it's vital to conduct a survey of the user's actions, needs, expectations, and views. It is an essential stage to develop a fantasy cricket app.  

Strategies for Monetization 


Planning how to make money off of an app should be your first priority after development is complete. Advertisements, brand partnerships, participation and entrance fees, in-app purchases, etc. are some of the ways to make money with your app. When you develop a fantasy cricket app, making money with your sports fantasy app.    

Selection Of Platforms  


A lot of our rivals have well-known brands in the market. More you make gamers comfortable, the more they use your app. Explain your budget, monetization plan, and vision to mobile app developers to determine the best platform for your app.


You must then choose iOS or Android to develop a fantasy cricket app. Cross-platform fantasy sports game creation would help reach all devices. A better app launch will result from your vision and specialists' advice.   

Hire the Best Fantasy Sports App Development Company 


The process to develop a fantasy cricket app can begin once all the necessary details regarding the fantasy sports app's concept have been ironed out. Technical know-how and actual practical expertise and competence are two distinct things.  


You should invest in a top-tier fantasy sports app development company. Evaluate the top mobile app development businesses in light of your needs and budget before making a final decision.   

Design Seamless UI To Engage Users 

If your app provides a genuine and immersive gaming experience, players will stick with it. "Keep it simple, it will engage more people. That's the golden rule of app development." So, to keep people interested with your application, make sure the UX and UI are smooth. Create a simple, well-organized app with features that set it apart from the competitors.

Development & Deployment 

Provide a genuine experience for the user while adhering to the app's primary goal. Develop a fantasy cricket app using relevant databases, APIs, frameworks, and languages. For easy use, build seamless UX and UI. 

Q/As should be used to test the app you develop a fantasy cricket app. App testing assures no bugs, flaws, or errors. App testing is needed to determine app performance. After the developer and customer approve the app, it is deployed to Android or iOS platforms. 

Support & Maintenance

Because there is a lot to accomplish after app deployment, more work is needed than just deploying the app. For this reason, get in touch with the fantasy sports app development company that offers support, maintenance, and post-deployment services. 

The sports fantasy app needs updates, modifications, and bug fixes after it launches, which makes the post-deployment service important. 

Cost To Develop A Fantasy Cricket App 

Some of the apps that run in cricket are cricket fantasy apps. Even though having a Cricket fantasy game that works perfectly isn't seen as a loss for the business. It is possible for a business to quickly develop a fantasy cricket app. They are dedicated to the honesty of its fantasy cricket app.     

There are things like location, platform, wireframes, colors, and application design that go into Fantasy cricket app development cost. Let's look at how much it would develop a fantasy cricket app for Android, iOS, and the web. A simple dream app will cost between $10,000 and $15,000, and one with more features will cost between $20,000 and $30,000.  

How Can IMG Global Help Fantasy Cricket App Development?  

IMG Global Infotech is the best fantasy sports app development company. Since they love cricket, our experts know what the public wants. We also prioritize innovation, so every app we produce has exciting features that set it apart. Our expert developers deliver your fantasy cricket app on time and under budget. 

We believe in providing readymade fantasy cricket app solutions. They meet all your needs and have features and functions beyond your creative abilities. Our developers create the most advanced, intuitive apps using the newest technology. So, get in touch with us and we will develop a fantasy cricket app within your budget.                                

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