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Email marketing is an effective method to reach out to your targets for marketing and remarketing of your product to keep them in a loop and building a strong presence in the market. Digital Marketers spend a lot of time in creating email marketing campaigns by incorporating the latest trends in the market, but in the end, Building an interactive email marketing campaign is an art. Email marketing is used by many successful companies and is a proven successful method in building relationships between Brand and Consumer. There are some email marketing companies providing such solutions in the market. If you are looking for some good tips on how to build a successful Email Marketing Campaign for your brand, then here is your quick guide for it.


1.) Build Organic Email Lists:

Building organic Email Lists is definitely going to give you a better click-through rate and Conversion rate. If you take a borrowed or purchased list then you might get some fake emails in it. Making an email list on the basis of people who are eager to open your emails is more likely to be effective. To willfully interest more people in the list giving Sign-Up forms on your website and organizing hangouts and events on Social Channels is a time tested method. To avoid your emails going into a spam folder always give an option to unsubscribe at the end of your newsletter & remove duplicate email from your list.


2.) Creating Relevant Segmentations:

Before sending your emails you should monitor & track the demographics, psychographics, interests, location etc. Studying the subscriber behavior will surely help you in grouping different segments. Thus, reaching the target audience will help you increase the goal conversion rate. Segmented email list are tended to get 98% open rate & 38% Click-through-rate.


3.) Proofread your Content:

Always follow this step to proofread your content by sending it to your content writer for editing or by using Grammarly. To avoid any kind of Typos, it is always advisable to read the content twice before mailing it out. Read it from top to bottom and then from bottom to top. Read the pre-header text, title, and body thoroughly again and again to avoid some catchy mistakes.


4.) Responsive Design:

Email Marketing Campaign is successful only when it is responsive to all the devices like desktops, smartphones, tablets and IPads. As 67% of emails are read on the go on mobile phones and tablets.


5.) Personalization:

Personalized emails are given more privilege and have higher open rates than those without personal Names like " Pooja from Naukri sent you an email regarding an opening in Delloite". Emails with the First name have 16% higher open rates.


6.) Call-To-Action:

Adding a proper call-to-action to your emails is an important aspect of email-marketing as it saves time for subscribers as they engage in meaningful emails only. People receive tons of emails daily and only proper call to action emails is given more privilege.


7.) Images:

Adding images to your emails gives you a better conversion rate as visuals are more receptive to the brain rather than only text emails. There are many free email marketing templates present in your email platforms.


8.) Emotional Values:

Sending out emails with moral values will boost them and empower and enlighten them with knowledge of light. This way you are providing trustworthy and quality email to your subscribers.


9.) A/B Testing:

Once you are done with all the content and designing you should perform a test called A/B testing which is a process of sending a demo email to your inbox so that you can test your buttons are working properly redirecting to the link which you have inserted. All Email Marketing tools have this feature. I have used Mailchimp which gives you a feature to do A/B Testing for your newsletter.


10.) Timings:

Timings play an important role in the click-through rate. Sending emails from 8 pm-Midnight gives better open rates rather than emails sent in office 9-5.


Popular Email Marketing Tools:



I hope now you may end up creating a successful email marketing campaign for your brand which can get higher open rates. A free version of Email Marketing Platforms with premium email marketing tools provides you to send bulk email service to your subscribers. You can connect us for SEO Services @ info@imgglobalinfotech.com. Drop your queries in the comment section below.

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