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All You Need To Know About Restaurant Table Reservation App Development
If you're also in this area and want to get into the market with the best app for booking restaurant tables, this post is for you. Let's get started!
Dipti Singhal

Dipti Singhal

Mar 21, 2024

All You Need To Know About Restaurant Table Reservation App Development

Gen Z is so busy chasing success in their careers that they need more time and energy to invest in other things so they no longer can wait in long lines to eat at their favorite restaurant. The digital world is expanding its capabilities, and so are consumers. Book a flight, book a taxi, book a bus, get a doctor's appointment, and then, you can find the best restaurant table booking app.

It is common to have an online app for making restaurant reservations and table booking apps, with all of us moving digital. These apps can meet the ever-changing and increasing demand from people worldwide; thus, more companies are joining the bandwagon. 

Open Table is a significant player in this industry, according to reports. It caters to more than 16 million people each month around the globe. Is this a surprise to you? It shouldn't. Similar statistics are also available for other popular online restaurant booking apps like Eveve and Seat Me. These facts and figures are very appealing to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

If you're also in this area and want to get into the market with the best app for booking restaurant tables, this post is for you. Let's get started!


A Few Words to Help You Understand the Restaurant Booking System

It's the table where people gather for their first date, anniversary, and lunch with friends and dinner with family, interview, or office brunch. Restaurant owners have a responsibility to make their operations more convenient for us. We are proud of what they did!

Most restaurants have developed, maintained, and design a restaurant reservation system to manage their business, reduce the number of tables open, and cut down on waiting times.

We make it a point to coordinate with your team on how to create a restaurant app. This is so that you can decide how the app will function and your expectations from the solution we provide.

They streamline restaurant operations by offering online reservations, real-time tables, waiting lists, and booking management. This is accessible from any device. The table booking app is easily embedded into any restaurant's website. You can customize the restaurant table reservation system design that allows people to book tables through your website. It will enable you to manage restaurant availability and make reservations.


Market Analysis and Growth in the Restaurant Industry


  • According to the Global Industry Analyst report, it has seen a considerable response in previous years. It generated $3 Trillion in 2020. The market for food delivery services is expected to grow at 5.4% annually until it reaches $4.1 Trillion in 2026.
  • After the increase in vaccination rates, 45% more customers prefer to eat out than make their food.
  • The food sector saw the highest turnover ever, at 75%.
  • The virtual platform boosts the industry's sales rate by 452%. It also makes it possible to do business in new ways.
  • Apicbase survey found that dedicated inventory management software reduces the risk of overstocking and inventory mismanagement by 17%.
  • The most striking fact is that 58% of consumers will support local food producers and farms.
  • The demand for cashless payments will drive QR code usage to increase by 240% in recent years.
  • Average restaurant food costs range from 28% to 32% for total food sales.


How technology influences table reservation application development


We can all recall how online reservations began. It started with hostesses or managers answering calls and writing down the names and times. This took up much time for staff members, who could be more productive with other tasks such as clearing tables or helping customers.

Technology has made things more manageable, and restaurant booking apps are faster and easier for customers and staff. This software has led to the rise of online restaurant reservations, and customers can now make reservations on their website or via a third-party booking system. You can find your restaurant's best online reservation system based on location, staff, and traffic.

You should not be surprised if your restaurant isn't being found quickly. You can increase your business visibility, thus generating more reservations and profit.



The Benefits of Restaurant Table Reservation App for Different Elements

There are numerous benefits of a restaurant booking app which makes it easier to increase visibility and traffic. Customers and administrators have their limitations. Our specialists ensure that technological advances are used to close all loopholes in your product.

For Business Owners


Get an idea of how busy the night would be


Open tables are not a reliable indicator of how busy a dinner party will be. However, owners can get a better idea by asking for reservations. Even if there are few reservations, owners of restaurants will still have plenty of time to create a special offer on social media to get customers to spend more money.


Hotel Staff Prepared in Advance for a Rush


Lucky days are when the restaurant table app reservations schedule indicates that it will be complete. The chefs and staff have enough notice and time to prepare for the rush. Hostesses who make reservations or take in walk-in customers can also space their seating so the kitchen can stay calm.

For Customers


Reduces Waiting Time


The restaurant reservation system is for more than just the kitchen staff and owners. It also benefits customers, making their dining experience more enjoyable and convenient. If someone books a table at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, they can expect to be seated close to the time. This reduces waiting time. Happy customers will return to your restaurant again and again if they are sitting at the time that suits them best. Restaurant owners and customers can also benefit from a table order management system.

For Restaurant Owners


  • All your reservations for hotel stays are in one location.
  • Opportunities to convert website visits into bookings
  • Reduction in time spent answering calls during business hours
  • You can confirm or deny reservations by email.


For Customers


  • Now it is optional to call for a booking table.
  • There is no need to wait for employees to answer your questions
  • Accessible 24/7, not only during business hours
  • This allows them to read reviews and compare prices online quickly.


These are just some of the many benefits that an online reservation system can bring. Hire the best mobile app development company to keep up with the latest trends and build customer loyalty. Here are the features you will need to create a profitable restaurant reservation app.


What does a restaurant reservation app do for a potential market?

Each industry must work hard to build profitable restaurant booking app development. Restaurant owners offer flexible booking options for their customers. It is divided into two parts:


Dedicated Type


This model allows users to book their tables directly within the app. It focuses on the user and helps them plan within their budgets. The mobile app designers ensure that owners ultimately control the app functionality.


Type of Aggregator


This model allows the app owner to shake hands with store owners to show their appreciation for the user. Together they can grab the lucrative market for restaurant bookings on the platform. This combination speeds up services. Restaurant owners can offer discounts and deals on table bookings on the app.


Top Features in Your Restaurant Table Reservation App



The top IT Company in India creates online restaurant reservation software that allows customers to book tables in real time using their business app. These are some of the features that should be part of your development process to make it easier for both you and your customers.


  • Rewards Programs: Is there a better way to attract customers to your restaurant?
  • Gift cards: Gift thoughtfully, receive Happily. We can't thank this more than people nowadays who prefer gift cards to traditional gifts.
  • History Of Bookings: It is much easier to view the booking history of a restaurant booking system.
  • Online mode for Payment: Customers have the accessibility to pay money online, which makes the process easier and hassle-free.
  • Search and Explore: It's much easier to find the restaurant using the mobile app or website maps.
  • Reward Customers: Some restaurants offer this unique way to reward customers for loyalty and support.
  • Manage Restaurant Reservations: You can book and make reservations online 24/7, unlike phone calls that are limited to operational hours.
  • Access: Employees and staff can have portal access per their work needs. This makes it easy to complete the process.
  • Share Your Experience: Customers can leave a review after dining at the restaurant. Restaurants can improve their customer service if they receive a negative review.
  • Travel Ready: The best part about the digital world is that you can work anywhere and anytime. You can even travel to the Bahamas while on vacation.


These are just a few things that will make it easy for you to have a restaurant booking app that can help you increase visibility and profit. Hire mobile app developers, and they will ensure that your application is technologically advanced and stands out from the rest.


Let's now discuss the portal and its different sections:


You must ensure that your graphical restaurant reservation app has a strong user panel. This will allow customers to enjoy the table reservation process.

  • Sign up/sign in quickly: Users can sign into the mobile app with their social networking credentials or an email ID.
  • Browse Restaurants: Users can browse the restaurants and see their unique features. They can also check if there are any current specials.
  • Search Results for Restaurants: Users can search third-party apps and websites based on the location nearby or specific cuisines.
  • Restaurant Page: This page contains all information about the restaurant, from the menus to the prices and descriptions.
  • Make Reservation: Once customers have chosen the location, they can make suitable reservations for their desired times.
  • Private Dining Request: If you want a romantic meal or a private dinner with your family, private dining requests can be made.
  • Add to Favourites: Users can add delicious recipes to their favourites, so they can search and browse less often.
  • View Reservations:  Users will be able to see the complete list of seats available and can choose to fill the remaining seats or go to another restaurant if they are complete.
  • Preferences: Some people don't like onion, while others prefer spicy curry. To avoid confusion later, users can share their preferences well in advance.



Your visual restaurant reservation system must look professional and highly profitable. The application for a restaurant must be simple and clearly explain all features your real-time operation may require.


  • Sign up: Restaurant owners can sign up here using their credentials.
  • Personal Details: Here are the details of the owner. These include his name, occupation, and any other important information.
  • Select Membership Plan: The owner must choose the right membership plan, which should renew periodically.
  • Make Payment: Once you have selected the plan, it is time to make payment and move on to the next steps.
  • Update Details about Restaurants: Information concerning the restaurants must be updated here. Visitors can then view this information.
  • Submit Listing To stay ahead of the pack; the best goal is to get listed on the top restaurant lists.
  • Floorplan: Restaurant owners must replicate the actual floor plan in digital format. They should then manage it using an iPad or desktop computer.
  • ScheduleThis is an important feature that allows restaurant owners and managers to plan their meals and indicate when they will be available.
  • Reservation Management This section covers checking reservation status, available and unavailable tables, and managing waiting lists.
  • Diner Book: This is a list of past customers and their preferences for food and seating.
  • Shift Overview: This section records the number of diners who visited a restaurant during a particular period. Restaurant owners can arrange things.



The restaurant reservation app in India will provide an on-demand app development solution with a well-organized admin panel. This will make it easier to manage the application and book the reservations.

  • Table Management: The administrator of the portal manages dining Spaces. It ensures that both empty and occupied seats are up to date.
  • Revenue Optimization: Revenue is managed here. Steps are taken to optimize it.
  • Payment Method The online payments made by customers are reflected here.
  • Voucher system: Here, the administrator keeps a log of all vouchers and gives it to the users as needed.


How Your Restaurant Reservation Portal Can Make Money


It will yield significant returns if you and your mobile application development company work hard on the restaurant table booking project. Your business has generated revenue from the investment. You want your business to reflect what you desire. Choose the revenue models to make it easier to see the dollars coming.


  • Commission on Each Online Reservation
  • Advertisement on-page
  • Monthly/Annual Subscription Restaurant Management System


How to Develop a Restaurant Booking App


Now that you have all the necessary features to create sophisticated, quality-rich mobile apps, it is time to hire an Android developer and design the restaurant table reservation app. We will now discuss all aspects of this process.


  • Concept
  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Launch

Tech Stack


Tech stacks are responsible for optimizing fully-fledged functionality in any product. Our team of developers is an expert in creating the best possible restaurant booking app for your business.

Here are some of the essential tech stacks.


  • Front side: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Flutter.
  • Backend: SQL, PHP, React Native and Laravel
  • Database: MongoDB. PayPal, Stripe. Braintree
  • Real-time analytics with Google Analytics and Firebase
  • Map Integration: Google Maps & Mapkit
  • API integration with third-party companies: Google Place API

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app for restaurant booking?


The cost of developing a restaurant booking app will depend on your app's complexity. The restaurant booking app development cost is affected by the location of the developers and the time spent creating the app. We have listed the prices to create a restaurant app that allows table bookings.


  • The US. Developers based in the USA: $100 to $250 an hour
  • Eastern Europe-based developers: $80 to 180 an hour
  • India-based developers: $70 - $180 an hour


Below is a graph of the actual development cost for an app that allows table bookings.


  • Technical documentation (40 Hours - $1000 to $250000)
  • UI/UX design (60 hours - $1500 - $3000)
  • Front-end & Back-end Development (400 hours - $10,000 - $20,000)
  • Testing (80 hours - $2000 - $4000)


The average cost of a Restaurant Booking Mobile App is calculated by adding the overhead costs. An app with few features can cost between $8,000 and $25,000 for one platform. However, the prices could rise to as high as $35,000 if the app is complex and driven by high-quality standards.




If you want to create solutions that will increase your visibility, you have come to the right place. We can help you get into the market with a profitable solution. We are available 24/7 and ensure that you are a part of every step of the development process.

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