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School Management Software

School Software is also referred as School Management Software, which is an interface through which school management staff can manage their specific school related tasks. School Management Software easily adapts to the system and process of the institution and work seamless as per the system of school or institution. It also manages both academic as well as non academic activities of school.

As every school or institution requires one centralized system which can keep, maintains and update all the necessary records and activities related to the school. So to make the work of schools easier we provide School Software covering all department of a school such as school’s administration, library, managing registration and admission process, fee management, Accounts management etc. By this software administrators can easily monitor, handle and manage information and records on the system.

Our School Management Software’s are specially designed to simplify the complexities faced in school during daily school operations. We offer user friendly School Management Software services which are creatively designed for real time access across all devices. Use our School software and effectively manage all operations and processes related to students, teachers, employees etc. We develop highly enhanced password security systems, which will prevent your school data from unauthorized access.

Advantages of School Software

School Administration Software India
  • Quick Access

    Software provides a quick access to all the data and records of students, teachers and school employees. As it is a web and mobile based application, it is easy accessible from anywhere and anytime on any device. It also offers an excellent way to connect all departments of school in a single integrated system.

  • Tracking Made Easy

    With the help of School Management Software tracking of all the important information regarding students and administration like- courses, exams, time table, fees, admission etc becomes easy to access. Tracking of inventory, hostel and staff activities are also possible along with library management with School software.

  • Increase Productivity

    The prime advantage of School Management Software is that it helps administrators to boost their school’s productivity and reduce the time and efforts required in paper work. As the software is not limited to the class room alone it will be easy to access and edit the information which eventually will increase the productivity.

Some of the great features including but not limited to, in our offered School Software are-


Student records


HRM payroll for employee


Biometric attendance for employee and student (Both)


Finance management


Message/Mail to students and employees