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Mobile App Development Field has shown innumerable growth with more than 5 billion Mobile phone users at present. Every business is creating its own app to reach more people who are on the mobile phone keeping pace with market trends, technology advances, and customer needs. Billions of Mobile Apps are added and updated on App stores for IOS and Android phones. Estimating the exact mobile users, mobile apps and the data stored on apps is done in a hassle-free smoother way with the help of Big Data. Big Data Analyst helps you to get all the data insights related to your customer’s interest and behavior which help you to boost the capability of your brand.


What is Big Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is a way to analyze the variable data sets which are complex or too-large in size and cannot be handled with traditional data-processing application software. Data with ‘N’ number of rows and columns has a higher risk of false discovery rate. Big Data uncovers the information mentioned below:

  • Capturing Data
  • Data Storage
  • Data Analysis
  • Search
  • Sharing
  • Transfer
  • Visualization
  • Querying
  • Updating
  • Information Privacy
  • Data Source


“Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore


Characteristics of Big Data

1.) Volume:

Volume is identified with the quantity of data produced and stored. Value and potential insight is determined with the help of the size of the data.

2.) Variety:

Big Data can be of various types such as text, images, videos, audio.

3.) Velocity:

The biggest gain of Big Data is the speed at which big data is generated and processed to meet the challenges of growth and development.

4.) Veracity:

Veracity is the Difference seen in the consistency of data generated. The inconsistency in data affects the related insights.


Role of Big Data in Mobile Applications:

1.) Meeting Customer Expectations:

Creating an app which focuses to meet the customer expectation rather than focusing on its design. The design is important but more important is "Serving the customers what they are looking for". Big Data helps you to analyze relevant data generated by users on the basis of demographics, react and interact with apps which help business owners to generate ideas to optimize & improve their applications in an innovative way.

2.) Analyzing User Experience:

Once you work on meeting customer requirement, you also need to know about the user's experience by performing experience analysis and get a 360-degree view of user experience and usage. The features which are more used by the users can be analyzed and modified accordingly to help you maximize engagement.

3.) Real Time Data access:

With emerging trends, every business needs to stay updated. Big Data helps you to access the real-time data of users. This way you can meet customers’ expectations by doing the respective changes in the apps.

4.) Personalization:

Big Data help you to optimize searches in a smoother way by analyzing the data which comes from user queries, assigning priorities and delivering better results. Data can be grouped for immediate answers. E-commerce businesses are an example of using Big Data for replying to customers instantly with different queries at the same time.

5.) Better Revenue:

Big data provides the data related to the user's behavior - likes, dislikes, age, gender, location, geographies, etc.


Mobile Apps for visualizing Big Data

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Oracle Business Intelligence
  3. SAP Business Objects
  4. Tableau
  5. Fusion Charts
  6. Zoho


Brands using Big Data Analytics

  1. Myntra
  2. OlaCabs
  3. Cafe Coffee Day
  4. Adobe Spark



Big Data and Analytics help you to gather data generated on the user’s end on the basis of the demographics. Most of the organizations are using data-driven way to connect and analyze the Data insights of the customers. Future of data science in India is very high and it is the high time to adopt Big Data. Big Data Companies in India are at verge to grow and excel in such a way to benefit the Apps, Android app development and Mobile App Development. Drop your queries in the comment section below and for Mobile App Development assistance you can drop us an email @ info@imgglobalinfotech.com

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