Static Website Designing

Static websites provide a great benefit to businesses as they are quick to develop, easy to navigate, compatible with all browsers, friendly interface or in one line we can say that these websites do not involve complex programming and yet offers precise information to its users. The main purpose of developing a static website is to provide online presence to a business.

As we know that every business is unique in itself, their requirements are also different. Some businesses require fully fledged dynamic websites whereas some require just a simple website to showcase their business and products online. Static websites are the ultimate solution to the business which does not require frequent updation or changes in their site. These websites also explains company’s goals and objectives in most simple way.

Benefits of Static Web Design

Static Website Design Company in India
  • Speed

    The most prompt and noticeable characteristic a user can examine in a static website is its speed. As a static websites does not involve extensive custom coding, ecommerce systems, database queries, processing on every request or templates the speed of a static website automatically increase.

  • Security

    Around the world, website development platforms like WordPress are used by millions of people which mean they're the common targets for hackers because they involve input from user, authentication process, multiple processes running code on every request etc. On the other side static websites keep it simple just by serving plain HTML pages to its users.

  • Less Hassle With The Server

    The internet web servers are really brilliant and quick in serving static web pages to its users. As a static website consists of static HTML files which are sitting on the server, waiting to be served, So when a page request arrived on it, the web server serve back to the user in the most quickly way without any hassle.

IMG Global Infotech provides appealing and creative static website designing services to vast business verticals. Our main purpose of offering static website designing services to businesses is to provide them an online presence on World Wide Web.