School Management Software

School Management Software is a computerized program that controls and centralizes activities and operations in the schools. This helps administrators monitor daily operations as well as meet the needs and wants of every department, including accounting, finance and human resources.

The software allows schools to manage all their academic processesfrom website and mobile devices. It is user-friendly software and come with an array of features and functionality specifically designed for schools to achieve their goals and objectives.

To contribute in education sector and help school to manage their database, IMG Global Infotech will develop a fully featured School Management Software that manage all school related activities effectively as well as build effective communication between parents, teachers and students.

On the other hand we also develop Mobile Apps for schools that contain various modules such as fees, attendance, transport, homework, events, timetable, etc. that help schools to organize their database by sitting anywhere and anytime.

We also customize the website and modules in School ERP Software according to the requirement of our clients.

Advantage Of School Management Software

  • »Cloud enabled : Education institutions should now consider performing all activities in the cloud. Having cloud based school Management software help schools to manage their data with less time and money spent and helps them to focus on education sector.
  • »User-Friendly : School Management Software should be designed in such a way that any of the staff member or parents can easily control the functioning of it without taking assistant of any technical staff. It should be effective and beneficial for schools to handle each function according to their requirement.
  • »Reliable : It’s not about how much work you have done, it’s about how you have done. Work efficiency plays a vital role in any organization’s success. Automation has helped the school authorities in many ways. Installing reliable school management software can be a great assist for schools. In addition, it is the cherry on the top to the overall management of the school.
School Management Software Company in India

Some of the features of School Management Software

Maintenance of records

Fee management & online payment

Monitoring attendances

Online examination & assignment

School transport tracking

Event notifications

Hostel management

SMS notification

Reduces communication gap between teachers and parents

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