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How To Build An Alcohol Delivery App Like Drizly?
Would you like to build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly? Ordering alcohol online and having it delivered to users' doorstep has become popular in recent years.
Dipti Singhal

Dipti Singhal

Apr 26, 2024

How To Build An Alcohol Delivery App Like Drizly?

Would you like to build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly? Ordering alcohol online and having it delivered to users' doorstep has become popular in recent years. It is possible with the rise of e-commerce and home delivery services. 

The eminent on-demand liquor delivery app available is called Drizly. It facilitates users with a simple way to order their favorite drink and get it delivered right to their door.  

According to stats, the alcohol online delivery market in the US will keep rising. It  brings in an extra $ 4.5 billion between 2024 and 2029. This shows that in the next few years, twice as many people will want drink delivery apps.   

With that said, we will discuss the process of Drizly ready-made liquor app development in this blog. We will go over the features and functionalities that are absolutely necessary. The necessary technological stack, the cost to build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly and the revenue model.  

What Is A Drizly App? 

Drizly is an on-demand alcohol delivery app. It helps users to easily compare prices and buy alcoholic drinks with this app. They may get a lot of wine, spirits, and beer because it works with local liquor stores.             


Additionally, Drizly is available in more than 100 places across North America. You must know that over half a million individuals have downloaded this app. However, your app like Drizly has become a great player in the liquor delivery ventures. It needs to build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly and on-demand app development growth.      

Market Statistics Of Alcohol Delivery App 



  • According to predictions, the online delivery market size for alcohol in the US will keep growing, bringing in an extra $4.5 billion between 2024 and 2029.  
  • Dan Murphy's in Australia,, had the most wine and spirits online sales of any store in the world in 2023, with about 429.2 million U.S. dollars in net sales.  
  • Naked Wines plc, which is based in the UK, came in second with net sales of about 362.3 million dollars. The US, UK, and Australia are all places where Naked Wines does business.
  • The gross merchandise value of Drizly was thought to be around 1.55 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. 
  • In the US alone, 50% of people who buy drinks online are aware of the Drizly name. 
  • As of the third quarter of 2023, 142 million people used Uber every month, and most Drizly users currently had an Uber account. 

Benefits Of Drizly Alcohol Delivery App Development 

In the modern, tech-savvy world, who wouldn't want their beer and whiskey bottles delivered right to their door? Taking advantage of the opportunity to fund the alcohol delivery app development won't put you in debt, as you have undoubtedly noticed from the data above showing how quickly the liquor market is growing. What causes this?

Upscaling what you do: Each entrepreneur sets out to build their enterprise and achieve future expansion. When you build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly will help you become more visible online and attract real customers to your physical locations. Developing top on-demand alcohol delivery apps will help you expand internationally and increase sales.

Secure payment tracking: Secure payment methods have made it simpler for businesses to handle consumer transactions while using online booze delivery applications. The procedure of making any online payment simply takes a few minutes, and the money is transmitted automatically to the bank account you have chosen. This will allow you to maintain tight control over your finances.

Enhanced sales and profits: Customers will feel very comfortable using your mobile app to order alcohol while seated at their homes or places of business, which will entice them to return time and time again. 


How To Build An Alcohol Delivery App Like Drizly? 

Up till now, the intended features of an app for online alcohol delivery have been evaluated. But you can realize your idea and design an application that effectively describes the city with the help of a comparison tool. When you build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly, you must follow these five fundamental steps. 

Step 1: Plan Creation


The step to build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly is to make a plan that includes: costs, income lines, networks, main capital, and value ideas. When you choose to make a business plan, you can carry out your ideas even better. You should start looking for money right away to make sure there are no problems before you start the process.

Step 2: Hire App Developers 


Even though this app might be your baby vision, you will need technology help to make it happen. When you talk to a reliable group of developers about the process to build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly. Make sure to tell them what you want and what you think so there are no mistakes and the project can be finished.   

Step 3: Develop A Working UI/UX 


Up until you start building the app’s database, work on the user interface. Since the end user sees the product, ensure that the designers, developers, and brand manager are providing the necessary focus. Also the insight to enable the creation of a clear user experience when they build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly. 

Step 4: Work on Back-end Infrastructure  


After you have finished designing the user interface, you should begin working on storage and back-end apps. It is recommended that you hire one of the best alcohol delivery app development companies to begin with small data sets at first. They build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly that is minimally functional and to help you gain a better grasp of how the app works. If you are unhappy with the app, you can suggest any swiftly implemented changes because it hasn't been released yet.   

Step 5: Testing & Launch 


The testing phase will finally begin once the application is finished, you must allow the development team to perform various tests on it and eliminate errors as needed. After this, you can open the app, and it will go live as quickly as you'd like. It is vital to regularly keep check upon your alcohol delivery app for smooth performance. 


Must-have Features Of Drizly App Development 

An alcohol delivery app is a solid choice if you're seeking an alcohol delivery app development company concept. It's important to pay attention to the features here as well. Now, let's begin with the features that when you build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly with the assistance developers that you may hire.   


User Panel 


  • Easy login: When you develop your own alcohol delivery app, add a simple login feature. It enables users to sign up and begin the ordering procedure.    
  • Advanced search filters: Making a smart filtering process possible made it easy and quick for customers to find the booze they wanted.    
  • Multiple payment methods: This serves as one of the key features that enables consumers to pay using several methods. It allows users to make alternative payments that are helpful.     
  • Real-time tracking: When you build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly, this feature lets users see real-time updates. Every step of the way, they may verify the ETAs.   
  • Ratings & review: Creating a solid feedback system that lets customers rate the arrival of alcohol. They can give honest opinions that may assist other customers pick the right item.    


Delivery Agent Panel 


  • Seamless onboarding: When you build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly, make it easy for your delivery workers to join and start working for you.   
  • Availability management: Your delivery workers should be able to choose whether to accept or reject the delivery request. They can choose when they are available based on their needs. 
  • Order status update: With on-demand alcohol delivery app development, your agents should be able to change the state of an order from "pick up" to "delivered successfully."  
  • Optimized routes: Give your delivery people the quickest ways so that packages can get to you faster. Additionally, their app now includes turn-by-turn guidance, which adds more. 


Supplier Panel 


  • Alerts & notifications: Every time an order is made with a supplier, they should be notified right away when you build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly.  
  • Manage products: Store owners who have signed up for your alcohol delivery app should be able to add, edit, and remove goods. Allow them to decide on the prices, groups, subgroups, and other things. 
  • Order tracking: The suppliers may effortlessly keep track of the delivery person to see where they are and make sure the packages were brought safely.


Admin Panel  


  • Manage suppliers: May profit from gaining knowledge to handle suppliers better. You can add, change, delete, or check on any number of liquor shops at the same time. 
  • Manage customers: Managing each and every client on your alcohol delivery app becomes incredibly simple. From one panel, approve profiles, verify identities, and more. 
  • Manage delivery agents: With a live location tracking tool, business admin may oversee the entire fleet of alcohol delivery vehicles, just like consumers. 
  • Manage discounts & promotions: To draw in and keep more clients, the admin can add, amend, and remove as many discounts as they like. 


Even though these are some basic functions, you may always add more sophisticated features to grow your company. To do this, be sure you hire a well-known and trusted native app development company that can build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly.      


What Is the Cost To Build An Alcohol Delivery App Like Drizly? 

The budget for alcohol delivery app development like Drizly depends on a number of factors. This addresses every feature you would like to add to the app, the resources you would require to build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly, and the setup and system requirements set forth by the framework. The total, which includes everything from conception to delivery, should fall between $10,000-$30,000. 

A significant amount of the funds will be used for the development of mobile Android apps, the rollout of iOS apps, app monitoring, and app delivery. Moreover, selecting a dedicated website over the app will garner an additional $30,000 in fundraising.   

You can contact IMG Global Infotech to learn more if you'd like. We can assist you to build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly effectively as we are an accomplished on-demand delivery app development company. 

Why Choose IMG Global Infotech For Drizly App Development?  

Many owners of liquor bars find it hard to come up with the full amount of money needed to design and build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly. With IMG Global Infotech, you can avail online alcohol delivery services, which will help you stay within your budget. Get a thorough demo of our alcohol delivery apps by contacting our IMG Global Infotech professionals. Still doubting: Why hire us? Take a look!   

Proficient in Mobile App Development  

IMG Global Infotech holds expertise in alcohol delivery mobile app development in USA. Our expertise can help you build a solid alcohol delivery app. We know how to work with a lot of different systems, like iOS and Android.   

Cost-effective Approaches 


We are aware that not all companies have the funds available to hire costly mobile app developers. As a result, at IMG Global Infotech, we provide excellent alcohol delivery app development services at incredibly low prices.  

UI/UX Design


A mobile app's growth depends on its UX/UI design. Intuitively pleasing and attractive design are results of our professional developers' work. It improves user engagement even further.  



As more people use your Alcohol delivery app, it's important that it can grow with them. In order to handle the rising number of users without sacrificing speed. A design that is scalable may be developed with assistance from IMG Global Infotech.

Customization and Tailoring 


A passionate developer from our team will work directly with you to build an alcohol delivery app like Drizly. It will make it easier for them to comprehend your unique needs. They might later modify the alcohol delivery app to fit your concept. Feel free to tell us about your business needs today!      


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