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Build Fantasy Cricket App For Upcoming T20 World Cup 2023

Lokesh Saini
By Lokesh Saini
Apr 21, 2022
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The popularity of cricket is like religious popularity possessing die-hard fans and that is the main reason for fantasy cricket app success. Dream 11 was the first kind of fantasy cricket app and its craze over people was immeasurable. Fantasy cricket app development is a different league with a futuristic approach. A fantasy cricket app is a virtual platform where users play through real-life players who have acquired the highest scores with their performance. 


There are various reasons such as the growing market opportunity for fantasy cricket apps For the T20 world cup. The participation of the population in fantasy sports apps has increased at a rapid pace that is based on a recent report from 8 million to 15 million approx. It is a global sport and has gained higher recognition. 


How Does It Work?


In the fantasy cricket world, there are two numbers of teams, the first is who plays the match in real life and the second is a virtual team of 11 players who play based on real-life players. The key point of this app is to judge the players of your team and allows you to participate in the contest globally. 


It enables you to combine various contests and allows users to participate in different contests across the globe. After the match ends, the user who has the highest points is considered the winner. The money which is earned by users was directly transferred to their bank accounts. This results in earning money and users have fun at the same time. 


Benefits In Getting Involvement Fantasy Cricket App- 


Growth Opportunities- Various cricket events are played all over the world which are Big Bash, IPL and ODI which will increase the opportunities for playing games. 


Generating Some Money- When a user participates in a contest, before going for a virtual game. As various users participate in a contest the game provides an exclusive opportunity of making money for the owner of the app. As the prize money of the winner is always less than the amount gathered at the time of participation of users in the contest. 


Legal Value- Fantasy sports apps have their own legal value. It is now known as a game that is played based on one skill. It is now considered a platform that allows cricket fans to showcase their talent and love for cricket. This is the main reason for the increased popularity of fantasy cricket apps. 


Less Competition- The main motive of building an app is to provide relatively new and not many apps in that category are not available on the app store. Therefore, it is the right time to get in and take advantage of a few market competitors' availabilities. As you are coming from the era when it is emerging as a top industry, you will be having a loyal fan base for future periods.  

When T20 World Cup Comes, Becomes Right Time to Launch Fantasy Sports App-


The buzz of T20 is always on top and fans are making noise everywhere, when T20 comes the love for cricket among people goes crazy and the fantasy cricket app helps people to connect with real-life players' performances. It allows them to earn some money through it as well. 


Cricket is now a major sport that has extreme popularity globally. And when the world cup arises it becomes more popular for that particular time. This makes more people shift their attention toward cricket. 


Approximate Cost- 


The combined cost of a fantasy cricket app that only has user panel development is $8000 for iOS or Android and if the admin panel is also built with it then the total cost goes up to $9000. If you wish to build a fantasy cricket app that is familiar or can smoothly run on all the mobile platforms then the total cost for it can go to $20000. 


The cost of building a fantasy cricket app depends on various factors such as total hours and some other factors like App platform and application design or what type of application you wish to build. Will it be a native app or a hybrid app? That's another factor. 


Final Words


Fantasy cricket app development in India is majorly performed by emerging web development companies that have the required knowledge and skills with it. If you wish to build a customised app you need to hire a well-developed company so that you can get the best fantasy cricket app. 

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