Top Custom Software Development Companies
We have brought this comprehensive list of the best custom software development companies that have earned quite a reputation in the market for consistently delivering top-notch solutions.
Written by Nick
Jun 20, 2023

In today’s changing digital environment, every business of all sizes needs cutting-edge software that can help them to grow with innovation. While traditional practices may have served the business well.


But, with so many technological advancements it became more than necessary to get software with modern trends and tools. Undoubtedly, the digital revolution has ushered in many benefits that can’t be ignored.


For businesses, the selection of software, tools, and framework used in building their solution can impact their success. Businesses walking with the latest technology, tools, and frameworks have seen extraordinary success. 


So, whether it is a startup or a well-established enterprise, all sizes of businesses rely on custom software development companies that help in reinventing new possibilities for their businesses, and revolutionize their user experience.


The thought of getting custom software for your business might have excited you to turn to the Google search bar in search of a top custom software development company that provides both high-quality and cost-effective solutions.


This search has probably flooded you with an overwhelming number of links and options. Unfortunately, these many options can give you so much confusion leading to not being able to choose the best custom software development firm for you.  


But wait, to reduce the burden of sifting through countless options, we have taken it upon ourselves and conducted thorough research on your behalf.


As a result, we have brought this comprehensive list of the best custom software development companies that have earned quite a reputation in the market for consistently delivering top-notch solutions.


List of Top Custom software development companies


Several custom software development companies are available around you that will claim their expertise in custom software development. But, after thorough research and analysis, we have brought the best custom software development companies that have delivered solutions that speak for them. Let's check out the compiled list of those custom software development companies that will help you and your business to grow-


  • IMG Global Infotech
  • ScienceSoft
  • Intellectsoft
  • BairesDev
  • LeewayHertz
  • Netguru
  • Appinventiv
  • Net Solutions
  • Chetu
  • Itransition


1. IMG Global Infotech


img global custom software development company


IMG Global Infotech is a top custom software development company that has made its name big for delivering top-notch solutions with technological innovation.


With a strong commitment to high-quality solutions, they have made themselves reliable partners for many small, medium, and large enterprises, they have always worked with a customer-centric approach that has helped them to address their client’s issues and deliver solutions accordingly.


With 8+ years in the industry, they have partnered with many ventures and delivered 1200+ solutions with a 98% success ratio making them a reliable partner.


Founded Year- 2015

Average Hourly rate- <$25/hr.

Top-clients- Ecocosmo, Zoniraz, Propira, Criconn and more.

Minimum Project Size- $5,000+

Locations- India

Services- Mobile application development, Custom software development, E-commerce Development, Website Development, and more.


2. ScienceSoft




Another name in the list of custom software development companies renowned for its expertise in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions including Blockchain, AI, and others. With over 30 years of experience, ScienceSoft has gained a strong reputation in the market for its innovation, quality, and client satisfaction.


They have changed the fate of many companies with their various custom software development services such as Software consulting, Custom software development, Software Application Development, and many more.


They have successfully delivered 1200+ projects and collaborated with companies from more than 70+ countries. ScienceSoft has extensive experience working with over 30 industries including Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, Oil, and Gas Factor.


Founded Year-1989

Average Hourly rate- $50-$99/hr

Top clients- IMB, eBay, Viber, Ford Motor Company, and more.

Minimum Project Size- $5,000+

Locations- Dallas Area

Services- Custom Software Development, IT managed services, Application Testing, Web Development, and more.


3. Intellectsoft




Intellectsoft is a prominent custom software development company that has made a significant impact in the technology Industry. Intellectsoft has gained its reputation in the industry with its expertise and commitment to excellence.


They have delivered proficient software products and services to different clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 Companies that have helped business challenges and become a brand in their industry niche. 


By choosing Intellectsoft as a reliable partner, businesses can successfully start their journey and achieve their goals with their outstanding software solutions.


Founded Year- 2007

Average Hourly rate- $50-$99/hr

Top clients- Walt Disney, Land Rover, Jaguar, Gulls, and more.

Minimum Project Size- $50,000+

Locations- UK, USA, Norway

Services- Mobile App Development, Software Development, IT staff, Web Development, Digital strategy, and more.


4. BairesDev




Another reputed company without which the list is incomplete is “BairesDev”.  It is another top custom software development agency that has made its name for its exceptional services.


The company provides high-quality software solutions to businesses of all sizes ranging from SMBs to established Fortune 500 companies.


They have a team of dedicated software developers for hire, designers, analysts, and other experts that are working with cutting-edge technologies to serve clients what they need for their business. With an emphasis on excellence and client satisfaction, they have built their reputation for delivering a solution that goes beyond expectations.


Founded Year- 2009

Average Hourly rate- $50-$99/hr.

Top clients- Google, Adobe, Pinterest, HP, and more.

Minimum Project Size- $50,000+

Locations- United States, Argentina, Brazil, and Canada.

Services- Custom Software Development, QA and Testing, AI and Data Science, and more.


5. LeewayHertz




LeewayHertz is a famous custom software development agency that became a trusted partner of many companies to make them successful digitally and enhance growth for their business.


Founded more than a decade ago, they have established their name in the market for delivering services including custom software development company, mobile app development, Artificial intelligence, and Machine learning.


They have a dedicated team of skilled team of professionals who have designed and developed more than 100 plus digital platforms of Cloud, AI, IoT, and Blockchain.


Their passion and dedication towards improvement, excellence, and technological innovation separate them from many custom software development agencies and made them reliable partners for companies looking for reliable solutions.


Founded Year- 2007

Average Hourly rate- $50-$99/hr

Top clients- ESPN, NASCAR, McKinsey, P&G, 3M, and more.

Minimum Project Size- $10,000+

Locations- California.

Services- Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise App Modernization, IoT Development, and more.


6. Netguru




Another prominent name in the list of best custom software development firms will be “Netguru”. They have gained quite a recognition for their expertise in taking on challenging projects and delivering revolutionary digital products.


They have worked intending to provide software solutions to businesses that are helpful for them and reshape the world by any means. With a focus on innovation and a customer-centric approach, Netguru has worked in various industries including Fintech, Education, Healthcare, and Retail.


With over a decade, they have delivered 1000+ projects, with 600+ experts who have proficiency in cutting-edge technologies and frameworks enabling them to deliver robust and scalable solutions.


Founded Year- 2008

Average Hourly rate- $50-$99/hr

Top clients- UBS, Solaris, Volkswagen, OLX Group, and more.

Minimum Project Size- $25,000+

Locations- Poland

Services- Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Web Development, BI and Big Data Consulting & SI, Web Design, and more.


7. Appinventiv




Recognized as one of the most prominent custom software development firms in the industry, they have been awarded “App development company of the Year”, “Entrepreneur Awards 2020” and more.  


They have offered software solutions with cutting-edge technology from startups to Fortune 500 Companies. They lay strong emphasis on Communication and work closely with clients to understand their requirements better and deliver solutions efficiently.


With a team of 1000+ tech experts and Projects delivered; they have raised 950+ investments. With their commitment and dedication to delivering top-class services, they have won the trust of many companies and become a leading custom software development agency.


Founded Year- 2014

Average Hourly rate- $25-$49/hr

Top clients- KFC, Pizza Hut, Adidas, IKEA, KPMG, BCG, and more.

Minimum Project Size- $50,000+

Locations- USA, UAE, India, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Services- Mobile App Development, Software Development, Blockchain, and more.


8. Net Solutions


net solutions


With more than two decades of experience, they are the leading custom software development company in India that provides end-to-end solutions seeking digital transformation.


They have a proven record of delivering robust and scalable solutions. Regardless of the size, they offer services including custom software, web and mobile application development, and digital marketing.


Net Solutions focuses on understanding its clients’ goals and challenges and working with the latest technology to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions.


Founded Year- 2000

Average Hourly rate- $25-$49/hr

Top clients- Unilever, Microsoft, Harvard Business Review, IMG, Mothercare, and more.

Minimum Project Size- $10,000+

Locations- Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, and Chandigarh.

Services- Mobile App Development, Web Development, Custom Software Development, UI/UX Design, and more.


9. Chetu INC




Chetu is a globally renowned best custom software development agency that specializes in competent solutions with industry standards. With a vast pool of developers, they have now served 20000+ custom apps, with 7000+ Global customers, and have won 150+ awards that have pushed their name into the top custom software development agencies.


They have worked with clients in different sectors including Agriculture, Aviation, Finance, Gaming, Healthcare, Supply Chain, and more. They have laid importance on delivering flexible and scalable solutions that address their clients’ challenges and improve their user experience while simultaneously leveraging modern technologies and industry best practices.


Founded Year- 2000

Average Hourly Rate- Undisclosed

Top clients- Brookstone, facekindle, harvesttrends, Foot Locker, Johnson&Johnson and more.

Minimum Project Size- $10,000+

Locations- USA and UK

Services- Application Development, Software Development, DevOps, and more.


10. Itransition




Itransition is a top custom software development company that provides end-to-end services from planning, and development to after-support. With their skills and knowledge, they have become trusted tech partners of many SMBs and enterprises.


They have helped clients from different domains including Healthcare Finance, Automotive, Retail, Manufacturing, and more. With 20+ years of experience, they have delivered 1530+ projects and served 800+ clients as well as won many awards for their exceptional services in the technological field.


With their team of skilled professionals and a client-centric approach, they have become a reliable hand to hold for businesses looking for top custom software development services.


Founded Year- 1998

Average Hourly rate- $25-$49/hr

Top clients- eBay, Anybill, Toyota, Pepsico, and more.

Minimum Project Size- $25,000+

Locations- USA and UK

Services- Custom Software Development, Software Product Development. Technology Consulting, Software Testing and QA, and more.




In essence, custom software development companies play a pivotal role in today’s technology-driven world. They provide various services and expertise that help businesses create, enhance and maintain their software applications.


Throughout this blog, we have kept this in mind and explored the key factors that separate them from the others in the market including their expertise, experience, pricing, and other factors.


But, keep in mind to find the best custom software development company for your requirements you still have to conduct research, assess their portfolio and engage in proper discussion.


Then, you will be able to choose a company that aligns with your vision and the goal of your business. So, take your time to analyze and then make an informed decision and start your fruitful partnership with a top custom software development company that takes your business forward digitally.

To choose the best custom software development company you have to shortlist some names who are doing well in the market, read their client reviews, make sure they have worked on similar projects, and then you can pick the best custom software development company.
Software development services include Custom Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Software prototyping, Quality Assurance, and more.
The time to develop custom software depends on several factors including features in the project, complexity of the project, and more. But on average the time can be from six to nine months. It can extend in case of any technical difficulty or implementation issue.
There is no exact number while talking about the cost to develop custom software after all different factors can affect your cost. Based on the average estimate, the cost may range from $50,000 to $2,00,000 which can vary according to your requirements such as Design, feature, or any other element.
While talking about the best custom software development companies we must pick some names such as IMG Global Infotech, ScienceSoft, Appinventiv, Net Solutions, Chetu, and more. The reason behind their popularity is they have always delivered solutions that have reformed many businesses across industries. You can hire their software developers to get a high-quality solution.
Custom software development companies work closely with clients’ requirements and design, build, test, and launch applications and other software components. They also make sure to provide after-support to help users use those solutions without any technical issues or bugs.
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