Keywords Research

Keywords Research
Why is Keywords Research Important for your business?
It would be right to say that keywords research is soul of any Business’s Digital Marketing Campaign. IMG Global Infotech makes sure with their Keyword Research that your website is in reach with the maximum number of people online. Keywords Research is the Blueprint of your online Marketing Campaign.
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How Your Business Benefits From Correct Keyword Research? IMG Global Infotech Layer
How Your Business Benefits From Correct Keyword Research?
Keywords lead the customers to your website. They determine what your company is known for and how you want to put yourself in the Global Search.
Keyword Research is the key to improving the Global Ranking of your website to bring more website traffic and more engaging audience, which in result would lead to increase in your business’s revenue.
What IMG Global Infotech Does For Your Business?
IMG Global Infotech has a dedicated and experienced team for making the right choices for your business in Keywords Research. We make sure that whenever a product relating to your business is searched online, you are on the top of First Page on Google Search.
Choosing Effective Keywords
IMG Global Infotech researches your business and its stand in the online market. We choose the most effective keywords for your business for increasing the first page presence of your business’s website on Google Search.
High Search Volume Keywords
IMG Global Infotech in their keywords research, makes sure that the keywords selected have the highest search volume on the internet. This is to make sure that your business is present on the first page on every google search done with your keywords in it.
Market Study for Competition
Every keyword is packed with tons of other competitors for your business. Our Digital Marketing Experts research the online market for you on the relevant keywords and also strategies to get your business a sharp lead in the competition.
Long term Keyword Strategy
The customers and tend to change the way they search the online market regularly. IMG Global Infotech keeps an eye for it and updates the keywords accordingly. We are also involved in making long term keyword strategies for your business, so that it is not left behind in the trendy market.
Related Keywords
Finding the right keywords is not the end of our keywords research programme. We study the Online Market habitually and make a list of related keywords for your business. These keywords match the prime keywords of your business, to increase the first page presence of your business on a Google Search.
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Competitor Analysis
Check For Keyword Search Volume
Professional Tools
Cloud Your Website Content
How We Do Our Keyword Research?
IMG Global Infotech only believes in using the latest technology for the digital marketing campaign of your business. Here is a list of best tools used by us for Keywords Research Programme.
Moz Keywords Explorer
Moz Keywords Explorer is a custom built Keyword Explorer tool that assists us in staring our research from the very ground level. It provides us with accurate monthly search volume data, which gives us the guideline to plan your keywords for the coming days.
Google AdWords Keywords Planner
It is another gemstone IMG Global InfoTech has on their backs to enhance the Keywords Research for your business. This not only suggests us with the estimated search volume of data on a particular keyword, but also provides a projected cost for running the campaign.
Google Trends
Google trends are another tool used by IMG Global Infotech to keep an eye over what the customers are searching on the online world of Internet. This keeps us updated with the recent trends in searches and studying the market choices of customers. With this we bring out, what the customers are looking for in your business.
Microsoft Bing Ads Intelligence
IMG Global Infotech’s keywords research programme is not just centralised to Google. We expand the search radius of your business with Microsoft’s Bing Ads Intelligence Software. By using this tool, we make sure that your page is on top charts on the Microsoft’s Bing search engine as well.
Race to the Top
In the Era of Digital Transformation, your business needs to adapts and shift to Digital Marketing. In order to rise above the rest, join hands with IMG Global Infotech Pvt. Ltd. today and get only the best professional services for your business.
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