Web Design

Points That Google Actually Looks In a Web Design for SEO Purpose

The website plays an important in any kind of business. It helps to display one’s identity in front of the audience. It clarifies the goals, products, and services of the…

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Domain Authority of Website

Some Important Methods to Enhance Domain Authority of Website

Today’s world is a world of internet and every business owner wants their website on top in order to gain maximum traffic and higher ranking on search engine and this…

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Inbound Marketing

7 Ways to Leverage Inbound Marketing for Customer Acquisition

Potential customers visit your website to consume content created by the business via blogs, pdf, music, videos etc. Later on, they become leads by downloading information like pdf or buying…

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Content Management System

8 Benefits of using a Web Content Management System over a Basic HTML Website

A Content Management system is the most popular platform for building websites as managing content & code has become easier. As an HTML site consumes a lot of time in…

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10 Ways to Increase Engagement Rate via Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing is an effective method to reach out to your targets for marketing and remarketing of your product to keep them in a loop and building a strong presence…

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web analytics tools

10 Web Analytics tools for Goal Conversion: Marketer’s Toolkit

Web Analysis Tools are must for building brand’s Online Reputation in which first and foremost you need a business website then Complete Online marketing is used for boosting sales and…

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Google Algorithm Update

Everything you need to know about Google Algorithm Update 2019

Google Algorithm Update from January 2019 has brought many fluctuations with rapid and unpredictable Changes in Google Search Engine Ranking. In 2018, Google Algorithm updates has affected the rankings of…

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SEO Strategies And Trends For 2019

It is better to go with the flow of river, rather than getting stuck in a lake. Improvise and adapt! New Year has brought fresh SEO Trends and Strategies. It…

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Reasons To Use Infographics

11 Reasons To Use Infographics In Your Content Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words Infographics are the visual representation of complex information, data into a simple and easy format used in content marketing. IMG Global Infotech uses…

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