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Sports Betting App Development: An Ultimate Guide
This blog will help you guide everything from steps, features to build an amazing sports betting app.
Lokesh Kumar

Lokesh Kumar

Mar 29, 2024

Sports Betting App Development: An Ultimate Guide

From the convenience of your hand, you can experience the excitement of the game, and the joy of winning the bet. That is the key to developing a superb betting application. Because of the sports betting market's swift expansion. Businesses may see a heavy demand for sports betting app development.   
The worldwide sports betting business is scheduled to expand at a CAGR of 10.3% from 2023 to 2030, from the preliminary 2022 estimate of $83.65B. This shows that the demand for sports betting apps will get boosted in the coming era. Due to this, various entrepreneurs are looking to grab this opportunity and want to invest in sports betting app development. 

But how do you navigate the world of app development and transform your idea into life? Fear not, fellow enthusiasts! This blog will help you guide everything from steps, features to build an amazing sports betting app.  

So, let’s begin. 

What Is A Sports Betting App?


A sports betting app enables users to bet on sporting activities through their mobile. Users may utilize these apps to bet real money on games like football, basketball, and horse racing. Along with reliable payment methods, they provide features like odds analysis and live scoring. 

Additionally, users may explore various betting, pick the preferred bets, and do so right away. Users get convenient access to mobile gambling apps anytime. With sports betting app development, various entrepreneurs may gain profit and boost customer retention. 

Market Statistics Of Sports Betting Industry 



  • In 2022, the worldwide online betting sector had a valuation of $63.53 billion. By 2032, this is expected to increase to $184.28 billion.
  • By 2024, the web-based betting on sports industry is projected to earn $45.94 billion in profit.
  • With sales forecast to increase at a 7.41% annually, the industry is likely to reach an anticipated value of $65.68 billion by 2029.
  • By 2029, there will likely be 180.8 million users in the digital sports betting sector.
  • By 2024, the users will be 3.9%, and by 2029, it is expected to reach 4.9%.
  • It is anticipated that the ARPU will be $0.33k.


How Does Sport Betting App Work?

Before developing a sports betting app, you must know how this app can work. That’s why we, a bet app development services provider, have jotted down the steps of the sports betting app working mechanism. Let’s check out the process:



Sign Up/Login


Users start by creating an account on the sports betting app. They provide necessary details like name, age, email, and create a password. Once registered, they log in using their credentials. 


Browse Sports and Events


Once a user logs in, they can bet on a number of games and events. They can pick the activity they would want to play from a variety of possibilities. 


Place Bets


After selecting the event they wish to bet on, users can continue the many kinds of bets that are offered for that particular event. For instance, they might bet on the result, the quantity of goals scored, or certain player performances in a football game. Users choose their favorite kind of bet and input their desired stake amount. 


Confirm Bet


Users check their choices and verify the information before completing the bet. If they decide to change their mind, they might even be able to modify or cancel their bet completely.


Watch Events and Track Bets


Through the app, customers may keep track of the events they have bet on after placing their bets. Certain apps provide real-time information and statistics, or even stream matches live. Bettors can monitor the status of their bets and know if they are winning or losing.  


Withdraw Winnings

Users' accounts are credited with winnings if they win their bets. This is carried out by the choice of either using the money or taking it out. Most sports betting applications offer multiple payment options for both deposits and withdrawals.



Major Steps Of Sports Betting App Development 

Are you looking to invest in fantasy sports app development? Well, it might be a bit challenging as it needs a thorough expertise of app development. But don’t worry, we at IMG Global Infotech help in building a top-notch sports betting app. Let’s have a look at the process of sports betting app development.  


Idea Validation & Market Analysis 


The first stage of sports betting app development is to fully understand the needs as well as goals of the project. To evaluate what the competitors offer, you have to do research on the market. You need to realize why you're building a sports betting app. 


You should come up with a winning sports betting concept that will make your app stand out from the competition, help you identify the unique selling point, and draw in your target market. Additionally, ensure you have enough information about betting, appropriate game standards, the required licenses, knowledge of phishing guidelines, and more. Study all about the business of sports betting so that you can make apps that users will want to use. 


Choose the Tech-Stack


Picking the correct tech stack is the next stage of mobile betting app development. Selecting a suitable tech stack is critical since it may boost the app's capacity, efficiency, and responsiveness. 


Besides this one, you may also pick any other useful technology that will work for your app. To make it simple for customers to make payments, you should also select a trustworthy and secure payment gateway. 


Design User Interface 


After researching the market and selecting the correct technology stack for sports betting app development, you can start designing the app's user interface. An app's UI/UX contains its primary elements, giving it a personality. 


It is the initial feature of an application that users engage with. An application's user interface needs to be created with an eye-catching color scheme, eye-catching typography, and other visual components. 


Create an app's user experience with the goal of giving users smart architecture, user flows, and intuitive interactions. Create interactive prototypes that mimic user interactions as well. It facilitates seeing how the app will work before it is developed.


Start the Development Process  


Now that the app is designed, it is time for the sports betting app development. Firstly, you must decide what type of app you want to create. An app for iOS or Android platform or both. The sports betting app development company will begin creating the app's user interface. They will use modern technology for designing the sports betting app's back end.    


A cross-platform betting app may help in creating one app that works on every platform. For cross-platform app development, you could use the identical tech stack or select another approach that meets your needs. 


Test Your App 


After you've completed creating your app, you can now test it. To make sure that the features and functions you've created are safe to use, you may utilize strict testing methods. There are different kinds of testing, like software testing, unit testing, failure testing, and quality assurance. 


Beta testing is another option if you'd want to find out about the opinions of your possible target market. Real-time app users participate in this kind of testing. After downloading and using your app from the Play Store, they notify you of any bugs. 


Final Launch   

 After your sports betting software development and testing has undergone, you must release it on app stores. An implementation strategy needs to be created, taking into account things like the release schedule, rollback plans, and communication tactics. Additionally, it is crucial to maintain your sports betting app for better app performance and user retention.    

Must-have Features Of Sports Betting App Development


When creating a sports betting app, it is essential to incorporate features that fits in your budget. So, when you build a sports betting app, it is vital to choose the custom features for betting apps. Below are some of the features that every sports betting app development must-have. 



Easy Registration 


Users must find it easy to create accounts and edit their data, which should contain payment and personal details.  


Secure Payment Gateway

To make payments and withdrawals secure and easy, it's vital to hire mobile app developers that can integrate secure payment gateway features in your app. 


Real-time Odds and Updates

Users are able to make wise decisions regarding their betting by offering them real-time odds and updates on sporting events.


Multiple Betting Options

There are various betting options available for users. For example, straight bets, parlays, teasers etc, so that they may help a variety of options.  


Live Streaming and Scores

Real-time data and integration with live streaming services keep users interested and up to date during matches.


Push Notifications

This feature will help users to notify about upcoming matches. Also any changes in odds, or promotions to increase engagement. It enables users to set alerts for specific events or changes in odds. 


In-play Betting

If you want to add additional interest and flexibility to the experience, integrate in-play betting features in sports betting app development. It allows users to put bets during live matches.   


Social Sharing

Users may interact with friends about their bets by integrating their social media platforms, which improves social engagement.


Personalized Recommendations   

For sports betting app development, you can add data analytics to provide users with customized betting suggestions. It totally based on their past bets. 


Multi-platform Support

To reach a wider audience, it is best to create sports betting apps for several platforms. For example, iOS, Android, and the web.


Customer Support

It is critical to offer efficient customer care in order to swiftly address user inquiries and complaints. 

Responsible Gambling Tool 

It is vital to add features like self-exclusion and deposit limits in sports betting app development. It helps to support responsible gambling practices.   



How Much Does Sports Betting App Development Cost?


Cost is the first factor to consider for any entrepreneur when creating an app. Therefore, you should be aware of the cost of sports betting app development before making any investment. On average, the cost to develop a sports betting app can be around $8000-$30000. However, it is not the fixed cost. It keeps on fluctuating with factors and complexity of your project. 


Here are some of the essential factors that affect the sports betting app development cost:


  • App Complexity
  • Features & Functionalities
  • Platform Choice
  • Type Of App
  • Development Team Size 


Besides, there are so many other aspects that are also responsible for the variation in development cost. For example, a white label betting platform can cost you less as it is a solution which is pre-built. At IMG Global Infotech, we provide white label app solutions to every business type at an affordable rate. So, if you want to build a white label betting app, then you should connect with us.

How IMG Helps In Sports Betting App Development? 


Consult with one of the top mobile app development companies, like IMG Global Infotech, if you are looking to build a sports betting app. We have devoted ourselves to creating a sports betting app that works so that you may be more noticeable in the market.


We promise a solution that is customized to your needs and goals. We are committed to keeping you informed at every step of the way. You can reach out to us anytime. 


We want to deliver a sports betting app development solution as per your expectations. So, what are you up to? Get in touch with our experts by sharing your requirements.    


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