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How To Hire A Fantasy Sports App Development Company?
Learn how to hire a fantasy sports app development company with our comprehensive guide. Discover key factors to consider, from expertise and portfolio to cost and communication, ensuring a successful partnership.
Lokesh Kumar

Lokesh Kumar

May 31, 2024

How To Hire A Fantasy Sports App Development Company?

Hiring a fantasy sports app development company is no cakewalk. With fierce competition and new development companies mushrooming every day, choosing the one that helps you achieve your business goals and work on your dream project is a challenge. 

Well, you’re not sailing the boat alone. Many entrepreneurs and businessmen want to launch their fantasy sports apps but can’t find the right app development company to help them. 
Well, shake off the stress, as we help you with a simple guide to make this daunting task of hiring a fantasy app developer a child’s play. 

Let’s first have a glance at what are the types of fantasy applications that you may want to invest in. Once we pick the types of applications, deciding on hiring the developers will become much easier. 

Types of Fantasy Sports Apps Development Firms Create 

Fantasy sports app development firms are gaining popularity and it is the right time to enter the market with an amazing sports application that can engage users, entertain them, and help them win rewards. 

If you are confused about how to enter the market, here are some of the basic types of applications to choose from. 

Multi-Sport Fantasy Apps

One can create an application that caters to several games. You can have an application that caters to rugby, soccer, cricket, and other games under one platform. This would make it easier for the sports enthusiast to pick the game of their choice without toggling between the applications. 

Single-Sport Apps

You can create a single sports application dedicated solely to cricket, soccer, cards, or any other game of your choice. 


Betting-Focused Fantasy Apps

You can hire a fantasy sports app development team to create a betting-focused application. You’d need a team that is aware of the regulations and legal aspects of working on such applications to ensure launching and advertising for these applications isn’t a challenge.  

Daily Fantasy Apps (DFS)

With a daily fantasy sports application, you can let users engage in various leagues on a daily basis. They can explore the various aspects of the game, pick players, create new teams, and be involved in games to gain rewards constantly. 

Weekly Fantasy Apps

Create applications that let users engage with various leagues on a weekly basis. This would make it easier for them to interact with the application and help you make better profits with their engagement. 

Esports Fantasy Apps

Esports fantasy applications are developed for users who love competitive video gaming tournaments and leagues. Here the user can immerse in the experience of fantasy sports applications by picking professional esports players. 


Thus, it is the good old days of video games with the latest fantasy sports technology. 



Fantasy App Based on Actual Matches

By definition, these are the games identical to sports betting solutions that rely on real-world games. Thus, the user can form their fantasy sports team for the selected game and based on the performance of the players in the real-time match the user gets some points. 

These are one of the most common types of applications that companies create. 

Picking either of these types would define what team you would partner with. So understanding what kind of application you want to enter the market with plays a crucial role in determining the development team you’d work with. 

Before we discuss how you can hire a fantasy app development company that aligns with your business goal, let’s first see why to hire a development firm instead of an in-house development team. 



In-House Vs. Dedicated Fantasy Sports App Development Team

Well, definitely both the hiring models have their perks and drawbacks. We discuss here both and evaluate what makes hiring a development team the right choice for you. 


Pros and Cons of In-House Development Team

In case you decide to hire a development team in-house, the company would have to invest initially in the recruitment process and offer the infrastructure for the developers to work in. Though, it would be easy for you to communicate and connect with the team anytime you want and share your feedback, the investment, and energy would be a lot. Not just this, once the application is ready to launch you might not need the team, just a few developers for the upkeep of the application. 


Advantages of an In-house Team


  • Better efficiency for long-term projects. 
  • Experience and knowledge to create solutions. 
  • Easy to change the development scope as per the market needs and business strategy during the development phase. 
  • Less risk of data infringement or loss of intellectual property. 
  • The IP and server are organization-owned and easy to manage making the task easy and reliable. 


Disadvantages of Hiring In-house Team


  • Setting up a new development team needs a lot of investment. You might need to rent an office, set up infrastructure, and focus on different peripherals for an effective working process. 
  • Staff management would be another trouble that comes along. Recruiters invest a lot of time in hiring an in-house development team. It is a tedious process where they need to contact potential candidates, shortlist, and schedule for interviews, persuade them to join the organization, etc. 
  • Hiring a team of developers could cause trouble thus making it difficult for your resources to focus on the core task they are assigned. 


Pros and Cons of Hiring Remote Development Team

Hiring a dedicated or outsourced development team helps you streamline your development process in no time. You can connect with the companies that offer a team of software developers to accomplish your business goals. They have a team of software engineers, designers, managers, and others needed to perform tasks.

The team size will be determined by the project requirements and this approach is more cost-effective than the in-house development approach.


Advantages of an Outsourced Development Team 


  • You or your management team do not need to invest time, effort, and energy in managing the internal issues of the development team. 
  • You’d get a full-fledged team to serve your purpose in a limited time. The developers in these organizations are handpicked and recruited after several rounds of screening making them the best choice to deliver complex applications.
  • With an outsourced team, you can save on infrastructure, recruitment process, training, etc. It becomes quite convenient to get a solution that fits your budget and brings to the table experience and expertise. 

Disadvantages of Hiring Remote Team 


  • You may hire a dedicated development team based on your skills and expertise, still, you may face difficulty trusting a manager who isn’t from the organization. In most cases, businesses hire offshore development teams to save on their development investment. 
  • Due to the gap in time zone communication can be a challenge. Finding the bracket to communicate with the developers within working hours could be a challenge. 
  • Finding the right team to hire is a challenge. Picking the right company that can help you turn your business idea into a working reality can be a very daunting task. 


Depending on your business need, budget, and future scope, pick a hiring model that can help you get the best of your investment. To help you decide how to pick the right fantasy sports app development team, we share here a basic guide. 

Hire Fantasy Sports App Development Team for Your Dream Project 

With this step-by-step guide, you can pick a team of fantasy cricket app developers with reliable skills and proven work records. The guide would also help you save your time and energy in hiring a team that would turn your vision into a working reality. 



1. Define What You’re Looking For 

Till you don’t have a clear picture of what you want you can’t share it with the mobile app developers for hire associated with a fantasy sports app development company. Here you’d have to share with the team 


  • Your Target Audience 
  • Your Fantasy Game Vision 
  • Core Features You Need 
  • Target Platforms 
  • Design and Interface of the Application 
  • Third-Party Services 

Once you have all the things planned, start the process of hiring fantasy sports app developers to turn your business idea into a working reality. 


2. Research Potential Companies

Look for potential companies via various sources. 


  • Ask your network for references 
  • Search over various business listing platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, and Upwork.
  • Simply look over Google for recommendations 


3. Evaluate Technical Expertise


Before you partner with the fantasy sports app development company, make sure you check their portfolios and case studies. Not just on their website but on other platforms like Behance and Dribble too. This would give you an insight into their capabilities and proficiency in developing a fantasy sports application. 


Also, you’d have an idea of the technology stack they use and the frameworks implemented in their projects. 


Reviewing previous works helps you gain a deep understanding of the proficiency and expertise of the team. 


4. Thoroughly Check Portfolio and Case Studies

Don’t just review the technological aspects of the previous works, check for the app quality and reviews. Also, consider if the app's functioning and vision are similar to your business idea. 

Check the live versions of the applications for user interface design, functionality, and user reviews of their apps. This would help you have a better idea of who you are partnering with. 


5. Consider Communication and Collaboration

Communication skills are often overlooked when hiring a mobile app development firm. Observe how promptly they respond to your inquiries and the medium they use. Pick a business communication channel to communicate with the team and check if they can work with you in your time zone.

Another important point to consider is if they are open to positive criticism and suggestions. This would help you build a healthy work environment and achieve your goals better. 


6. Understand Their Development Approach

When picking up your development team for a fantasy sports application, ask them about their development methodology. You must be a part of the development process all the while. 
Most companies these days pick agile development as it allows them to iterate the solutions in the middle of the development process saving them time and energy. Also, ask your team how they gather information, develop solutions, test and deploy, etc. 

Share regular updates and reports for transparency of the process. 


7. Request Detailed Proposals

By now you must have shortlisted a few companies that you want to work with. Ask for detailed proposals from each of these. Review the cost estimates and timelines. See which of the proposals align with your budget and deadlines. 

Review the budget and timeline carefully as what may seem very promising could compromise with quality or deliverance towards the end.


8. Discuss Security Protocols

Security could be another issue that you’d like to address when partnering with a development firm. Discuss the data security measures and compliances with the industry standards that your organization follows. 
Check if they have the protocols to protect your intellectual property and sensitive information. The information you share with them must be safe and not misused in any way.  


9. Check Maintenance Services

Post-deployment assistance is one of the vital services your mobile app development firm should offer. This would make it easier for you to upgrade and update your app as and when required. 
Discuss with them the duration till which the services are applicable and what would be the terms of updates and bug-removal post-launch. 

This would help you prepare for future situations of upscaling and upgrading your application as per user behavior. 


10. Check the Legal Aspects of the Contract 

Discuss the terms and conditions of the contract before you finally lock the deal. Ensure it is all agreed upon and has a detailed scope regarding cost, timeline, and deliverables. Do ask for a copy of the scope of development and prepare your contract accordingly. Do not miss to include clauses regarding non-disclosure and intellectual property. 


Once all the development aspects are looked upon and signed, you are good to take the deal forward and enter the market with an immersive fantasy sports application. 



Final Words!

Picking up the right fantasy sports app development company needs a lot of homework. You need to research, communicate, evaluate, and above all trust a team with your business vision. With the help of this simple step-by-step guide that our experts prepared you can rest assured a lot of your efforts and time can be saved. 


You can easily land a firm that understands your business vision and helps you turn your app idea into a working reality. 


Putting a little extra effort into picking the right development firm for your project can help you save time, money, and resources in the long run. So, just buckle up, start browsing, and pick a partner to turn your business idea into a functioning reality. 

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