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22 Essential Tips To Build Your Brand Online Presence: Marketers Guide

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Feb 08, 2021
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Do you want to promote your Business Online, generate leads? To persist in the market a brand’s online presence is important. If someone Google’s your business online and you don’t appear on SERP’s then your business is considered to be dead.


What Is Brand Building?

Generating a long-lasting image of your brand in the market, certain marketing strategies and campaigns used to build online reputation is known as brand building. Various Digital Marketing strategies used are as following:




Social Media Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Web Analytics

Email Marketing


Online presence helps you to attain the trust of followers and potential customers. The Biggest companies in the world got a reputable web presence with growing years but today with a boom in the digital marketing industry and growth in a number of online marketing companies, businesses are able to grow rapidly. To stay in competition with other brands you should have your own website, Social Media presence and implement Search Engine Optimization. According to Google, 97% of consumers search online for local products. Online strategies should be built in such a way so that you can achieve your goal Conversion. Here are the strategies to help you build an online presence:


1. Building a strong Online Identity:

Brand's first impression comes from the website in comparison to other social media channels. Keep the following points in mind while creating brands strong online presence:


Website loading time: Your Website loading time should be minimized to decrease the bounce rate.

Concept-based logo: Logo should deliver a strong message

Color Scheme: Choose a color theme which strikes the right message you want to deliver

Images: Always choose the right images for your website which clearly deliver the brand’s message as visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain over text.


2. Spend Money:

Be prepared to spend some money on Website Development, Social Media ads, Google Ad words, content creation tools.


3. Mission and Vision:

Your website and social media channels should depict your brand’s mission and vision clearly.


4. Be Authentic:

Always create authentic and different content from others to stay in this competitive market. Out- of the box thinking driven websites attract more customers.


5. To-the-point Graphics:

Logo, fonts used on logo, types of images should be coordinated accordingly.


6. Mobile Responsive Website:

With 5 billion mobile users, there are a huge number of people who access your website or your application via mobile phones, so if your brand has a strong online presence then you can generate more leads and see an increase in goal conversion rate.


7. Use location-based keywords:

Using location-based keywords helps you to reach your local audience with ease. As people want to get services from their nearest store rather than going to a store which is far from their home. When a keyword related to that area is inserted in the content then your website ranks on Google when the same keyword is used.


8. Know your target markets:

As a marketer, you should know your audience and for this, you have to do perform research to know the demographics so that you can reach the right audience.


9. Reviews:

Reviews play a huge role in generating leads; it leaves a good impression on Google and potential customers. Trust is built in the market.


10. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the most important factor in generating leads for your Online Business. There are various email marketing tools like Mailchimp which offer free service up to some contacts and start charging once you reach out the specified limit.


11. Blogging:

As we know, Google gives more attention to the websites which update fresh content on a regular basis. So, if you want your website to rank in Google SERP’s then keep writing blogs on your website at least twice a week.


12. Influencer Marketing:

You can hire an influencer marketer with many followers who can do branding of your reviews by giving feedback about your brand.


13. Keep your website up to date:

Always optimize your website content and design in every 3-6 months to stay in the competition.


14. Don’t Commit grammatical errors:

if you commit grammatical errors in your website’s content then google will banish your website and you will never appear in Google SERPs inspire of good design and updated content. Plagiarized content is also banished by Google so keep in mind to write a content which is authentic and original.


15. Create videos:

Videos are the most viral thing on the internet which is given more importance than text and images. So if you are able to add video on the landing page and social media platform then it has a high possibility to convert the potential customer into a buying customer.


16. Sharing:

If you are generating content in the form for text, images and videos then there is no point in just creating content until and unless you share it.


17. Encourage coworkers to take part in Social Media Activities:

You can enlist a few things they can contribute to the company’s social media activity could be like updating their work profile, engaging and sharing daily activities on Social Media.


18. Choose social media channels accordingly:

Always choose social media channels where your target audience are present, it helps to reach out the right audience.


19. Mix your content with other's content:

While building a social media strategy for your brand, you must include your own content as well as blogs and videos other informational websites so that audience may not get bored with receiving the same kind of information.


20. Use a trending hashtag:

Always do research about the trending hashtag and choose it wisely.


21. Use Analytics:

Analytics help you to give an idea about how people are reacting to your market strategy and thus you can optimize your strategy accordingly and execute it. This way you can reach your Goal Conversion.


22. Add Humor:

Adding humor to your brand help you to gain more attention from the audience.



So, here I end up my blog with all the essential tips to build a brand's online presence. So, you can start your online branding when you think is the right time for your brand to start. Spreading awareness and building a strong online presence has a huge role in leveraging your business and generating leads and thus generating trust. If you want to build an Online Presence then you opt for our Digital Marketing Services.

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