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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In Saudi Arabia?
The cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia can be influenced by your project requirements. Also, some variables affect the custom mobile app development cost in Saudi Arabia.
Mohit Mittal

Mohit Mittal

Apr 24, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In Saudi Arabia?

Do you have an idea to build a mobile app? With a region rich with golden chances, Saudi Arabia, startups or businesses may achieve this goal. However, a query that businesses often think about is, "what is the cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia?"  

As you know, there are variables that may shape the cost of mobile app development in Saudi Arabia. The price is lower here in comparison to other places. It is due to the less number of skilled developers. They both contribute to this. To get an accurate answer, read this blog till the end.         

It will cover the factors that affect the cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia. You will also get guidance on lowering app development cost without giving up on quality. 

Current Market Statistics Of Apps In Saudi Arabia!



  • As per Statista, it is predicted that Saudi Arabia could reach 2.4 million more mobile app users overall through 2024 and 2029.   
  • The industry's total profit is expected to cross €1,513.00m by 2024.
  • Additionally, it is projected that the app market will grow at a 9.91% annualized rate of growth from 2022 to 2027.   
  • By 2027, that expansion rate is anticipated to produce a market value of €2,264.00m.
  • There were 17 million cashless apps installed in Saudi Arabia in 2022, which was 10 million more than in 2021. 

Evaluating the Cost to Build An App In Saudi Arabia 

The cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia can be influenced by your project requirements. Also, some variables affect the custom mobile app development cost in Saudi Arabia. We have given the basic cost estimation of a mobile app. The basic app may lie between $10,000 to $15,000 with minimal features. 

However, it may go above $15,000 to $30,000 for more complex apps with highly-advanced features. Also, you should consider the maintenance, upgrades, and possible scalability which plays an important role in cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia fluctuation. Let’s look at the below cost bifurcation:   

Basic App: For those who are new to the app industry, this cost-effective app (which ranges from $10,000 to $15,000) offers an accurate basis with all the required functions. It's an ideal place to begin for those who want to leave a mark online with no spending money on complex features.


Medium App: This mid-tier option costs you $16,000 to $20,000 which is ideal for startups looking for functions and budget. It is a great option for businesses looking for a packed with capabilities app experience with no running over budget. It has to be both loaded with features and priced affordably. 


Complex App: The cost of this superior solution, which is customized to fit certain requirements, can range from $21,000 to $30,000 or more, depending on the application's complexity and requirements. It is intended for businesses with numerous needs and a desire for several features that are modifiable and expandable. 


Factors Affecting the Cost to Build An App In Saudi Arabia  



Factors are an essential part as it significantly affect the cost to build an mobile app in Saudi Arabia. So, below are the factors that affect your mobile app development cost.

1. App Complexity 

A significant factor that greatly drives the cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia is the app's intricacy. Your app's development costs will be more for an advanced app than for a basic one with a few functions. As per the top mobile app development companies, below is the table that follows the estimated cost to make different kinds of apps in Saudi Arabia.

2. App Platform 


In Saudi Arabia, the cost to build an app is influenced as well by the technology used to make it. For example, you may hire dedicated mobile app developer in Saudi Arabia to create an app for all platforms or an app for your business. This depends on the platform. Starting with a single platform and moving to a cross-platform application once it becomes popular in the market is advised in order to determine the true cost. 

3. Feature List 


A crucial element that can assist you in ascertaining the cost of developing a mobile application in Saudi Arabia is the feature list of the application. In short, higher prices correspond to more features. A clear feature set that distinguishes the application from the competition is necessary to ensure that it becomes popular in the market. It's easier to talk about some popular features of a mobile app than others. 

4. Development Team Size  


The number of app developers on a team is another thing that impacts the cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia. For example, you can utilize an internal team or freelancers to develop apps in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, you should check out for a team that offers services in accordance with your needs. 


Finding the top mobile app development companies that are dedicated to giving you the best solutions possible based on your needs is a great option for an effective app development process. 

5. App Design 


For an app to do well, it also needs a clear app design. It is also an essential part in developing an app for apps. There's little doubt that fluid UX/UI layouts boost average user interaction and retention. But the cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia for this is more. 


Besides, another factor determining the design cost is the amount of time of the expert designers. When you work with skilled and seasoned designers, they go through several testing processes to properly build the application according to the client's specifications.  

6. Location Of Development Team 


Mobile app development costs in Saudi Arabia are perpetually influenced by where the app developer is located. Asian nations have lower hourly rates for app development than the US, UK, or UAE.  The price may vary if you're looking for a mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia. This app development cost estimate could assist to determine what to budget for when looking for an app development business in various areas. 

7. App Maintenance 


Another significant element that could have an impact on cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia is the upkeep of mobile applications. In order to guarantee that programs function flawlessly across all platforms and offer optimal performance, significant action must be taken. In addition to the fees required to assure the application is error-free. You are aware that the total cost of maintenance always includes the expenses incurred in order to provide app updates or introduce new technologies in response to market demands. 

8. Tech Stack 


It is critical to pick the suitable tech stack when you build a mobile app. If you want your app to truly stand out from rivals, you need to use innovative technologies. Picking the most suitable tech stack for what you require matters while building apps. As there are surely a lot of options accessible. Once a tech stack has been chosen, it's time to hire app developer in Saudi Arabia.   


All things looked at, these are a few likely factors affecting cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia. But instead of being rooted in reality, the data is based on broad concepts. To find out the precise price, get in touch with a top mobile application development company that specializes in the latest technologies.



Tips To Reduce the Cost to Build An App In Saudi Arabia 


In this section, we will discuss the essential tips which can help you in minimizing the cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia. So, let’s check out: 

1. Proper Planning

Making plans is the first thing that needs to be done when making an app. You will need to plan for everything, from deciding on the quantity of resources to the stages of development. The division of the full development procedure into phases occurs during the planning or preparation phase. 

In a month, you would deliver a simple app with a few features. In the following phase, you would incorporate the AI functionality to give the app intelligence. You can reuse the developers from a mobile app development agency, cut down on development time, move more quickly, and save money when you break it up into phases. The secret to cutting down on the cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia for your company is effective planning. 

2. MVP

Before scaling the product to the next level, start with a minimal viable product. Let's see how this will contribute to cost savings. You are unsure of the idea's viability and the platform on which it will run when it is constructed. Even when you are working on both platforms, the application is only used by one platform user. 

The MVP will help you launch the solution, determine which platform is best for development, and test the viability of your idea. You will avoid the cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia you will probably incur while launching the application on both platforms. In a similar vein, you will meet the engagement and revenue requirements of your firm. 


3. Test the App Accurately

The cost of review and rework is more than that of app development. It may need a significant timeline to improve the application and make it better for your company. But if you take some time to test the application, you can avoid wasting this time and cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia.  

The app needs to be tested, loaded and optimized, any issues must be fixed, and then it can be uploaded to the app store. Your app would be leaner and cleaner in this approach. It would meet the specifications and save you money on support and amendment expenses. Eventually, you would also safeguard the reputation of your business.

4. Select the Approach 

When you are going to make an app, this is a vital issue to think about. If you think through and plan the method from the start, it will also assist lower the cost. You can go with a hybrid if the developers and infrastructure are located within your business. 

In this manner, you can expedite the development process by having the offshore mobile app development agencies in Saudi Arabia on half of it while you work on the other. Okay, let's say you want to make a native app that works on multiple platforms. 

Then, you may wish to outsource the portion that you are not proficient in. For instance, contract out the development of Android apps if your internal team is skilled in iOS.  

5. Standard Processes

To speed up progress and cut costs, it is helpful to use standard and clearly defined techniques. You could try using the same parts or build-to-test model again and again. This lowers risk, saves money, and provides a safe app solution by having your app reviewed during the development stage. 

6. Pick the Right Stack

When you pick the right technology mix, you start cutting down on the time and money needed for development. The front-end and back-end technologies, tools, and frameworks required for your business app are included in the stack. You can take help from the best mobile app development company for better outcomes. 

You may reduce risks, improve activities, streamline development processes, and automate development-related jobs with the correct tech stack. It will assist you in adhering to industry standards for development procedures while maintaining an ideal number of resources.

7. Post-deployment Plans 

If you have lately released some of your app but remain required to work on other parts, it's essential to have ideas in place after the launch. Address inquiries concerning upkeep, upgrades, support, and feature additions. You may utilize all of this to fully utilize the application's after it launched possibilities. By doing this, you can reduce the cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia. 



Final Thoughts!! 

Now you know the cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia may range from $10,000 to $30,000. It is time to avail services from reputable mobile app development companies in the Saudi Arabia Like IMG Global Infotech.


For better results, you can speak with our professionals about the costs that we provide and hire our developers to make a mobile application that showcases your business idea in the digital realm and makes you money.  

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