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Seo Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is technique which is used to improve the visibility of a website or a webpage in search engine result pages (SERPs) by natural and organic listing. This process is basically used to increase the visitors to a website by getting high ranking placements in search results of all major search engines. As a general rule, sites that manage to appear higher in search results will get more traffic which potentially means more business and hence more revenue.

At IMG Global Infotech,

IMG Global Infotech is one of the leading SEO Firms in India. We ensure that our applied SEO strategy delivers the right traffic to your website. By identifying your targeted audience and selecting the right keyword combinations that your prospective customers will actually use, we make strong SEO strategy so that your website will attain TOP rankings in various search engines. We care for your customers and their trust on your brand that’s why our approach towards web promotion is always free from black hat SEO techniques and other spamming methods.

Seo Services in Jaipur

Cost effective Investment

One of the major benefits of using OpenCart is its straightforward set up process or in other words you can say that its ease of installation makes it popular among eCommerce business owners. It is easily to download, install and can be handled by even non tech merchant as compare to other CMS platforms which are more complicated to run and manage. It is fully open source it means it is totally free to use and anyone can customize it as per their business needs.


Brand Awareness

SEO helps in accelerating your branding campaign which in return makes your business better, stronger and well recognized among users. Being on top results for your targeted keywords not only helps users to recognize your brand but also perceive more trust. Since top position websites get significant impressions and more exposure of brand, the psychology of users also believes that they are the best. The more pages of your website get higher ranks in search results, the more chances of getting visible and brand awareness among users your site will achieve.


Increase traffic, Site usability and Conversion rate

Top positions on search engines always receive majority of clicks and impressions, which results in significant traffic increase. And that significant web traffic increase to a website has more chances of higher site usability and higher conversion rate.