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How To Build A Successful Real Estate Mobile App In 2024
Do you want to build a real estate app? With a valuation of $10.24 billion in 2022, the worldwide real estate business is predicted to grow by 2030.
Dipti Singhal

Dipti Singhal

May 10, 2024

How To Build A Successful Real Estate Mobile App In 2024

Do you want to build a real estate app? With a valuation of $10.24 billion in 2022, the worldwide real estate business is predicted to grow by 2030. When people seek for a property, it's no surprise that they select online ease over more traditional offline means.  

Almost half of all homebuyers now begin their search online. Among the younger generation of boomers, 68% used their smartphones to locate a home. This shows the demand for real estate app development will rise in the coming future.   

It is only reasonable to tailor your app to the habits of millennials. Since this generation accounts for the lion's share of homebuyers. So, if your goal is to invest in mobile app development for real estate, read this blog that contributes to your app's success. It will cover the ins and outs to build a real estate app.


What Is A Real Estate App? 

Real estate mobile apps usually focus on a certain group of people. In the end, clients and real estate agents possess distinct wants. A good example of this is the curiosity of owners and brokers in renting out their properties.  

Also, the search for rooms and apartments by renters and tenants. There are also brokers and buyers who expertise in real estate ownership. So, if you intend to develop a real estate app like Magic Bricks or any other housing app, speak with professionals. 



  • It was estimated that real estate companies around the world made $9.5 billion in 2021, and that number is expected to rise by 4.8% per year until 2030.     
  • It was estimated that the global real estate market size would be worth $10.24 billion in 2022. It is projected to grow at a rate of 12.8% per year from 2023 to 2030.   
  • When it came to US real estate websites in 2023, Zillow was by far the most popular.  
  • About 57 million people visited Zillow every month, which was a lot more than any other website in the list.      
  • With 211 million monthly visits, came in second, and came in third, with 189.6 million average views.    
  • The age of tenants under 35 is 34.4%.   
  • 59.5% of homeowners are married couples, compared to 38.1 percent of renters who live alone.    
  • 3.9% of people in the top 25% net wealth percentile rent.   


Key Features To Build A Real Estate App 


Before choosing what features should be offered in a real estate app, it's critical to think about who the app is meant for. Additionally, you should also assess how well it works. Having said that, let's discuss a few features to build a real estate app.  


User Sign-in 

To better serve its users, the app must let users build an account which outlines their needs and links them with the listing owner. Users must be ready to sign up and log in before they may utilize your app to find and contact suitable property listings.    


Two different profiles are required. There is one for people who want to buy a house and another for real estate brokers or owners. It would make things faster if people utilized their email or social media accounts to log in. 

Options For Filter And Search

App users should be able to sort search results by location, privacy, and other things! If someone is looking for a house on the app, they could quickly put the right keywords and see properties that match their search in the suggestions. So, when you build a real estate app, consider adding a search feature in it. 


Properties On The Market

Let the property owners or agents make a full listing on the app that includes where it is, how big it is, and what amenities are close. The listing is a great way for the owners to give serious buyers a lot of information about the house. Additionally, if you want to build an android app with this feature integrated, then take help from an android app development company


Navigation Using Maps

The navigation tool keeps clients from getting lost.You can gather property details by drawing a circle around an interesting location on the map. Furthermore, this will help users find out if there are stores, schools, or hospitals close. Also, integrate a GPS feature when you build a real estate app. It could also have extra information like the number of people living in the area and the crime rate.


Categories and Filters

Category and filter searches are another choice that might help make the search process easier to handle. Before you build a real estate app, you must first ascertain which features your customers will want the most. You can also take assistance from the top mobile app development companies to add those features in the app's various groups and filters. 


Push Notifications

Push notifications for marketing have a great impact on business growth. This trait is necessary for long-term success in real estate. Push alerts help you keep people coming back. It does a good job of advertising your services. You can send news about your business to prospects via push alerts. Users can be told when costs change or when a new property shows on the market.  


Call and Direct Messaging

Making sure people can get to the detailed property information is one part. You need to move people to the next stage of the sales funnel by giving them the option to call or send direct messages. You can also add in-app call or messaging app features with AI-powered technology for better results.

Virtual Tour 

People who want to buy a home are more interested in ads that include video tours. It gives a full picture and style of the property, giving the right impression and information about the property, which descriptions don't always manage to do. When you build a real estate app, add VR technology for better user satisfaction.     


How To Build A Real Estate App?

Now that you know the features of real estate apps, it is time to understand how real estate apps are made. So let’s have a look at the steps to build a real estate app:  


Validate Your App Idea

The first step to build a real estate app is to validate it with custom real estate app development experts. Think carefully about the features and functionality you need in your app. In order to build a real estate app, you must first determine the kinds of properties that users may search. 

Also, the features that allow users to store and share properties. Think like a consumer and make sure your app has features that will benefit them. Determining the scope of your project in advance will help you avoid adding things that aren't necessary.     

Do Market Research

The second step to build a real estate app is to study the market and become familiar with your niche, the competition, and the latest trends. Think about the people that could use your app, what they want, and how your competitors are operating. 

Do study to see where the competition has gaps and how your app might provide it. You must choose your app's style, functionality, and pricing wisely to stand out and attract the audience you are targeting. You can accomplish that with this. 

Create a Wireframe Design

The third stage to build a real estate is creating wireframes and designs. The real estate app development companies are a need if you want a visual representation of your app's functionality and UI. Picture yourself creating a house plan before breaking ground.  

You must make an app’s design aesthetically pleasing, and responsive to your target audience demands. It must be high-fidelity models by taking help from designers. They will make clickable prototypes, or draw out basic ideas. Maintaining a unified and understandable design for your app is crucial. 

Backend Development 

Your app's backend is in charge of all the data and information it requires to function correctly and power it. In order for your app to get data from external sources, such real estate listings, the mobile app development company in UK will create the database, API, and server in this phase.

You'll need a solid grasp of databases, servers, and other backend technologies in addition to programming abilities. To make sure your app can do what users need it to, you can build a real estate app with a strong backend. 

Frontend Development

Creating eye-catching and exciting features that users may engage with is the fifth step to build a real estate app. Colors, typefaces, and layout will all be part of the user interface layout. What this means is that you'll have to think about how users will utilize the app and its features.  

Your app must work well on multiple platforms and devices. For example, tablets and smartphones. It is vital to know that your app usability should be top-notch across all devices and platforms. You can also go for white label real estate app development for minimizing your budget. 

Testing Your App 

The next stage of the real estate app development process is to test it and make adjustments based on user feedback. As part of this process, real users will analyze the app and offer feedback. In addition to enhancing the app's usability and functionality, this feedback will aid in identifying any problems or bugs. 

You can improve your app's ability to satisfy users' requirements and expectations by actively seeking out their input and making necessary adjustments. This is a must-do if you want your software to be user-friendly and satisfying.

Release Your App 

Now comes the final stage of publishing on the app store. After releasing your app to the public, it is vital to check on reviews, ratings, and feedback from users. It helps in knowing what they think and where you can make modifications. Take user comments on board and act upon their suggestions. Your app will stay competitive in the market, if you update it regularly, and boost its performance.  



Top 5 Real Estate Apps Of 2024 

The best choices are chosen based on features, cost, and real estate broker ratings. These real estate apps will help you grow your business when you build a real estate app.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Real Estate App? 

The cost to build a real estate app fluctuates on the basis of multiple factors. Its intricacy, the number and location of your team of developers, and any other performance-enhancing resources are the most crucial ones. These all may influence the real estate app development cost.   


It may be between $10,000 and $30,000 if your property search app has all the functionality and technical details. Get a fast, rough prototype made and test it with customers before investing funds on real estate app development. This will allow you to determine which app users prefer to use. Once you develop the real estate app, make sure you have a monetization plan in your hand.   

Final Thoughts!  

The real estate tech business is very profitable, so if you want to build a real estate app, do it right away. If you're thinking to build a real estate app, take into account various revenue streams, such as sponsored content and paid memberships.  

However, an MVP is a basic version of the app that you should make to see if people want your service. All you need to do is hire a real estate app development company like IMG Global Infotech and send us your project requirements if you have an idea for an app. We will help you figure out how much your item costs.     

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