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RFID Attendance Software Development

It has become important for every institute, college and schools to keep the student safety at Prime. Keeping this in mind IMG Global Infotech is providing RFID attendance management system for schools and colleges and other working in my payments to increase safety. It is important for schools to keep their children safe from the outside crime.

Smart attendance system

The era of traditional attendance system of pen and paper is far behind us. Schools now need to upgrade themselves with smart attendance systems that run on RFID technology. This is important to provide authorized access to students and faculties in the school and avoid any kind of notorious criminals inside the school campus or any of the school facilities like buses and transportation.

What we do

Scan and go

We provide ID card scanners that run on RFID technology to mark the attendance of students through a smart card. All you have to do scan the card.

Walk-in reader

The RFID walk-in reader can be very effective in marking the attendance of students while the enter classes and during their leave automatically.

School transportation tracking

With this service parents, teachers and school management can know the location of their transportation buses and enhance the safety of students travelling.

RFID cards

RFID cards can be issued to students, teachers and Management of school to track their presence. This prevents any kind of unauthorised access in the school to outsiders.

Benefits of opting smart attendance system

School administration

The RFID system in place the school management can track the arrival and leaving time of all the students individually. Any late arrivals and absentees can be monitored automatically through the software. Any missing students can be easily notified through the system.

Parents and guardians

Parents and guardians can keep the track of attendance of their ward in school. This is to ensure the safety of students in the school. Tracking transportation can help them to pick up the students on time from bus stops. Any kind of leaves and absentees can be monitored by parents.

Safety and security

With the increase in crime with school students in the country it is important for schools and colleges to employ RFID attendance system for security and safety all the students that come to attend the classes every day. There is no compromise in security and safety of the students.

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