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Launch Fantasy Cricket App Before T20 World Cup 2024
The clock is ticking, and cricket fans are eager for another cricket festival, the T-20 World Cup. Although it will be in June 2024, you can feel its vibes.
Dipti Singhal

Dipti Singhal

May 04, 2024

Launch Fantasy Cricket App Before T20 World Cup 2024

The clock is ticking, and cricket fans are eager for another cricket festival, the T-20 World Cup. Although it will be in June 2024, you can feel its vibes. 

There is another surprise related to it. Do you know what it is? I will come up with business opportunities, and one of the best ideas is Fantasy Cricket App Development. It offers an interactive platform to cricket lovers and takes their excitement to the next level. The days are going by, and the demand for fantasy cricket apps for the T-20 World Cup is increasing. 

Do you also want to launch your fantasy cricket app before this T-20 ICC World Cup? 

I hope you want to take advantage of this business opportunity. This article will help you and make your quest easy to launch your app before the actual event starts. 

Before we go deeper into this blog, let’s start with the basics. 

What is a Fantasy Cricket App?- The Things You Need to Know

The fantasy cricket app works as an online platform where a user can create a virtual team using the names of real cricket players and participate in contests, leagues, or matches. They can appoint a Captain and vice-captain. Based on the real-time performance in an actual game, the fantasy cricket team wins or loses the match and decides the winnings of fantasy app users. 

It is a game of skills and knowledge, where users must know the international or national cricket rules and team formation and must be aware of the existing performance of players whom they want to include in their virtual team.

In terms of its working, it is like- 


  • Tap into the app and select the match or contest. 
  • Select your 11 players among the 22 players playing that particular match. 
  • Join the game, let the players play the game, and hold your breath for the final result. 

The result will be decided by summing the points obtained by the players based on their field performance, where the vice-captain gets 1.5X points, and the Captain gets 2X points.

Some of the readers might be wondering - How prize money is decided? 


So, first of all, the prize money is decided from the total entry fee, which can be upto 10 Lakh based on the number of participants. 


Usually, the users can participate in any of the two categories or both, such as:


  • Grand League- As its name implies, a grand league fantasy cricket app has users ranging from 100 to thousands. Users can create multiple teams and participate in the same league.    
  • Minor League- The minimum number of small league participants is two, which can go up to approximately 40 to 50.


Fantasy cricket is not only a game; it is an ultimate thrill that allows participants to win real cash prizes. Due to this craze, developing a Fantasy cricket app for the T-20 World Cup is worth it. 



How to Build A Fantasy Cricket App for T-20 World Cup?

If we talk about the actual stats related to fantasy cricket, among other fantasy sports, it is on the top charts, and 85% of fantasy sports app users play fantasy cricket. During international events like the World Cup, ICC T-20, or IPL, the number of fantasy cricket mobile app users increases, so the demand for White Label Fantasy Cricket Development remains high. 

If you are also looking to develop an app for your fantasy sports business, here are the steps to follow. 

#1. Outline Your Business Idea

The initial phase in fantasy sports app development begins by identifying business ideas. A practical method is to compile a list of all potential ideas and evaluate them according to current circumstances. Here, your goal is clear: You will develop a fantasy cricket app for business. However, you need to identify your target location, target audience, list of features to differentiate your app from competitors, and more. Having innovative fantasy sports mobile app concepts can help you succeed. 


#2. Research The Market

The internet is crowded with multiple fantasy cricket sports apps and high competition. According to experts, there may be more apps before T20 World Cup 2024. So, you need to research the market extensively. You must find out what is trending in the market, what kind of fantasy cricket apps users are using, what features they are offering, what the specialties of your competitor’s app are, and others. This will help you create a perfect plan for fantasy cricket app development


#3. Plan and Timeline

The time is short, and only a few days are left in the T20 World Cup, so you must decide the timeline for developing the app phase by phase, from wireframing to deployment. Make an ideal timeline for it. The best idea is to take the help of a fantasy sports app development company in India. The experts will not only guide you throughout the process but also help you develop your app perfectly using the latest tech stack. 


#4. Hire Fantasy Cricket App Development Company

For developing a fantasy cricket app for the T20 World Cup, hiring experienced fantasy sports app developers is the best option. You can find them at a trusted fantasy sports app development company with a proven track record in developing cutting-edge fantasy sports apps. 

What you need to do is:


  • Make a list of fantasy sports app development companies that you find suitable. 
  • Check out what kind of fantasy sports apps they've built.
  • Check what tech stack they use for developing the fantasy apps. 
  • Interview the developers and evaluate their technical & soft skills. 
  • Find out for what types of clients they have developed the apps.
  • Do they have a transparent communication process?
  • What is their fantasy sports app development process? 

Once you are satisfied with the answers, hire fantasy sports app developers. 

#5. Fantasy Cricket App Designing

The app developers you have hired will start to work with wireframing. It stands for the process where designers will create a perfect blueprint for your app. Once it is discussed and changes, if any, the designers will proceed to design the visual elements of your app, like interface design, graphic designing, banners, images, logos, and icons. In this phase, the core focus will be your app’s aesthetics. 


#6. Fantasy Cricket App Development

At this phase, the fantasy sports app developers will implement the code for the backend and front end. The frontend coding is for interface, features, and functionalities. On the other hand, the backend coding is for server-side programming, database connection, and others. It will take more time than the other steps of the app. 


#7. Test & Launch Your App

Once the designing and development work is over, it is time to test the app to remove the bugs. Some bugs remain while developing apps that need to be removed before launch. The best way is to test your app based on real user conditions so you’ll find what can create issues while executing it. Once all bugs are removed, launch your app and be the winner in your fantasy sports business game.


Cost to Develop A Fantasy Cricket App


Now, you have gone through the steps to develop a fantasy cricket app. Some readers might have a question: What is the cost of fantasy cricket app development? So, this section will help you to understand it. 

Here, you need to understand that directly or indirectly, deciding the app development cost is not possible as multiple factors influence it. Based on those factors, cost is being decided, and these factors are: 


If complexity is high, then the cost will be more, and if your app is simple, then the cost will be accordingly. For example- An approximate cost to develop a simple fantasy sports app starts from $12000 onwards and can go upto $25000 or more. 

Features & functionalities

The features and functionalities have a direct relationship with complexity. It works with more features & functionalities, more complexity, and more cost. 

App's Size

If the app is larger, its cost will be higher, as each section contributes to the total cost to develop a mobile app, whether a fantasy sports app or a food delivery app

Location of Developers

The location of developers also influences the fantasy sports app development cost, as hiring costs vary by location. For example, if you hire app developers in the USA, it may cost you $100/hr or more. But if you hire developers from a fantasy sports app development company in India, then you can start with $20/hr. 

App Development Platform

Another cost-deciding factor is the app development platform you choose. Suppose you want to develop a native app(Android or iOS). A fantasy sports app for a single platform may cost you between $15,000 and $30,000. If you want to target both platforms, cross-platform app development is the best option, and it may cost you around $20,000.

Team Size

If you need a bigger team to develop your app, the total hiring cost will increase, affecting the overall app development cost. For example, you can develop a basic app with a team of 3-4 experts, but if you need an advanced app, the team size may be 7-8 persons, including the team lead and project manager. 

So, after considering all the factors, the cost is decided. The approximate cost to develop a fantasy cricket app varies between $15,000 and $30,000. The best idea is to consult with an experienced fantasy sports app development company for an actual cost estimation.

Key Features to Consider for Fantasy Cricket App 


Features are important for entertaining fantasy cricket app users. App’s features engage users the best, so it is one of the crucial points you need to keep in mind whether it is ecommerce app development, grocery app development, or fantasy sports app development. 

Regarding the Fantasy Cricket app for the best user engagement, here are some key features you should consider for your app.

Social Id Login

The days are gone when people used to put their username and password. Most intelligent apps let users log in via social media ID. 

Profile Customization

It will allow your users to customize their profiles as they wish. They can set their avatars and display their usernames, badges, and other information they want to showcase. 

Player Selection Interface

It is one of the essential features of any fantasy sports app. It helps users select and create their winning team to participate in a fantasy cricket contest.

Live Score & Streaming

Live score and streaming will help your users stay updated about every moment of the match and make their decisions about the next match. 

Multiple Payment Modes

It’ll help users pay entry fees using their preferred method. They can pay with net banking, debit card, or credit card.

Multilingual Setting 

It will help you to target more audiences, and users will find it interesting to use the app at their convenience using their mother tongue. 

In-App Chat 

It will help users chat with their friends while playing fantasy cricket apps. You can also include social sharing to increase engagement


fantasy cta button

The Conclusion

Developing a fantasy cricket app for the T20 World Cup is beneficial in terms of business as you can reach the desired audience and generate good revenue. To develop the app correctly, consider this blog your first guide. It will help you a lot. If you have less time to launch your app, you can also opt for a readymade fantasy sports app solution. Consulting fantasy sports app development experts is the right idea for more details. Remember one thing: even after development, remember to maintain your fantasy sports app regularly. So, are you ready for the T20 World Cup and surprise the users with a dazzling fantasy cricket app?

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