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Casestudy | Tractor Junction
Automotive Industry | PHP Laravel



Team Size

5 People

About Client

Alwar, India

Time Frame

45 Days

01 08

Project Overview

At IMG Global Infotech, we have curated a website for TractorJunction that offers a vast range of services and information about tractors, farming equipment, and agricultural gear. The website functions as a comprehensive platform devoted to the farming industry. The website makes browsing and exploring agricultural products and services easy with its user-friendly navigation. Tractor Junction's platform seeks to improve farming operations' production and efficiency by bridging the gap between farmers and contemporary agricultural technology.

Project Overview
02 08

Goals & Objectives

Give farmers and agricultural enthusiasts a thorough platform to study different tractor categories, such as new tractors, popular models, forthcoming models, compact tractors, etc.

Make it simple for visitors to navigate and search for the finest tractors by providing these features.

Provide a little tractor section with products from leading companies to streamline the process of choosing small-scale farming equipment.

Within the Tractorjunction website, users can buy new tractors online from well-known manufacturers.

Simplify the online tractor sales process. The website offers customers a place to display their tractors, get valuation services, and quickly contact possible purchasers.

Goals & Objectives
Want to Develop an Agriculture Web Portal like TractorJunction?
03 08

Technology & Tools

Bootstrap 5
04 08

The Challenges

  • Ensuring accuracy and consistency across the platform proved a big problem, especially when curating and organizing large amounts of data on different tractor models.
  • To provide a seamless user experience, integrating several services, including news sections, loan assistance, classifieds for selling used tractors, and tractor comparison tools, requires careful design.
  • During the development and deployment stages, there were technical problems in creating a robust technical infrastructure that could handle large traffic volumes.
  • It was a challenging effort to create an intuitive and user-friendly design that would satisfy the needs of a wide range of users, including farmers.
  • Keeping the user experience consistent across different geographic regions while adjusting the platform to regional tastes, languages, and agricultural methods posed a difficulty.
The Challenges
05 08

Key Feature

Buy & Sell Used Tractors
Compare Tractors Online
Tractor Loan EMI Calculator
Farm Equipment
Tractor Insurance
Upcoming Tractors
Key Feature
06 08

App Flow & Structure

App Flow & Structure Laptop
App Flow & Structure Tablet
App Flow & Structure Mobile
07 08

Web Visuals

Web Visuals Web Visuals Web Visuals Web Visuals Web Visuals Web Visuals Web Visuals
Web Visuals Web Visuals Web Visuals Web Visuals Web Visuals Web Visuals Web Visuals
08 08

The Solution

Well organized team empowered with expansive experience and advanced infrastructure

Automated Data Management Systems

To guarantee consistency of tractor information throughout the platform. We have used robust databases with data validation methods to automate data management systems.

User-Centric Design

We developed a user interface that is intuitive and engaging. For that, we adopted a user-centric design strategy.

Scalable Infrastructure

To guarantee the dependability, security, and efficiency of the website. We used cutting-edge security measures like firewalls, encryption, and monitoring systems.

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Design and Development Process

Well organized team empowered with expansive experience and advanced infrastructure

Analysis & Project Planning
Analysis & Project Planning
The initial phase of the web development process involves assessing the project requirements proposed by the client. To efficiently complete the entire project, including estimating the necessary technology stack and ensuring timely delivery, we develop a strategic plan.
UI Design & Prototyping
UI Design & Prototyping
The next step is to create an initial UI design and its prototype to check the response in terms of the user experience. So you’ll know how the users and customers will find your website or app to be.
Development Stage
Development Stage
Then, the developers start working on the server side or back end of the website or app to add the best features and functionalities. Throughout this stage, the project lead reports regular updates related to the status of the web development process.
Testing & Verification
Testing & Verification
After the initial development process is completed, the QA & testing teams can get to testing and verifying the different aspects of the front-end and back-end. Then these teams will analyze the front-end and back-end with respect to the client’s requirements and expectations.
Timely Deployment
Timely Deployment
Once you are satisfied with tested and verified outcomes, the project lead and business analyst will initiate deployment of the project on the world wide web. (There will still be room for improvement in the site or app after deployment.)

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