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In the present scenario when people are using internet for each and every small thing. Then it would important for a business to build effective presence online. It is important to boost your website ranking in search engine to drive traffic.

To improve your website ranking and appear on top of search engine, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used. SEO services will to grow your business and meet the business objectives. There are various important points that to be considered while doing SEO of a website. Some of them are explained in this blog.

Analyze current status of website

Before performing SEO of any website, the foremost thing that should be done is proper analyze of website like what is the website is all about, its services, its keywords, its products, its loading time, its headings, its titles and many more things.

Work on titles and descriptions

Title and description of any website have a direct impact on click through rates, so it would be important that they should be properly optimized.
It’s important to write quality titles and descriptions that specifically draws visitors as well as contain targeted keywords.

Analyze the loading time of website

Delay in the loading time can lead to customer dissatisfaction. It can decrease conversion rates. If load times are suffering, then look at the photos on your sites. If they are properly resized than should speed things up.

Proper loading time of a website can convert causal customers to paying customers.

Increase customers through Social Media Engagement

Social media is one of the easiest ways to grab traffic to your website. It’s very important for companies manage their social media profile and SEO play an important role in this. Through SEO, companies are able to get immediate responses by doubling down their social media engagement.


After designing a website, SEO play an important role to build up its ranking. It helps Google to recognize the website and increase traffic to it. Understanding the importance of Google ranking for a business, IMG Global Infotechwith its team of experts provides excellent SEO services to its clients that help to grow their business and build an effective online presence.

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