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How To Get Your App Ranked On Google Play Store

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Feb 08, 2021
App Store Optimization 2201

The approximate figure of the number of apps in the Google Play Store with a number of apps launching rapidly in every category and subcategory is beyond thousands. With this, getting your app identified is one of the biggest issues faced by app publishers and mobile app marketing agencies nowadays. If you are in the same place, it's highly important for you to understand the various methods of boosting your app's visibility and increasing the volume of downloads from the Google Play Store.


The more the visibility of your app will be, the more will be the chance of frequent downloads. To make you understand better, we're breaking down the various components that can affect your app ranking on google play store. Check the following : 


            1. Understand your customer.

            2. Understand your market competition.

            3. Pick the right set of keywords.

            4. Choose a suitable app name.

            5. Give a proper app description.

            6. Frequent upgradation to your apps.

            7. Screenshots and promo videos.

            8. External promotion.

            9. Choosing the right mobile app SEO service providers.


App store optimization companies in their app discovery research show that 51% of people download those apps that are used by their friends and family members. Browsing the app store and discovering new apps are done by 48% of people, wherein 34% of the surveyed people opted for the apps recommended to them in the app stores. Surprisingly, only 20% of people check out the apps shown on YouTube ads. 


A well-implemented App Store Optimization strategy ensures better visibility of your app in the app stores and gets more downloads. You must remember that ASO is a continuous process. To succeed in this endeavor, you must be attentive, use analytics, regular check-ins. Follow the aforementioned app store optimization checklist to improve your app’s performance. With careful execution and a little trial and error, you can certainly past your competitors in the app store top charts.




The process of “App Store Optimization” also never stops. These tips are just a few of a lot more strategies that you can use to optimize your app and have deeper market penetration. However, if you implement each of the above-listed tips you will be definitely better than 95% of the app developers in the market.

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