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Responsive Website Designing

Every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically essential after all that your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).

Responsive design allows your website to adapt to the device your users are viewing it on. RWD is a web design approach that responds according to the screen size, orientation and layout of the device being used. Apart from it, these sites are well tested in different browsers such as Googlechrome;Mozilla, internet explorer, safari etc. make RWD a brilliant approach in web industry. . It provides you with the capability to write once publish everywhere, meaning less work for you.

IMG Global Infotech develops your websites using latest bootstrap technology to make compatible in all devices whether it is smartphones, iphones, tablets, laptops & of course computers. The key role of IMG is to boost your website to a large user base that is using a wide range of devices.

The Benefits of Responsive Website Designing

  • »Make your website user friendly for all
  • »Save Time & Money
  • »App-Like Experience to Users
  • »Increased Conversion Rate
  • »Google loves it
Responsive Website Designing Company in Jaipur

Features Which Can Be Available in Responsive Website

At IMG Global Infotech, being a professional web design company from Alwar , we craft one website in such a way that it provides an app-like viewing experience on all devices like smartphones, tablets & e-reader apart from desktop, with easy reading and no requirement of resizing the page or font. Now is the age of smartphones and survey reports that more than 25% web users are mobile only.

Responsive Website Designing Company in Jaipur

Responsive Website Design provides best quality browsing experience, as mobile device requires simple navigation, clear and readable content & fast page loading. In Responsive Website Design, a user needs not to zoom or scroll the page left to right to read the content, that makes your website performer and user friendly.

Responsive Website Designing Company in Jaipur

Make your website user friendly for ALL

Responsive website gives an app-like experience to users who browse it through smartphones by simplifying the navigation and changing the layout to emphasis important information without excessive scrolling, zooming, or scrolling the page from left to right. It increases the utility of your website by generating more leads and sales. A responsive website is much cheaper than building apps for smartphones.


Make your website universal

This is the age of smartphones, where every person is using the internet on his mobile phone. If your website is not responsive that simply means your website is stopping numerous users from finding your products or services online via their smartphones, tablets or e-readers.


Save Time & Money

RWD is a technology that optimizes your website to perform well in all different resolutions from Desktop to smartphones to Tablets without creative all new mobile website, it saves your money from creating a new website and also saves time as you don't have to update information on 2 websites, as all information that requires updation, is getting served from one website to all type of users.


App-Like Experience to Users

Responsive website gives app-like experience to users who browse it in smartphones, as it navigation gets simplified and important information is displayed on screen by just scrolling down and clicks, no need to zoom page or scroll page from left to right. It increases performance of your website by generating more leads and sales. These are affordable in price too.


Easy Management

One website serves all devices, thus you are managing just one website. You are saving money, because time is money.


Increased Conversion Rate

More users on your website, means more leads or calls, means more sales.


Google loves It!

Google recommends smartphones-optimized websites. Meaning that responsive sites improve your promotion as well if you are trying to move up in the Google search results through SEO.