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Some Important Mobile App Metrics That Monitor App’s Success

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By IMG Global Infotech
Feb 08, 2021
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In the present era, due to increase in the use of smartphone, mobile apps are also developed at large scale. Therefore it would be important to monitor the performance of app, as it helps to analyze success of mobile app.


A number of business owners in order to target numerous mobile phone users aim to use mobile app development service for their website. However, just create an app and publish on Google play store or apple app store is not sufficient. It is also necessary to analysis the performance of the app and make sure that the users are using the app in the way it is intended to be used. In this blog some app metrics have been discussed in order to monitor the success of mobile app service.


Check out number of app installed


This is most important and widely used metrics to check the performance of the mobile app. It gives an idea behind the popularity and reachability of mobile app and also provides information about which marketing platform work best for app.


Check out number of app uninstalled


It doesn’t even important how useful your app is, of it suffer from a number of uninstalls. There are various reasons why a user’s uninstall mobile app, so it is necessary to keep a close watch on the number of app uninstall. As, it give the idea how important your app is to user.


Rating is a key feature of an app


Rating of the app is an important factor in deciding the performance of the app. It helps new users to know about the usability and usefulness of an app. After looking the ratings and comment, the mobile app developer can get details about the changes incorporated in app and enhance number of downloads by reaching to a large number of people.


Loading and execution time of an app


The time taken to load the app is quite crucial. If a mobile app take longer time to loading, then it would major drawback. The response time of the app must be optimized inorder to provide excellent user’s experience. Therefore, it would be important to optimize the app load time and response time as much as possible.

These metrics is quite useful and enhance the performance of mobile app. Therefore in order to develop excellent mobile app chooses, IMG Global Infotech. With its team of experts, it providesmost popular mobile app and development service. It develops amazing apps that fulfill the needs of customers and along with this it also provide website designing and development service in Jaipur.

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