Top 5 Web Design And Development Trends To Follow In 2020

The web world technology is changing quickly. Like every year, this year also the web design and development trends have changed. Every year there are new trends that you just cannot drop out on. This year is no different. Here are some web design and development trends to watch out for in 2020.


  1. Modular Design and Lower Development Costs
  2. Responsive design and the rise of mobile users
  3. Chatbots and Customer Support
  4. Static Websites Do Not Go Anywhere
  5. Accelerated Mobile Pages and Load Speed


Modular Design and Lower Development Costs

Modular Design has revolutionized the way websites are built. The process involves creating a flexible system of standalone, reusable components as opposed to a static collection of pages. It is not a template-based design but a kind of block grid pattern. You can say that the web development company interlocks the ends of the modular design to get a new web page. The modular design supports the developer to build the website fast. The cost of development is also flat.


Responsive Design and the Rise of Mobile Users


Millions of people are going digital every year, and many of them are doing so through the acquisition of phones, not desktop computers. After all, the number of people reaching websites through their mobiles is increasing every year. With Google’s mobile-first indexing the importance of responsive design has also improved. Because this update by Google will check the mobile website and from there it will rank the desktop website.


Chatbots and Customer Support


Chatbots are growing to popularity, primarily in the conversational Ecommerce website. Conversational eCommerce is when services or items are sold via webchats, messaging services, or voice assistants. Websites are already exploring the chances of chatbots to increase online sales.


Static Websites Do Not Go Anywhere


Yes, dynamic websites are immediately outpacing their static counterparts. But, it does not mean that static websites are dead. As we see exponential growth in the number of websites in the web world, only simple and straightforward websites with a quick load time will succeed. Static websites can help these objectives and provide a cost-effective alternative to business owners. However, the web design should be engaging and attractive for the customers.


Accelerated Mobile Pages and Load Speed


Google is emphasizing on accelerated mobile pages and load speed. Google wants developers to develop websites that have graphics, video, quality content, etc. At the same time, they want these websites to load speedily on any device.

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