PPC Services

PPC Services
Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Agency
IMG Global Infotech is a leading PPC services agency that brings you ready-to-buy customers to your website quickly through different PPC management services like YouTube advertisements, Facebook, and Google AdWords. We serve across various demographics and industries across the globe.
Pay Per Click Marketing Agency Pay Per Click Marketing Agency
Pay Per Click Marketing Agency
The in-house experts of IMG Global Infotech offer an extensive range of Pay Per Click (PPC) management services to help you reach your acquired goal quickly and in a cost-effective way. Experience the boom in your business through more traffic, leads, and sales through our effective PPC Services.
PPC Services From IMG Global Infotech
Being one of the top-notch PPC service agencies, our primary focus is to increase our clients' digital revenue through effective PPC strategies. Below are our effective PPC services that deliver higher ROI.
Google Ads Management
Google Ads Management
Acquire more leads with our Google Ads Management PPC services! Our talented and smart PPC specialists create and optimize campaigns for various industries for Google Ads.
Display Advertising
Display Advertising
Our PPC consultants focus on the goal, segmenting, imager & messaging, and the ads' results when working with display advertisements. We help you make more online sales and grow your business.
Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising
As the data-driven and analytical social media advertising agency, we make use of our effective and custom social media advertising strategy to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and related sites.
Remarketing Services
Remarketing Services
Our competitive and industry-leading strategic remarketing services help in driving sales and conversions for your business. We offer unparalleled experiences and exceptional results for our clients.
Google Shopping Ads
Google Shopping Ads
We make use of the strategy-driven campaigns and manage Google shopping ad-campaigns to increase your business ROI, sales, maximize your results, and help you develop your eCommerce business efficiently.
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Get personal with our mobile advertising services. At IMG Global Infotech, we understand the latest trends and produce mobile ads that boost brand engagement and drive personalized experiences to increase revenue.
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What's Included In Our PPC Campaign Management Services?
Our dedicated PPC expert delivers a turnkey resolution to improve, manage, and develop your business PPC strategy when it comes to PPC management services. We build a custom PPC strategy for your goals, industry, and business. IMG Global Infotech PPC services are a quick and cost-effective way to generate more website sales, leads, and traffic. Below are some of the strategies we follow.
Competitor analysis
Our dedicated PPC consultants perform a competitor analysis of your site and invest in PPC by analyzing the monthly search volumes, search terms, etc. We develop and set cost per lead goals and revenue.
Keyword Research and recommendation
We perform PPC keyword research to choose the right keywords: branded, product or service-specific, high-intended, and feature-specific for your business.
Display of Sponsored ads
We bring immediate business visibility by featuring sponsored ads on the targeted niche.
Bid Management
Our PPC specialists bid on keywords that increase your ROI. We monitor the bids closely and make use of the least competitive keywords and are highly targeted to provide 100% results.
PPC Campaign Management
We document and share the PPC campaign reports regularly. We tweak them based on the trends. The clients can view the keyword's performance data that include traffic report, ROI, and client through rate.
Why Choose Us For PPC Advertising Services?
IMG Global Infotech is one of the Digital Marketing Services Agency that offers PPC management services across India, USA, & UK to get the best out of the PPC campaigns. Our dedicated team of experts considers every single factor in the PPC campaign and ensures the best results. We provide custom and effective PPC strategies for every size business that enables you to explore the best PPC advertising services that match the PPC campaign goals. We also ensure significant CPC reduction through in-depth analysis.
Why Choose Us For PPC Advertising Services?
Why Should You Hire The Right PPC Agency?
The PPC campaigns managed by the top-notch PPC agency IMG Global Infotech consultants use the latest trends in the advertising industry with affordable PPC packages. We integrated banner remarketing, text ad remarketing, PPC networks as a part of Pay Per Click (PPC advertising), and more to convert the visitors to customers. Apart from this, the customers will get access to our competitor intelligence, PPC campaign strategy development, and more. The customers who choose the aggressive plan have access to different services, namely, conversion, click and click fraud monitoring. These services provide multiple benefits, and they self-tune the PPC campaigns and monitor them based on the requirements.
Choosing a PPC agency like IMG Global Infotech for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising will help in maximizing your ROI (Return on Investment). Boost your business with our PPC services!
Frequently Asked Questions

PPC campaign is a paid advertising approach to drive traffic to a site to generate more leads and sales.

It is a cost-effective means to drive traffic to any website. PPC marketing helps a business get off the ground quickly.

Our experts will take care of every minute aspect of your campaign to assure you the fastest turnaround time.

Here are powerful benefits of investing in PPC for small businesses:-
  • Contribution to business goals.
  • Synergy
  • Easy Entrance.
  • Expedient Results.
  • Audience Targeting.
  • Control.

Don’t look or think further than IMG Global Infotech, as we got the team, experience, and vast portfolio to throw weight behind our statement.
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