Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising
Why spend on Billboards when you can reach larger population with lesser costs?
Putting up billboards and posters are mostly limited to the cities and localities where they are placed. IMG Global Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is ready to take your business a step ahead of the traditional ways of advertising. Now we guide you to promote your business on social media with Paid Advertising Services from us. We hold expertise in managing and planning paid advertisements in the wide world of Social Media.
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Benefits Of Paid Advertisement To Your Business?
Now that you know that paid social media is the call of the hour, popularly followed and massively incorporated by business houses, here are the reasons you need to know why is it so. Following are few benefits you get by employing Paid Social Media Advertising Services.
Cost Effective
Running a traditional business advertisement campaign can get expensive, but running paid social media ads allows you to reach a larger audience at a low cost. Even if you are not comfortable with running extensive campaigns on social media platforms, you can use them as an inexpensive way to test your content and creative ideas and strategies. Being cost-effective is such an advantage because you can see a greater return on investment and maintain a conducive budget for other marketing / business expenses.
Advance Targeting Customers:
Paid targeting can be very specific and allows you to reach relevant visitors who are interested in your brand and fit the demographics of your sales character. You can get very granular with social media targeting, which allows you to reach people that have a genuine interest in what your company has to offer. Typically, targeting includes targeting by interests, job titles, keywords, geography, demographics, and many more depending on the site.
More Brand Awareness
When you create social media profiles for your business, you begin interacting with others (consumers). Simply having people to interact with your content will increase brand awareness and begin building your reputation as a business. Each post that is shared will be introduced to a new network of individuals, which can lead them to becoming potential customers, and the more people who know about your business, the better it is.
Increased Inward Traffic
Every social media profile you add to your marketing stock is a way to reach your website; and every piece of content you post is another opportunity to acquire a new customer. Social media is a collection of different types of people with varying backgrounds and choices. With different people, come different needs and different ways of thinking.
How IMG Global Infotech Runs Their Paid Advertising Campaign?
IMG Global Infotech follows standard guidelines and procedure to run the digital marketing campaign of your business.
Strong Keyword Strategy
Using Google as an example, we use the Keyword Planner, and the Search Terms report available in AdWords to gain an insight into the performance of particular keywords, search volume data and generate ideas for new keywords. In the end, we opt for a combination of keywords that can drive traffic to your business’s website.
Choosing the most suitable platform
IMG Global Infotech picks platforms where your target audience is spending their time, obviously, but also consider where you’re currently doing well organically. Perhaps continuing with your existing plans might be a better investment than spending to try to boost your impact elsewhere, because you already have evidence that your content is getting good results. With paid ads, those results will only improve. We have experts who will optimise the existing digital marketing strategy of your business to make it work more efficiently.
Setting up Budget
IMG Global Infotech sets a daily budget and cap it, in order to manage your spending wisely until you have a more detailed insight into your campaign performance. Once we do, we can start to adjust your allocation, based on more than just the Keyword Planner estimates.
Ad Optimisation
When it comes to Paid Advertising, you have a limited number of characters with which to convince your customers to click, so in this instance, first impressions are everything! To ensure those customers convert, IMG Global Infotech assists you in achieving maximum impact with minimum copy.
Race to the Top
In the Era of Digital Transformation, your business needs to adapts and shift to Digital Marketing. In order to rise above the rest, join hands with IMG Global Infotech Pvt. Ltd. today and get only the best professional services for your business.
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