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How To Hire A Dedicated Development Team – A Complete Guide For 2024
Are you looking to hire a dedicated development team for your project? Here is the complete guide for you that’ll make your work easy.
Mohit Mittal

Mohit Mittal

May 08, 2024

How To Hire A Dedicated Development Team – A Complete Guide For 2024

How to hire a dedicated development team? This is one of the biggest questions business owners ask when they are urged to extend their team but with affordability. They might also find that their in-house team is less compatible with handling the project. Most owners feel stuck at some point while hiring dedicated developers, even after searching for a long time. However, it can be done with ease if you follow the proper steps. 

Want to know how to do it in minimal time to hire dedicated developers in 2024

We have created a guide for you that’ll make your work easy. This guide will provide valuable information about the hiring process. .
So, let’s start!

What is a Dedicated Development Team and Its Type?

A dedicated development team is a group of experienced software, web, or mobile app developers assigned to a project for a dedicated timeline. In other words, it will be a team of hired experts with a specific skill set to complete the project.

Here, a business collaborates with a dedicated development team that you hired from a mobile app development company.

It is just an example. Dedicated developers can be of any type, from UI/UX developers to cross-platform app developers or others. 

Let’s look at what types of dedicated developers you can hire for your project. 

  • Backend Developers: the developers who code for server-side and database functionality.
  • Frontend Developers: these developers are responsible for developing the functionality that allows users to interact with a mobile app or software. 
  • UI/UX Developers: the developers who develop and design visual aesthetics of software, websites, or mobile apps. 
  • DevOps Engineers: The experts who work as a bridge between mobile app development and IT operations are called DevOps Engineers.   
  • QA Experts: the experts who ensure software quality using their testing skills. 
  • Dedicated Mobile App Developers: when you hire mobile app developers dedicatedly to develop a mobile app. 
  • Dedicated Web Developers: when you hire web developers who develop web apps or websites dedicatedly for your business. 


You can hire any of the types of developers dedicated to your needs. 


The Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers in 2024


If you are looking to hire dedicated developers for your project, you are going to make the right decision as there are multiple advantages to it as follows: 


  • Extension to The Talent Pool

By hiring a dedicated development team, you are not only expanding your team but also the talent pool to develop your project correctly. 


  • Flexibility and Scalability

You can expand or reduce the team size anytime or whenever you need. Hiring a dedicated development team is flexible in all terms. 


  • Cost-Effectiveness

Flexibility and scalability lead to cost-effectiveness. However, you do need to spend money on office setup, computers, and other arrangements. 


  • Progressive Development

The team of developers will work dedicatedly for you, which will allow them to develop and launch your mobile app faster to the market. 


  • Easy Project Management

Here, you do not need to spend your time on project management as you do with your in-house team; the dedicated developers are known for their experience in managing the project on their own.


Overall, hiring a dedicated development team can put you in a win-win situation. Only you need to know how to hire them. 


The Steps to Hire Dedicated Development Team


Now, you know one thing: it is advantageous to hire a dedicated development team. So, you might be eager to know what the process is? 

It starts from here!

#1. Define Project Requirements

The first step you need to take is to define your project requirements because everything will depend on it. Here, you need to decide - What are your project goals? What features and functionalities do you need? What is your desired timeline? How many developers do you need? And others. It will help you hire dedicated mobile app developers smoothly.


#2. The Budget 
Without deciding the budget, hiring dedicated developers may lead you to a financial failure that you must avoid, especially when you are a startup. So, before hiring, you need to decide on a budget for hiring dedicated software developers. If your budget is low, hiring developers from a location where you can easily find cost-effectiveness would be better. For example- you can hire dedicated developers from a location like India, where it starts from $20/hr to $25/hr. The biggest advantage is you can find experienced developers at an affordable price range. 

#3.  The Source to Hire Developers

Explore multiple options while hiring developers. There are three types of sources on which you can trust to hire developers: 


  • Dedicated Mobile App Development Companies

The best option to hire a dedicated development team is to hire from a dedicated mobile application development company that has the right experience to develop an app that you desire and matches your business idea. 

  • Freelance Platform

Some freelance platforms, such as Upwork and Fiverr, allow you to find the profiles of multiple freelance developers. However, sometimes trust issues can occur, so thorough research is required. 

  • Professional Networking

Another option is professional networking websites like LinkedIn. Almost all developers are on this platform so that you can approach them here. 

  • Via References

You can also ask for references from your business friends to hire dedicated developers. 

#4. The Screening

Once you decide on the source, it is time to screen the candidates. What you need to do is go through their CVs and look-


  • What kind of projects have they done?
  • How many projects have they done, and for whom?
  • Do they have relevant experience to develop your project
  • Are they good at using the latest tech stack?
  • Do they have problem-solving abilities?
  • Are they good at their technical, communication, and soft skills?

#5. The Hiring Model


till this step, you have decided who will be on your team. Now, it is the time to inquire and decide about a hiring model that suits you. Majorly three types of engagement models exist to hire dedicated developers: 


  • Fixed cost - when you know the exact timeline. 
  • Hourly- when you require developers for a few hours.
  • Part-time- when you require developers for a specific time with an extended timeline.

Once you have decided on the engagement or hiring model, Congratulations! You have got your team. But it does not end here.  

#6. The Collaboration


Before starting the project, you need to sign an official contract mentioning the intellectual property rights guidelines, NDA (non-disclosure agreement) adherence, communication protocols, payment terms, termination clauses, and other provisions to protect your project idea from unauthorized use.

Once everything is done and on the acceptable route, it is time to start developing your project. 

But wait - Do you really know when to hire dedicated developers? 

No worries! The following section will help you to understand it. 



When to Hire A Dedicated Development Team? 


For every project it is optional that you need a dedicated development team. But yes, there are specific scenarios where you can utilize a skills team of dedicated developers. 


  • Specialized Skills Needed: When your company doesn't have the necessary skills for a project, hiring a specialized development team gives access to experts in modern technologies for high-quality solutions.
  • Long Project Timeline: When the project's timeline is long, and you need a focused team, hiring a dedicated development team is beneficial. 
  • Startups: if you are a startup and want to develop your mobile app or website for business fast, then it is beneficial to hire dedicated developers. You can start your work quickly with them, and your internal team will take care of it. 
  • Extension to The Team: Sometimes, you need extra resources to work dedicatedly on a specific solution, and that can't be possible by hiring more people for an in-house team; here, you can hire a dedicated development team. They will work on the solution until it is fully functional.    


The Conclusion


As you have read in this blog, the dedicated hiring of developers comes with multiple advantages. The best part is that everyone can hire a dedicated development team irrespective of business size, from startup to enterprise-scale business. The only things you need to take care of are being sure about your project requirements and knowing how to hire dedicated developers. The steps mentioned in this blog can overcome multiple challenges while hiring dedicated developers. Remember one thing: Always hire developers from a trusted mobile app development services provider. You'll have transparency, integrity, security, and optimized hiring costs with them. 


Why is IMG Global Infotech Hiring a Dedicated Development Team?


We have been in the industry for a long time and have experience in serving global clients from different industries. Our experience providing cutting-edge solutions has made us a leading web and mobile app development services provider you can trust. We have a team of experienced, dedicated developers whom you can hire for the best results. We offer an easy hiring process that you can leverage to onboard the developers quickly to your project. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your project requirements and the hiring cost we offer.  


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