Biometric Attendance Software Development

Biometric Attendance Software Development
The future of digital attendance with no chances of frauds is here. IMG Global Infotech has made its name in the market for providing biometric attendance systems specialising in fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, smart cards and any other form of smart attendance system.
Biometric Attendance Software Development
Smart Attendance System IMG Global Infotech Layer
Smart Attendance System
The biometric time and attendance system by IMG Global Infotech is aimed to enhancing security among workers and safeguard the working environment along with protecting company’s valuable data. Our unique time and attendance system is available to businesses organisations at any location in the country. The biometric system can recognise and individual’s physical features like fingerprint, iris and face. This eliminates the chances of proxy attendance in the workplace.
Benefits Of Opting Biometric Attendance System
Flawless payroll calculation
Avoidance of proxy attendance
Saves cost and manpower
Get real time attendance calculator
Prevent any kind of unauthorised access
Manage leaves and holidays efficiently
Complete record of employees presence
State Of The Art System
IMG Global Infotech is known for providing the latest and best to their clients. Reach out to us and get the best of innovative technology in form of biometric attendance system. We are here to assist you in any kind of queries of problems you face after instalment of smart attendance system. Our professionals are well trained to manage clients and solve their queries in the least time possible.
State Of The Art System IMG Global Infotech Layer
Biometric Time And Attendance System Supports
Cloud based access to attendance data
Report generation on employee attendance
Live attendance tracking of individuals
Time stamping entry and exits of all the employees
Individual attendance tracking and monitoring
Management of working shifts
Report management and scheduling.
Centralised data collection of multiple from multiple offices.