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Cost To Hire Mobile App Developers In UAE In 2024: A Detailed Guide
Got an idea for an app? Are you trying to find an app developer? Are you wondering about the cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE? If so, you've come to the correct place.
Lokesh Kumar

Lokesh Kumar

Apr 10, 2024

Cost To Hire Mobile App Developers In UAE In 2024: A Detailed Guide

Got an idea for an app? Are you trying to find an app developer? Are you wondering about the cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE? If so, you've come to the correct place. 

Mobile apps are leading the way in this rise as the UAE becomes a very popular center for technology innovation. If you have an idea for a mobile app that will change the game, skilled mobile app developers can make it happen. But before going to start into mobile app development, it's crucial to know the cost of hiring mobile app developers.

There really isn't a universally applicable answer. The price of realizing your app's vision depends on several factors. The complexities of recruiting mobile app developers in the UAE  are covered in detail in this blog. We'll share the factors influencing the budget for your project and costs based on app complexity and developer experience.  


So, let’s begin. 

Market Statistics Of Mobile Applications In UAE 



  • The market for mobile applications worldwide was estimated to be worth USD 228.98 billion in 2023, and between 2024 and 2030, it is projected to expand at a 14.3% CAGR. 
  • After Qatar, it ranked second in the world for average smartphone internet speed. Since nearly everyone has a smartphone, it is anticipated that by 2024, 96.2 percent of people will be using mobile internet.
  • Consumer expenditure on iOS and Android apps dropped to $129 billion in 2022, a 3% annual decline.
  • Between 2022 and 2027, the mobile app market is expected to generate $756 billion in sales at a compound annual growth rate of 8.58%.
  • As of right now, the average income per download is expected to increase by $2.02. 
  • It is projected that app developers would bring in a total of $935 billion by 2024.
  • 2.87 million mobile apps are available in the Play Store for every purpose and specialization. 
  • Ninety percent of smartphone usage is devoted to mobile apps.  


Factors Influencing the Cost To Hire Mobile App Developers in UAE 



It may surprise you to identify that you have some authority over the cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE. It's a wise idea to have a good understanding of the various aspects that affect the cost to hire dedicated mobile app developer in UAE for your project. These are the major factors that affect the cost you pay to engage UAE-based mobile app developers:     

Developers Experience


One major aspect affecting project cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE is experience. Proficient developers offer extensive knowledge of optimal procedures, possible obstacles, and effective coding techniques. 


Their years of experience frequently results in more efficient development procedures, faster figuring out solutions, and subsequently higher costs for their services. You also need to consider their industrial unit expertise while discussing experience. When an app developer from a mobile app development agency has experience in a comparable sector or area as your project, this is known as industrial vertical experience.  

Mobile App Platform


Whether you create apps for iOS, Android, or both will have a big effect on the cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE. Different programming languages, platforms for development, and testing procedures are needed for every platform. 


Because developing for two platforms frequently involves different costs because it requires extra testing and specialization, choosing the right platform is an important financial decision. Although iOS apps are easier to create and don't need the exact same expertise as Android apps, hiring iOS developers will still be less expensive than hiring Android developers

App Complexity


The hourly fees are not affected by your sector, but the features of the application are. One of the main factors affecting the total cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE is the complexity of the app, including its features, app design, and interaction with other platforms.


Complex tasks require more knowledge, effort, and funds to be implemented successfully. App development expenses will naturally increase for apps that require complex backend connectivity, advanced layouts, or immediate data processing.


Early in the planning phase, companies ought to carefully examine the needed attributes, possible interconnection points, and design nuances in order to properly limit the cost of hiring the mobile app development company in UAE. By taking this preventative measure, you may lessen the likelihood of unforeseen costs cropping up during development and generate a more precise budget estimate.   


Type of Mobile App


The type of platform you go with, the kind of app you're building affects the cost to hire app developer in UAE. For example, betting apps frequently need sophisticated visuals and sophisticated programming, which increases the utilization of resources and cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE. 


On the other hand, less complex apps with fundamental features could require less money to develop. You should carefully consider what you want out of the app because more complicated features typically require more time and money to implement.  



The cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE may differ a lot according to their expertise, particularly if they work in technologies that are in high popularity. Because specialist knowledge is in high demand, developers with it usually get higher prices. Although it may appear expensive, hiring a developer or a mobile application development company with specialization is essential for projects demanding sophisticated skills. 


It could appear obvious, but finding a balance between the necessary skill set and financial limitations is crucial. You should thoroughly assess their project requirements to ascertain whether certain specialized expertise is required or whether there are more affordable options available without sacrificing quality.  

Geographical Location of Developers


The cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE is significantly influenced by the mobile app development agencies in UAE's whereabouts. Higher hourly fees are usually charged by developers in areas with better economies and higher cost of living. Moreover, outsourcing to places with less labor costs could result in financial gains. 


Businesses should, however, take into account any prospective compromises like regional time zone variations, difficulty communicating, and different quality standards. Making decisions and guaranteeing the complete fulfillment of the app development project need weighing the benefits and drawbacks of various locations. 



Cost To Hire Mobile App Developers In UAE  

When it comes to custom mobile app development in UAE, developers are categorized into three main expertise levels: Senior, Mid-Level, and Junior. Each level corresponds to a certain level of experience and expertise, with associated cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE varying accordingly.   

1. Junior Level Developer 


Junior app developers are professionals just starting out in the industry of developing mobile apps. Although they usually lack extensive real-world experience, they are generally familiar with the fundamentals of mobile app development. Even while junior developers from top mobile app development companies can need more direction and oversight, they are a more affordable choice for smaller projects. 


However, the cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE (junior developers) usually falls under $25-$35 per hour. Clients should be ready to offer younger developers more support and mentoring in spite of their reduced prices in order to help them advance their careers. Junior app developers can contribute significantly to app development teams if given the right direction.   

2. Mid-Level Developer


Some mobile app developers are at the intermediate level because they have a good amount of experience making apps. Even though they might not have the same vast experience as senior developers, they can nonetheless competently handle tasks that are relatively complicated. 


The cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE (mid-level developers) typically falls between $35-$50. Their skill level and capacity to make valuable contributions to app development projects are reflected in this rate. Hiring mid-level app developers should provide clients with dependable performance and an appropriate equilibrium between cost and experience.      

3. Senior Level Developer


Senior app developers are talented experts with a plethora of knowledge. They have a wealth of experience and an immense ability to effectively manage challenging mobile app development projects. Well, senior developers are paid more because of their experience and dependability.     


However, the cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE (senior developers) usually costs $50-$70 per hour or more. But the precise pricing could change based on things like the project's complexity and the developer's area of expertise. Senior app developers provide exceptional efficiency and a high degree of expertise to their clients. 

Tips to Reduce the Cost To Hire Mobile App Developers In UAE  



With these tips, you'll be able to lower the cost of making mobile apps. You may assure a cost-effective development method and control your budget while employing app developers by putting these techniques into practice. Let's look at the strategies:


Outsource Development

Think about outsourcing the creation of your mobile app to nations where labor prices are lower without sacrificing quality. A lot of businesses in the Philippines, UAE, and the Ukraine provide mobile app development services at affordable prices. 


Freelancers and Remote Teams

You may choose to work with outsiders or remote teams instead of hiring engineers full-time. However, you may decrease the cost of land, machinery, and other expenses related to hiring full-time staff or mobile app development companies in the UAE by using this strategy. 


Use Agile Development Methodology

Agile development emphasizes teamwork and iterative development, letting you rank features and make changes as necessary. This can save development expenses by keeping features that aren't necessary and making sure that resources are used effectively. 


Open Source Technologies

While developing apps, make use of open-source frameworks and technologies. Many open-source tools are free to use, and there are a lot of developers who work on them. This can help cut down the cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE.  


Clear Project Requirements

Make sure you have a clear idea of the needs and goals of your project before you begin creating it. It helps in reducing the cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE. It ensures that developers remain focused on providing the features that are crucial for the success of your app.  


Negotiate Pricing

You shouldn't be afraid to talk about costs with mobile app development companies or freelancers. Rates can often be negotiated with developers, particularly for projects that last or if you provide them with extra incentives like future work or recommendations. 


Consider Off-Peak Development Times

If possible, try to begin your development project during peak times, when developers are more likely to be available and prepared to work at a reduced rate. Avoiding times of high demand could help you bargain for a better price on your job.




You now have all the details you needed to know about the cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE due to this blog. We talked about the major aspects that affect this cost including the cost difference depending on the developer's location. That being said, if you're still unsure or would like additional information regarding app developer costs. 


We're here to support you. At IMG Global, we are the best mobile app development company. Our proficient developers are able to craft the top-notch mobile apps. However, if you are looking for the best mobile app developers for your project, without any doubt you can choose our developers. 

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