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Sports Betting App Development: Your Handy Guide To Develop An App
if you're planning to build a sports betting app, read this blog till the end. It has a lot of useful insights about features, steps and sports betting app development cost.
Lokesh Kumar

Lokesh Kumar

Jun 14, 2024

Sports Betting App Development: Your Handy Guide To Develop An App

For those with a long history of betting, it is a permanent fixture of the culture. Despite the fact that sports betting app development has totally altered the game, its appeal remains the same at all in the 21st century. These days, people all over the world can bet with a few swipes on their cell devices. 

Recent projections put the entire amount bet on online gambling at $51.96 billion at year's end. In places where betting on sports is illegal, the ideal ways to do so are games and betting apps. 

So, if you're planning to build a sports betting app, read this blog till the end. It has a lot of useful insights about features, steps and sports betting app development cost. 

What Is a Sports Betting App?

Sports betting app allows users to bet on their most preferred sports, events, matches etc. users can easily check on odds, place bets. They can also keep track of bets in real time, and handle their accounts at any time. So, if you have a similar plan and want to build a sports betting app, it is vital to consult with the top sports betting software development firms.  

Why Must You Invest in Sports Betting App Development? 

Source: Statista



  • By 2024, the online sports betting industry is expected to generate US$45.94 billion in revenue.
  • With sales forecasted to reach at a 7.41% annual rate, the market is likely to reach a projected value of US$65.68 billion by 2029.  
  • By 2029, there will likely be 180.8 million users in the online sports betting sector.
  • By 2024, the percentage of users will be 3.9%, and by 2029, it is anticipated to reach 4.9%.
  • It is anticipated that the average revenue per user (ARPU) will be US$0.33k. 


Types of Sports Betting App 

If you're looking for a sports betting app, you have a lot of choices. These are some of them:  

Point Spreads

While betting on sports in the US, point spreads is the most popular type. By looking at both teams' skills and weaknesses, it tries to level the playing field for some matches. 

Prop Bets 

It's a blast to bet on sports with prop bets if you've rarely dealt before. If you want to bet upon this kind of sport, you need not understand a lot about the team. Instead, you bet on details of the event.  

Crypto Sports Betting 

If you want less risk with added advantages, cryptocurrency betting is the only way to go. You can see that it is a popular sports betting app. It's mostly about bitcoin and other digital monies.   


Simply pick the winner when you put on the profit. Whether the winner is a favor or a loser impacts you get paid. A plus sign shows an underdog, and a minus sign shows a winner.  

Straight Bets

Fans of sports betting generally bet on this type of bet. It's viable to bet on the amount of points the two sides will score in a straight-up game.  

Total Line Bets

This bet provides an additional option for wagering on your basketball and soccer teams. The total of the two groups' points determines it. 


A teaser is a variation on a parlay bet that pays out modest amounts for significant shifts in the point distribution in your favor. Shows that include basketball and soccer games benefit the most from the extra teaser betting opportunities. 



Major Steps of Sports Betting App Development

Many factors must be taken into account while developing a sports betting app that is easy to use. It can seem a little tedious to go through the entire process, from assembling a development team to publishing content to the app store. This is a comprehensive guide on sports betting app development

Validate Your Idea

Your app's ideation phase is the first in the app design process. Since your app's foundation will be built upon it in the future, having a clear vision is crucial. If you have a clear vision, concepts will flow more easily to your development team.

There is no need to go through this step if you currently have a clear goal. The custom sports betting app that is now available in app stores might be of interest to you if you're still working on your "original idea." 

Know Your Competitors 

After the brainstorming phase, you need to assess your competitors for a successful sports betting app development. There are possibly the best companies in the business that can help you make sports betting apps. Looking into your rivals will help you first do a better job of analyzing the market and finding any gaps that your clients demand.

This could help your sports betting app succeed greatly and differentiate yourself from the competitors. Looking closely at the KPIs of your rivals can teach you a lot about their strategies, pros and cons.  

Hire a Mobile App Development Partner

The success of an app is influenced by a number of factors outside its development team. Numerous factors must be considered, such as company outlook, marketing, risk management, security, and so on. An effective app development team is crucial in this situation.

That being said, having an internal team this dynamic is often impractical. It is advisable to hire mobile app developers from a sports betting app development company that provides the best development services. 

Give UI/UX Designing Top Priority

A bad user experience can be one of the primary reasons for app failure. To avoid making this error, discuss the betting app's UI/UX design with your IT partner. To enhance the UI's look and feel, consider making a graphical design mockup if at all feasible.

Keep in mind that humans are visual beings. Developing a simple user interface will most likely maintain customers' interest. You can incorporate little animations into window transitions to make the experience more engaging. 

Develop Backend Infrastructure

Focus on the app design first and foremost. Once you have it perfected, proceed to the development of the backend architecture. Backend development is the most crucial part of your overall app since it manages all data-driven features. Stable and scalable backend architecture is considered the best way to handle high user traffic, update existing services, and add new ones.

It is recommended to use microservices infrastructure to deliver an enterprise-level, fully scalable solution. Using microservices, your app can be split up into a small cluster of separate services. It is feasible sports betting app development concurrently due to the non-interconnected services. As a result, designing an app takes less time, and productivity rises dramatically. 

Developing an MVP App

It can take a long time for fantasy sports app development from scratch. To get your name out there in the market, it is best to develop an MVP version of the program. MVPs give users access to the most crucial sports betting app features.

You can get early end-user input by creating an MVP version. Analyzing the feedback can help you understand the issues that are bothering your end consumers. Following that, you might modify your product to address those issues and change the insights for a better sports betting app development.

Test & Launch 

If you're done with your sports betting app, you ought to try it and then publicize it. Two choices are available: either establish a platform which functions on both, or use a mobile application store.  


Unique Features to Build A Sports Betting App 

Didn't understand the steps of sports betting app development or what features it should have? Now, let's go over a list of features that your gaming app requires for it to give your users an amazing time and keep them hooked. The following are the attributes to take into account:   


User Interface and Navigation

Having a simple, effective ux is vital for any sports betting app that is visible on mobile devices. Users should be able to easily move between gaming markets, look at odds, and place bets. The layout and menu system of the user experience should be clear and look good.  

Multiple Betting Options

With sports betting app development, users may wager on many different things. Bets like money lines, spreads, parlays, and teasers are a few examples. Users will interact with the program more when there are more betting possibilities accessible. Learn more about AI's function in the sports sector by reading. 

Live Betting

One common feature for sports betting software development that lets persons bet on games as they arise is live betting. There should be a safe real-time betting option in the app that lets users track the game's progress and its odds in real time.  

Real-Time Odds

The most up-to-date chances must be ready to people who use mobile sports betting apps in real time. Visitors can see the most up-to-date odds for each market, which helps them make smart choices when they bet.  

Payment Options

If you want sports betting app development, it must provide a number of alternatives to pay. These are credit cards, bank payments, and e-wallets. Also, the app should have a safe way to pay that keeps users' personal and financial information safe.  

Bonuses and Promotions

To get new users and keep old ones, mobile sports betting apps regularly provide incentives and special deals. Some examples are loyalty programs, free bets, and prizes for making deposits. It should be very clear in the app what the rules are for these deals and bonuses.  

Customer Support

Users can get dependable customer service from a solid mobile sports betting app. One way this works is through live chat, email, and the phone. When users have issues or questions, the support team is willing to react quickly, know what's going on, and be available all the time. 

Security and Safety

Having secure and safe mobile sports betting apps is crucial. With sports betting app development, users' data requires strong passwords, and regularly releases updates to fix security holes in order to protect users' money and private details. 



How Much Does Sports Betting App Development Cost? 

Many factors come into play for sports betting app development. There are a few things to take into account, even if a sports betting app's budget can be planned in the general range of $10,000 to $30,000+. Even if there are numerous variables that could influence the final cost, it is typical to budget roughly for this kind of expenditure. The salient factors of sports betting app development are as follows: 


  • App complexity
  • Features & functionalities
  • App design
  • Tech stack
  • Platform type
  • Developers location 

Get an accurate, project-specific price estimate by having a conversation with experienced app developers. 

How to Monetize Your Sports Betting App?


Below are the top monetization strategies that you can use to make money from a sports betting app. 

Betting Commission

Charging customers commissions for using your platform's betting features, such as making bets and keeping track of wagers. This is the main way that money is made.   

In-app Purchase

Selling virtual products or services inside your app, such as access to premium content, betting credits, or special capabilities, is known as in-app purchasing. 

Subscription Model

The main function of the subscription model is to charge consumers a monthly or yearly price to use your app or to access particular premium features. 

In-app Advertising

This shows banner, video, or pop-up advertisements in your app that are sponsored by sportsbooks, affiliate partners, and other related companies. 


Final Thoughts 

Connect with a reputable sports betting app development company like IMG Global Infotech, for a no-cost meeting if you have a lot of concepts and want to make your sports betting app plan succeed. We may assist you with the sports betting app development process with skill and candor due to their full solutions, our attention to clients. Working together, you can make a successful sports betting app that meets the wants of more and more sports fans. 

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