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Develop Fantasy Cricket App With Top Features For T20 World Cup 2024
The popularity of cricket today urges businesses to develop fantasy cricket app development ideas. It will help them take their fantasy business to the next level.
Lokesh Kumar

Lokesh Kumar

Apr 29, 2024

Develop Fantasy Cricket App With Top Features For T20 World Cup 2024

Do you know which is one of the most popular sports in the world? Cricket! Yes, you read it right! It has surpassed football, with over 2.5 billion fans in 180 nations. Due to factors such as billions of fans, corporate and other affiliation participation, prominent names, and major brands, cricket has become a significant commercial expansion. In India and other subcontinental regions, cricket is a sport and a religion. All over the planet, individuals witness the turmoil and unrest related to the game.

The popularity of cricket today urges businesses to develop fantasy cricket app development ideas. It will help them take their fantasy business to the next level. So, if you are also one who wants to develop a fantasy cricket app, this blog can be a savior. 

Without much ado, let’s get started…

A Glimpse At Current Fantasy Cricket Market 


Users of fantasy cricket can put together virtual teams of actual cricketers. The team with the highest score wins the tournament. Points are given out based on how these players perform. By 2027, the fantasy sports market is expected to reach $48.2 billion. Due to the enormous fan base and popularity, cricket plays a significant role in India, Australia, and the UK. The World Cup presents a unique chance to take advantage of this tremendous and energetic client base.

An Overview of Fantasy Cricket App Development

Players of fantasy cricket can simulate seasons or matches of any sport through online games. In this game, participants can assemble a virtual squad from actual players from a live professional cricket match. These virtual teams compete against one another based on real-world gaming performance. The user can take on the roles of field manager and general manager in fantasy cricket. They have the same buy/drop options as actual sports.

Of all the fantasy sports, Fantasy Cricket is the most played. With fantasy cricket apps, users can feel the excitement of actual cricket matches. Dream11 is the greatest fantasy Cricket software available, despite the abundance of other apps. The Fantasy Cricket app development market is expanding quickly on internet and Android/iOS platforms. Bets can be made on a variety of active fantasy leagues. Businesses those who are planning for fantasy cricket app development for the T20 world cup should know all of this before getting started.

Exclusive Features for Your World Cup Fantasy Cricket App


As we all know, there are myriad of fantasy cricket apps available in the market, businesses have to come up with apps with unique features and functionalities. Right? In that case, incorporating the following set of features will help you with fantasy sports app development

User-Friendly Interface: A clean and intuitive interface is crucial for a positive user experience. Make sure to integrate easy-to-understand functionalities with a simple navigation.

Seamless Registration and Login: Offer multiple login options like social media integration or email/password for a quick and convenient registration process.

Real-time Updates and Live Scores: Keep users engaged with real-time match updates, live scores, and ball-by-ball commentary. Integrate data feeds from reputable sources. Doing so will help you ensure speed with 100% accuracy.

Comprehensive Player Stats and Information: Provide users with detailed player statistics, recent form, and expert analysis to help them make informed decisions when building their fantasy teams.

Auction/Draft System: Offer different team selection methods, like auctions or drafts, to cater to different preferences. Allow users to strategically bid on players or choose them based on a pre-defined order.

Multiple Contest Options: Provide a variety of contests with different entry fees and prize structures. This caters to users with varying budgets. Consider free or practice contests to attract new users.

Public and Private Leagues: Allow users to join public leagues or create private leagues to compete with friends and family. 

Live Chat and In-App Messaging: Facilitate real-time communication between users through an in-app chat feature. This allows users to discuss strategies and share their teams. Such features make the cricket experience more interactive.

Push Notifications: Send timely push notifications to keep users informed about upcoming matches, contest deadlines, and important announcements.

Leaderboards and Rankings: Display leaderboards for individual contests and leagues to showcase top performers and motivate users.

Rewards and Recognition Systems: Implement a reward system for achieving milestones, winning contests, or referring friends. This can be virtual badges or even exclusive merchandise.

Secure Payment Gateway: Integrate a secure and reliable payment gateway to facilitate seamless transactions for entry fees and prize payouts.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting: Provide users with insights into their team performance, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Multilingual Support: If you're targeting a global audience, consider offering your app in multiple languages to be more accessible and user-friendly.

Monetization Strategies: Your app can be monetized in a variety of ways. Contest entry fees, in-app purchases like a subscription model with exclusive benefits are all options.



Step-by-Step Process for Fantasy Cricket App Development

Here is the 7-step process to develop a fantasy cricket app for the World Cup. Follow each step carefully and then you will be able to come up with a perfect fantasy cricket app for world cup. 

#Step 1  - Plan & Research


Define Your App's Core Features:

  • Will your app focus on a single-player or multiplayer experience (draft leagues, head-to-head contests)?
  • Consider unique features like in-depth player stats, auction-style team selection, or a social element for interacting with friends.


Target Audience Research:

  • Identify your ideal user (casual vs. hardcore cricket fan).
  • Analyze popular fantasy cricket apps to understand what features resonate with users and what gaps your app can fill.


#Step 2  - Monetization Strategy


  • Entry Fees: Charge users a fee to enter contests, with prizes for top performers. Different contest entry fees can cater to various budgets.
  • In-App Purchases: Provide consumers with the option to purchase in-app virtual currency to unlock premium features like advanced player stats or power-ups like captaincy changes and transfers during games. 
    •  Advertising: Use discreet advertisements to bring in money without interfering with the user's experience. 


#Step 3  - Tech Stack Selection


  • Choose your platform: Develop for Android, iOS, or both. Consider your target audience and development resources. Popular options include native development or cross-platform frameworks for wider reach.
  • Backend development: Select a database to store user data, contest details, and player statistics. Choose a server-side language to handle real-time updates and complex calculations.


#Step 4  - Design & Prototype


  • User Interface (UI): Design a clean and easy-to-use fantasy cricket app design. Consider features like clear player cards, user profiles, and a dynamic leaderboard.
  • User Experience (UX): Ensure smooth user flow through the app. Streamline processes like team creation, player selection, and contest joining.
  • Wireframes & Mockups: Create low-fidelity wireframes. It will help you visualize the app's layout and user flow.


#Step 5  - Fantasy Cricket App Development


  • Team Creation & Management: Allow users to create teams within a budget or through a draft or auction system.
  • Player Selection: Integrate a comprehensive player database with real-time stats and performance history.
  • Contest Management: Develop different contest formats (individual vs. team), leaderboards, and automated prize distribution.
  • Real-Time Scoring: Implement an API connection to fetch live match data and automatically calculate fantasy points based on player performance.

#Step 6  - Testing & Deployment


  • Thorough Testing: Conduct rigorous testing for bugs, functionality, and performance. Make sure your app will run across multiple devices seamlessly.
  • App Store Launch: Prepare app store descriptions and screenshots to ensure discoverability. Launch it on the desired platform after the approval.


#Step 7 - Marketing & Support


  • Pre-Launch Buzz: Create a marketing campaign before the World Cup to generate interest. Utilize social media, influencer marketing, and cricket-related websites.
  • Customer Support: Provide responsive customer support through in-app chat, email, or a dedicated FAQ section.



How Much Does Fantasy Cricket App Development Cost?


There is no such fixed fantasy cricket app development cost. It keeps varying from one type of application to another. Still, the average cost to develop a fantasy cricket app lies somewhere between $5,000 to $25,000. Including the basic features within your fantasy cricket mobile app will cost you less. But, if you include the advanced features, you will have to pay more than $25,000, which will go up to $50,000. 

Additionally, ongoing updates and maintenance add to the overall cost of white-label fantasy cricket app development. The final cost of developing a fantasy cricket app is heavily influenced by several important factors. Even when you hire fantasy cricket app developer, it will affect your budget. So, you have to come up with a solid plan for fantasy cricket app development, and then proceed ahead. 

Ready to Develop A Fantasy Cricket App? Let’s Begin!

The Cricket World Cup is a great time to get involved in the passionate fantasy cricket world. You can create a platform that keeps fans hooked throughout the tournament by developing a user-friendly app with engaging features and strategic elements. Keep in mind that your fantasy cricket app's long-term success depends on constant improvement, dedication to user experience, and community development.

All in all, would you say you are prepared to go all in and foster your fantasyland Cup dream cricket application? You can join the exciting world of fantasy cricket and create a winning experience for cricket fans all over the world with careful planning, the right features, and a focus on user engagement.

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