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15+ Advanced SEO Techniques To Get More Traffic In 2021

Lokesh Saini
By Lokesh Saini
Feb 08, 2021
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In today’s highly competitive world, virtual performance is as important as ground performance. The high-quality content along with its SEO-friendliness is a decisive factor to enhance any website’s rank-popularity. It is not only about the content you create but also how it is presented using appropriate keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most viable solution for this. The process helps optimize the online content so that the search engine pushes it up in the ranking and the quantity of website traffic increases. However, the SEO landscape has changed over the last few years in many profound ways. The introduction of new technologies, the evolution and upgrade of the smartphone and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has a central role in upgrading strategies. Today, there are advanced SEO techniques that are used to keep you ahead of the curve. Let’s find out in detail about the 20 advanced SEO techniques that will boost your online traffic by leaps and bounds in 2021.

What are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques?

SEO techniques are the methods used to increase traffic to your website and have a high ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). The different types of SEO techniques are:

  • White Hat SEO - These are methods and techniques that follow Google’s search engine guidelines.
  • Black Hat SEO - These are techniques that search engines do not approve and try to reduce the effect of. They are also called spamdexing. They find cracks in Google’s search algorithm to improve the SERP ranking.
  • On-Page SEO Techniques - All the techniques used to rank your web page higher on SERPs. It includes high-quality content, adding meta tags to help Google understand the content, HTML tags to highlight headings, and more.
  • Off-Page SEO - They include all the steps taken outside of your site to rank better and higher in Google’s SERPs. Some of the best off-page SEO techniques include building external links from trusted sources, robust social media marketing, positive customer reviews and more.
  • Technical SEO - This includes using techniques to help Google Bots interpret and index all site pages for future use. Some of the measures are to create a mobile-friendly site, XML sitemap, installing structured data for web crawlers to sort and segment the pages based on the content.


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How to Improve SEO?

The business environment is very dynamic and highly competitive so it is time to step up the SEO fundamentals and use advanced SEO techniques. Here are some of the trending SEO techniques that companies are applying to stay ahead of the game.

1. Internal Linking

Internal linking will be one of the huge SEO updates in 2021 to move massive traffic to your website. Internal linking as the name suggests involves linking one page on a domain to another on the same domain. It means that the source and the target domain are the same. It helps to increase the value of new or little known pages on the same website, which helps search engines crawl and index them faster.

2. Analyse competitors’ best-performing pages

Take time to understand which are your competitors’ best-performing pages and why they are doing well compared to your own. Such analysis can help you find out if there is any keyword gap, link gap, a better way to enhance existing content, and also keyword cannibalization.

3. Keyword gap analysis

Good quality content creation is not enough to have a high SEO ranking. You need to have the appropriate keywords. The best way to check out the important keywords is to see which ones your competitors rank higher for and then create content using those keywords and topics to increase your ranking.

4. Digital PR for authority backlinks

Use digital PR to earn editorially placed links so that your ranking goes up. It is akin to creating content and promoting it to publishers and journalists so that they will want to cover it and link it to their articles.

5. Voice search

Most people now have a smart speaker where they use voice search to look for information. It is one of the advanced SEO techniques for 2021. So ensure that your SEO strategy is adept at voice search using long-tail keywords and structured data as a significant percentage of voice search comes from featured snippets.

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6. Design mobile-friendly SEO strategy

With a significant percentage of people using smartphones, a lot of research, shopping and information-finding is done through the mobile. Thus, the site you build should allow for a pleasant mobile experience.

7. Organize content into clusters

It means that don’t focus on standalone keywords instead, organize your content into varied themes. It involves having a pillar page for the website and cluster pages that live around the pillar page and are linked back to it.

8. Longer content

As per an SEO study, content needs to have more backlinks to translate into more traffic and better rankings. Hence, having longer content can give you the chance to have more backlinks.

9. Optimize SEO ranking through videos

People like visuals more than written material. It is not only more appealing but also easier to understand whatever is being conveyed. Hence, it would be a wise idea to develop your website content with some videos. Ensure that the video is SEO-friendly with the filename, description and title of your uploaded content. You can design an attractive thumbnail by thumbnail maker from different design tools available online. Having attractive customized thumbnails could help too.

10. Load site on HTTPS

Ensure that your entire site is loaded on HTTPS as sites with no security or even with mixed security can turn people away right at the start. Google itself warns people of the non-HTTPS sites.

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11. Optimize content for ‘People Also Ask’ (PPA)

PPA has become a major ranking booster for Google. It is one of the advanced SEO techniques for 2021. If your content is PPA-friendly, it is likely to rank twice on page 1 and appear prominently at the beginning of the SERPs.

12. Supporting content for topical expertise

Having topical expertise is excellent to be high on the SERPs. This would be possible with good supporting content that is internally linked to a pillar page. They add topical depth to the site and show Google that you’re an expert on that topic.

13. Enhanced image search

Optimize your content for image search as a visual search is one of the advanced SEO techniques. Use alt tags, create an image sitemap, reduce file sizes, have file names and host the image on a CDN.

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14. Eliminate wrong links

Having backlinks is great for Google ranking but having the wrong type of links can harm the rankings. So it is pertinent that you clean up all toxic links from the site’s link profile.

15. Semantic markups

Optimize semantic markups as they are one of the on-page SEO services that boost rankings. Basically, they are HTML tags that focus on the essential information on your site. These tags tell Google about the content without having to digest each word on the page.

16. Robust featured snippets

Optimize featured snippets as they appear even before organic results in a box in Google. Hence, the audience sees them even before the first search result. To have optimal featured snippets structure the data into bulleted lists, images, tables and more.

17. Enhanced loading speed of pages

Enhance the loading speeds of your web pages so that customers are not turned off. Use PageSpeedInsights by Google Developers to know the present page speed score.

18. Optimize social listening

Social listening is the process of managing your brand’s social media handles. It is one of the advanced SEO techniques that you must use. Ensure that you have a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram so that users can connect easily to your pages.


Content is the most crucial aspect of a website but for audiences to support and see your content for a longer time, you need to have a robust SEO strategy. These search engine optimization techniques can help you gain more traffic to your website and also improve its rankings on SERPs. You can use the best Digital Marketing Services in India or do it yourself to formulate a robust strategy and watch your website soar.

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