What Features Does A Fantasy Sports Platform Offer?

The addiction towards gaming is increasing day by day in this global era and the users of the internet are also increasing at the same pace. Fantasy sports app developers are putting a lot of effort and time into determining the new incorporated technology so that the game can provide a seamless experience to its users.


The Fantasy sports business is one of the businesses which is gaining the highest popularity and is considered a multi-dollar business. Fantasy sports are gaining real-life impressions of sports events and some of the names are associated with them such as hockey, cricket, and basketball, or horse riding.


This is a virtual game allowing participants to participate in a virtual team and win exciting prizes through it. These virtual teams combine and compete with each other on the statistical performance of actual players. In the fantasy sport, the participants can become a general managers and buy and leave the player that happens in the real game.


Among every fantasy sport, Cricket is the most popular game and the popularity of cricket is visible through the millions of users playing it virtually. And, different apps are prevailing in the market.


Key Features To be Considered While Developing Fantasy App


The categories of features are divided into three parts that are user-friendly, admin-related features, and additional features.


User Friendly


Registration- In the registration part, users can log in through their details mentioned in the app such as their address and phone no or by creating an ID and password for your profile. They can also take advantage of referral codes taken by their friends.


Home screen- After the completion of the registration process, the user will land on the home screen where all the information is displayed when a particular tournament is going to be held and all other required information.


Contest- In this screen, the users can get access to the contest matches and users can see contest listing with all the winning amount and other details related to a particular contest that is going to be held


Payment Modes- Here the online payment mode gets visible and directed towards the online payment gateway where a participant can make their payment through their debit card or credit card or any other mode such as bonus points.


Admin Features-


Login- Through this section admin can login into the page by using their ID and password which is only accessible by the admin


Dashboard-  The dashboard of the app includes all the important information regarding upcoming matches and previous matches and live updates.


User Management- In this section admin can manage edit or delete or update or do any of the stuff with any of the users regarding any contest.


Contest Management- This section allows the admin to manage all the upcoming matches and previous matches that are already held and going to be held by updating or editing or deleting.


Earnings Management- The admin can access all the earnings that have been generated through all the matches and can view different earnings from different matches in this section.


Managing Reward and cash bonus- The admin possesses the authority to provide reward points to the users or participant who is playing. And also the admin has the authority to manage the cash and bonus points given to each participant.


Additional Features


Live Match Score- This feature enables the user to get updates regarding the live matches and matches to score and the expert view on the tournament.


Integration of API- Integration of API in fantasy app development includes the ready-to-use app and better integration with the platform and no issue arising in its performance.


CRM Integration- In this section, users can manage or add or enable the push notifications and other important features are involved in it.


Push Notification- This is a very useful and beneficial feature as it allows to give a push message to the user enabling them to know about when the match is going to begin.


GPS Location Tracking- This feature enables users to send push messages to the user about all the matches that are going to be held near them as it tracks their location.


Final Words


The development of fantasy Sports apps requires a huge level of skill and expertise. It is highly essential to incorporate all the essential features in the app that will be the reason for its great success. For advanced fantasy app development, hire an app development consultant who has all the required knowledge. Focusing on building its app through using lucrative technology.

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