Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management
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Every business has an Online Reputation. The question is what does Google Search says about you.
As the name suggests, online reputation management is the sacred art of managing and handling the online reputation of your business, company, organisation or profession. This uses a standard set of web based networking sites, social media and other online local business platforms. It is important for any business to maintain their digital reputation. We are living in the era of technology, the era of Google Searches, any person with internet connection can now survey up for your business online and look for customer reviews and reports. You need to be in your top game to put up a good first impression.
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What IMG Global Does For You?
Managing brand reputation is what our Digital Marketing team’s holds expertise in. We follow four important steps in our Online Reputation Management Services.
Monitoring Search Results and Social Media
Google search suggestions are indexed as per the latest trends and current developments. Social Media on the other hand is a forest made of haystack. Any news is spread like wild fire. IMG Global Infotech keeps a surveillance eye over the developments and talks about your business on the social media. We keep you informed about what the customers are talking about your business online, this way you can run your business in the right direction. Being informed your own business is the best way to grow.
Repairing Negative Reviews and Images
The first thing that Google shows when your business is searched online is customer reviews, rating and related photos. Your business better be displaying some good reviews there or else it would affect the running of your business. A bad google search and you will lose many potential customers. IMG Global Infotech keeps an eye out for such things. We put good and genuine reviews of your business over the internet. It is our duty to make sure that there are relevant images displayed when your business is searched online, and there are good ratings and reviews to back you up.
Ensuring All Brand Mentions are in Line with your goals
Your brand is mentioned in many places over the internet. It could be a review by your customer on social media, or a query placed by some potential customer. Our experts from IMG Global Infotech makes it a point that the brand mentions are not harming your business’s reputation in any manner. Any negative review is dealt with most professional and satisfactory replies.
Developing Positive Online Presence
Our Online Reputation Management Services are not just limited to defending your business’s reputation online. IMG Global Infotech posts regularly from your business’s accounts and make a positive online presence. This is done by posting on important days and anniversaries in the country. We give satisfactory reviews to your customers over the queries raised.
How You Can Benefit Online Reputation Management?
IMG Global Infotech plans your Online Reputation Management in such a way that you are benefited maximum from it. Here are some of the benefits you would get from Online Reputation Management.
Higher Trust
Brands with a good online reputation are trusted more because people depend on the opinions of others. If people appear to trust a company or person, others are likely to follow with the same sentiment. Research shows that 83% of people trust brand recommendations from friends, and nearly 70% trust consumer opinions more than paid advertisements.
Companies with a good reputation are more profitable
Companies with good online reviews tend to attract more business. In fact a business that displays an extra half-star rating will sell out 19 percentage more than any other business with a lower start ratings. The benefits of online reputation management can translate into extra income for growth.
Better employees
People want to work at a good company that is "going places". They trust the opinions of current and past employees. Along with workplace reviews, positive content online leads to a feeling they might have a bright future at your company. Companies with better reputations tend to attract more, and therefore better, talent.
Reputation affects the bottom line
Reputation management on the web is not just about countering negative content and generating positive reviews. It’s about building a reputation that makes a brand synonymous with its core values and the primary needs of its target market. This is precisely why businesses need to have a comprehensive online reputation management strategy in place.
Race to the Top
In the Era of Digital Transformation, your business needs to adapts and shift to Digital Marketing. In order to rise above the rest, join hands with IMG Global Infotech Pvt. Ltd. today and get only the best professional services for your business.
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