All You Need To Know About An Online Examination App

The era of online examination is at its peak due to its higher accuracy and reliability. Its momentum is at great speed as it is pretty convenient in this era. Due to this, the requirement of human power is minimum at the time of conducting an online exam. The online test is required to be generated and most of the schools are preferring and doing the online examination. Most of the schools and colleges are using the best online exam preparation app that can be useful for students and teachers as well.


Explaining online examination system-


In the online examination system, a user id and password for students get generated with their admission card. The examination process takes place on a server, where the id of the student gets saved automatically. The student will receive a message particularly at the time of conduction of examination. The answers given by the exam taker are stored in the server of the examination along with his/ her information.


Online examination systems maintain the integrity and authority of the examination and do not allow the student to make any alteration in their answer sheet after the exam is over. The checking of the answer sheet also performed through a hassle-free structure. The more authentic way of checking is done by the computer as technology as computers are fairer than humans and they are more effective in providing fair results.


Features of online examination system-


  • Login system must be password protected
  • Updating the profile should be easier
  • The manual log out is necessary after the examination end
  • A solid admin panel should be constructed to manage well


Importance of Security in Online examination app


The online examination system is offering several benefits, however, the security part of it cannot be neglected. The system of online examination offers flexibility and enhanced scalability to handle the process in a highly effective manner. In the context of conducting a fair examination, developers need to take measures to conduct exams fairly.


Students should not have the scope of cheating while doing their exams. This is the main security approach required to follow and it plays a crucial role in the online examination to overcome different malpractices. The online security system has become much easier and considerate and enhanced security is the main benefit.


The computerized process will hardly have any errors, it will make the examination process much easier. As the answer is saved when given in the app in real-time along with its questions.


Some techniques of online examination app-


Use secure browser


The sources from where you can develop the online examination app mostly give emphasis on secure browsers. The student is not allowed to open any other web browser at the time of examination. Remote proctoring systems only enable student access to one window at a time. The pictures of cut copy paste are prevented from performing through this secure browser.


Data encryption


Before preparing an online examination system it is needed to ensure that data Encryption is installed in this system as it prevents unauthorized access to the questions. It is protecting the questions and there is no modification in them. And, no manipulation is there with the question based on the conditionals.


A high level of encryption is required to be utilized at the time of encoding of online test apps and it should not be decoded easily by anyone. This highly maintains the confidentiality of question banks which is transferred to the client and the server.


Logging System


Experts who are developing online examination apps should comprise a login system that records all the activities. Activity such as login, logout, and records of question and answers and question navigation and all this information is stored. The system is required to record all the movement that is taking place such as selection changes or internet speed.


Final words


As a result, organizations can generate results in real-time and can give higher attention to maintaining the system of online exams. It further enables them to check the answers of the exam taker in an effective manner. The online exam app should be developed with in-built security and stated features.


You have to build a secure online examination app because it is highly essential to utilize all the benefits that technology has to offer. If you are building an online examination app, you can get in touch with a custom mobile app development company, where you will get expertise skills. It is better to get an app developed through a reputed company.

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