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In simpler terms Static Website is a website with multiple webpages, and no changes can be made to it. If there is any need for amendment or changes the client has to contact Developers back at IMG Global Infotech. These sorts of websites are fit for business that are displaying information on the website like articles, news, media, NGO’s etc.

Why choosing Static Website is a beneficial for your business?

If you are looking for some low cost management website for your business,

Static website is what you need. These websites are easy to handle at the client’s end, as the main purpose of such a website is displaying information. Businesses looking for solutions to display information such as product details, their professional details, some sort of tables and data, Static website would be a better choice for them. Any changes that are to be made will be done by the developers at IMG Global Infotech. Just keep this in mind before opting for Static Website that, if any amendments are to be made on request by the client, only the developer could make them.


Benefits of a Static Website include

Secure, as there’s no intermediary

Ideal for small websites

Less operation time and easy navigation

Mobile responsive

Quick to develop

Faster to transfer on slow connections

Features which can be available in Static Website


Search engine


Good web

Social media

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